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    Help with my son's project - Questions about Iraq

    My son has a project where he has to talk about where his ancestors came from. We are going to concentrate on Iraq. We have asked my mom and dad about some of the stuff. But, I wanted to see if anyone here had information we can use as well. * Describe the food. * Describe the clothes. *...
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    My two new tatts.... pics inside

    I'm getting two tattoos done tonight... one will be my name in assyrian and the other one will be the zodiac leo sign.  For my name in assyrian, is this one correct? update..... here are the tatts I just got...
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    Lying to your parents when you around 6-10 years old?

    Have you ever lied to your parents about something small? Did you get punished for it? What was the punishment? (I'm referring to when you where very young.)
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    Change of careers, any advice?

    I have finally decided the work I'm doing, is not what I want to do.  I HATE IT!!! So, I need to update my resume to look good enough for an HR position, since my only experience is techinical and doing testing.  Does anyone have any suggestions or if you can actually help.  Please PM me. ...
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    Cell Phones Filthier Than Bottom of Shoe

    Mobile Phone retailer Dial-a-Phone study on the bacteria found on Mobile Phones against those found on day to day items including keyboards and toilet seats. London, UK (PRWEB) January 18, 2007 -- Mobile mad Brits are in for a shock thanks to new research published today which reveals that...
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    Happy Birthday D.J. (with pics)

    It was D.J.'s birthday party today.  His real birthday is January 15th.  We went bowling and he's having a few friends sleepover.  The party was a blast and the cake was delicious.  The little boy on the cake is suppose to be D.J., we made it match the outfit he was wearing today.  All the...
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    Big Island of Hawaii

    I want to plan a vacation this year to a nice destinition for DJ and I.? I was looking for family vacation packages and I ran into this one: The Big Island of Hawaii Take a helicopter ride over a volcano and Hawaii's lava-seared landscape Walk through a lava tube and see steaming sulphur...
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    I'm finally done Christmas shopping!

    I started the day after Thanksgiving.  Now, I'm offically done.  Every time I thought I was done, I'd remember a few more people I wanted to buy gifts for, since I'm such a nice person :mrgreen: I didn't plan on buying gifts for every single person I know, because as we all know it can get out...
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    Funny classroom photo

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    Metra Train station closed... Skyscraper Shooting

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    Holiday Edition of Getting to Know Your Friends.

    Welcome to the 2006 Holiday Edition of Getting to Know Your Friends! You know the drill. Highlight, copy, and paste and change my answers to your answers, AND POST INTO A NEW BULLETIN!!!!! Enjoy!! Everyone has time for a few moments of Fun! Don't be a scrooge!!! 1. Egg Nog or Hot...
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    We got so much snow!!! (with pics)

    Yes, we got our 6-8 inches of snow!! It sucks! I hate it so much! While I was taking my son to school, I witnessed so many cars stuck in their driveways.? Then I went to the store to buy some boots for my son.? I saw this car turned around on the street.? People get so stupid driving... no...
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    Which store would you recommend for getting contacts and why? Also, have you had problems with any store and you won't recommend it? Please share...
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    Ebay help!

    Hi AVN, I'm trying to sell something on ebay.  I've never sold anything on it, but I need some advice/help.  I'm trying to get a minimum price for it.  Do you suggest putting a reserve on it? How much will ebay take out for putting a reserve on? How about pics? Any suggestions on how to layout...
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    Blonde Football

      Football FINALLY makes sense.......... A guy took his blonde girlfriend to her first football game. They had great seats right behind their team's bench. After the game, he asked her how she liked the experience.         "Oh, I really liked it," she replied, "especially the tight pants and...
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    things a lady does in public that makes her un-lady like and list things that make guys not gentlemans I have been listening to the radio all day and this guy said a girl spit right in front of him and he said thats not lady-like. Or when you are walking and the person in front of you decides...
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    Is anyone going to try to get one tonight? My son really wants one.? I am going to try to get there around 5pm and see if I can get in line and wait till midnight... but I'm hearing that the lines are already formed, so I might be out of luck.... does anyone know anything, any advice... please...
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    Man hopes jail means no support payments

    TORONTO (Reuters) - A Toronto-area man, already serving a four-year sentence for plotting to kill his ex-wife to get out of paying child and spousal support, is now using his incarceration as an excuse to avoid the payments. Ronald Schulz pleaded guilty earlier this year to conspiracy to commit...
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    legal help!!

    does anyone know any family practice lawyers? if so, please pm me.  thanks.
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    Funny Conversation

    This has got to be one of the funniest things I've heard of in a long time I think this guy should have been promoted, not fired.? This is a true phone call from the Word Perfect Help line which was transcribed from a Recording monitoring the customer care department.? Needless to say the...