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    Learning to speak the language

    Okay so this is a pretty big request, but I think it's a good idea and will work. So, a lot of people have Skype (myself included)-- it's for making free internet calls. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping to teach me how to speak the language? (I already know some) I know...
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    Help me find this Assyrian song!

    I've been trying to get this Assyrian song for ages it's driving me crazzzzzzzy lol (and i don't know it's name so it's pretty hard as well). It might be called 'Anna Atourayeh'  with the lyrics in the chorus something like 'Heh heh, anna Atorayeh, Heh heh, ......' If anyone can give me Any...
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    What to do with...

    Before I start, would just like to say hey everyone! I haven't visited in a while, but now I'm glad to be back. Anyway onto the post. I have recently acquired a great Assyrian domain name. All I'll say for now is that it is www.assyrian.-- (I do not wish to come across as advertising so I will...
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    How to say...

    How would I write the equivilant to 'Assyrian AID' in the Assyrian Language? (if not, at least the word 'Assyrian') Obviously I know it'll change to something like Ashoryian, Sourit, etc. thanks for any help in advanced :) (it's for a project :P)
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    National 'Hug an Assyrian' Day

    Well for those of you that knew (and those who didn;t), today was National 'Hug an Assyrian' Day (April 2nd) I would have posted earlier, but I have no internet at home (and therefore have to go to mcdonalds for free wifi :P) But anyways, I think over 2,000 Assyrians done this -- was I the...
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    Help with Assyrian Font

    Okay, so this is sorta a bit complicated so bare with me. I'm looking for the font (or maybe it's called a language pack?) for an APPLE MAC, so I can see the Assyrian words on websites (especially the Wikipedia article on Assyrian Language) rather than a box or something. I've been trying to...
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    anyone in England/UK? (inspired by "anyone from Aust." :P)

    So there are around 8,000 Assyrians in England. I wonder how many of them are on this board  :mrgreen: And what part? (No, not specifically, just a VERY rough outline for secuirty reasons?) would be nice to know that im not the only one, hehe :)
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    HELP: With website

    Okay, so I own www.assyrianpride.co.uk (Ignore the content -- it is old and I'm gonna delete it). I want to make a new Assyrian site -- sleek, simple and with an Assyrian element. The problem is; not only do I currently have "a lot on my plate", but even though I know HTML; I am no good at the...
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    Name in Assyrian

    Okay, so first off hey everyone! This is my first post - I'm Ninos and I live in the UK :) It'll be great to meet fellow Assyrians, and keep the culture alive online! But anyway, as I said my name is Ninos - now I thought that this would be the best category to post it. How do you write 'Ninos'...