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  1. Moneer

    My beef with Assyrian music lately

    This is only a theory but I believe this has happened because there has been a major shift in population. The city folks has been surpassed by village folks, shifting our music from "classical' Assyrian to more folk & traditional music style. Even the classic Assyrian dialect used in the 80s...
  2. Moneer

    Assyrian Bands in Iraq ذكريات الفرق الاشورية في العراق

    A brief history of Assyrian Bands from Iraq: https://www.qeenatha.com/blog/assyrian-bands-in-iraq/
  3. Moneer

    Looking to buy Ramsen Sheeno CD Vol.2-2000

    Dose anyone have old original Assyrian albums for sale? I am looking in particular for Ramsen Sheeno Volume 2 released in 2000
  4. Moneer

    Assyrians keep stealing my photos and Videos !!

    I would get an idea and would set down in front of my PC with photo shop opened designing a nice photo or a nice video that takes me days if not week to put together and photoshop and scan all the photos from my archive and old clips, so I can publish it on my Facebook page or my UT channel...
  5. Moneer

    Studying and preserving Assyrian Syriac music professionally

    Syriac and Maronite Singing Studying and preserving Assyrian Syriac music professionally is not an easy task, that's why it should be facilitated within institutions. But unfortunately none of the music institutions in the Arab world cater to the study and teaching of Syriac Assyrian Music...
  6. Moneer

    Modern Assyrian Music book is out...2015

    This is the second book released by the Assyrian author from Germany Abboud Zeitoune, his first book ?Pearls of BethNahrain? was released in 2007, a discography on modern Assyrian music & albums, including biographies on famous Assyrian singers & composers. ebook copies of first book are...
  7. Moneer

    Assyrian on "Internet Radio" ?

    If you google "Assyrian Radio" you will get a good number of hits, of 24/7 "Assyrian Radio on-line". But I didn't want to use my PC or phones...etc So I recently bought an actual "Internet Radio", and searched/scanned for Assyrian stations on it, but unfortunately I couldn't find a single...
  8. Moneer

    Why Assyrian music sounds like kurdish music, you may ask?

    So some might ask "how come your Assyrian music sounds like Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic?", without going into too much historic details (we have no homeland...etc), I would ask: do you think that Turkish people today only eat Turkish Cuisine? And do Kurdish people only eat Kurdish food? Got it...
  9. Moneer

    Syria?s Assyrians threatened by extremists

    Syria?s Assyrians threatened by extremists Ninety-nine years were not enough for the Assyrians to forget the pain inflicted by the bloody massacre known as the Sayfo massacre. Meanwhile, the heated situation in the Levant is burdening Christians in general, and the Assyrian Church in...
  10. Moneer

    Finding the oldest Assyrian Music Record

    Finding the oldest known Assyrian music record, we believe it dates to 1917. Produced in USA, Sung by Joseph Yonan and his Wife Anna Yonan, both born in Persia, Yonan was born about 1893, and his wife about 1897, we believe they may have released 4 consecutive records, I managed to locate 3 of...
  11. Moneer

    Karl Suleman ???? ????? is DEAD !!!

    Unconfirmed report today that the master of ponzi scheme which targeted mainly the Assyrian community in Australia resulting in the loss of $70 Millions Karl Suleman (Khaled Salman) is dead from a Heart attack. (did some one say Karma!!!)
  12. Moneer

    Kurdish Mob Attacks Assyrian Village in North Iraq -- Attempts Land Grab

    North Iraq (AINA) -- Armed Kurdish men, mostly belonging to the Zebari tribe, attacked the Assyrian village of Rabatki on Thursday at 18:00 local time in Northern Iraq. The motive behind the attack was to forcefully claim parts of the village. When the villagers realized that the large truck...
  13. Moneer

    Looking for Sargon Gabriel Album cover?!

    In 1978 Sargon Gabriel released an album titled (Nineveh), I have the songs but I have not been able to find the cover/photo of this album, is there any one out there who think he might have a copy and can send me a scan please? that will be appreciated. As seen on Qeenatha, all covers are...
  14. Moneer

    Where is spelling tab on new Outlook?

    Did this happens to you too? My Hotmail account was automatically (upgraded) to Outlook yet it seems I lost my (Spelling tab), there is no spelling tab or auto correction with the new and (Advanced) Outlook?  :bangin:
  15. Moneer

    Free Assyrian Translation On-Line Dictionary - Awesome Stuff

    Free Assyrian Translation On-Line Dictionary - Awesome Stuff (1) http://www.syriacstudiesdic.com/ (2) http://www.premiumwanadoo.com/cuneiform.languages/syriac/search.php ps: You can translate from Assyrian to Arabic to English or the other way around. All you have to do is to pick the...
  16. Moneer

    What happened to the Plaque of Ashurbanipal...?!!!

    Here it is... Now it is gone... :eek:?
  17. Moneer

    Modern Assyrian Music

    Modern Assyrian Music The other day I was watching a program on TV about the history of Heavy Metal music, I know what you are thinking, heavymetal, I don't like it! I don't too! but I thought it is a good opportunity to maybe understand why so many people do like it and find out about its...
  18. Moneer

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  19. Moneer

    French Documentary Calls Assyrians 'Christian Kurds'‏

    French Documentary Calls Assyrians 'Christian Kurds'‏ Stockholm (AINA) -- A French documentary from 2011 about dress codes in various countries has enraged the Assyrian community in Sweden. The documentary describes Assyrians as "Christian Kurds" in the episode about dress codes among the...
  20. Moneer

    Love story of Shamiran Benjamin and Ali Khalid

    After a number of drive by shootings in Sydney, a lovely love story has come to light few days ago, between Ali Khalid 25 and his Girlfriend Shamiran Benjamin 23 Oh, her dad must be so proud of his little girl!!! Four in court over Sydney shootings Vincent Morello, Police Reporter January...