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    Who's still around???

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHALTEE KHOKHEH Wishing you nothing but the best and some of whats below
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    All the single ladies...and the gents too

    Thought I'd post this question since the topic has come up twice this week... When you tell someone your single, do they give you the sympathetic head half bent towards shoulder, 'awww you poor thing' look?
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    USA: The next Superpower to fall?

    History has seen the rise and fall of many great nations/empires such as the: - Assyrian - Persian - Roman - Mongol - German - Soviet Is the US the next to fall? Why/why not? If it does, who will replace it?
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    Assertive communication

    What does it mean? Can you give an example?
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    Can males and females be JUST friends?

    What do you think... When it comes to CLOSE friendships, can guys and girls just be friends? This means that neither of them will ever develop romantic feelings for the other...is this possible with a close friendship? Why/Why Not?
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    Please explain!

    Ok the following picture is supposed to represent something but I haven't been able to work it out. Can you work out what it represents?
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    Secret Santa 2009

    Unfortunately this year I have too much going on, and as such won't have the time to organise the Secret Santa. I'm also assuming that Shami won't be able to. As such, to keep the tradition going, I'd like to ask for some people to volunteer to organise the SS09. I will be happy to give you...
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    Life's simple pleasures

    What are some things that make you happy?? For me, there's one thing that never fails to put me in a good mood and thats... A rainy day  :mrgreen:
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    Getting Over Someone

    So I remember watching a movie or TV show that said the only time you truely get over someone is when you find someone else you like just as much or even more. Do you agree/disagree? What have your experiences been?
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    Not the type you smoke, the AVN member. Can more Assyrian guys have his sense of humour please? Ok thanks!
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    Question for the guys

    Has a girl ever gotten angry with you over a joke you've made? Did her reaction surprise you?
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    What's for lunch?

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    Things we put off

    What's something you keep saying you'll do or you want to do but for one reason or another, you just don't get around to doing it?
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    Do you have any? Is there any activity/behaviour that you find yourself compelled to do, despite knowing it is harmful in some way? Something you maintain because of the positive rewards it gives you (e.g. happy feelings, a sense of worth/value, helps to relax you, etc)?
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    Repetitive Mistakes

    Do you make any repetitive mistakes? What stops you from changing? What leads you to making the same mistake again?
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    How many happily married couples do you know?

    Do relationships work? Do you know of any happily married couples? Are they the majority/minority? What's your opinion on what makes a relationship happy and healthy?
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    What type of person would you not date?

    When it comes to picking a partner, what are some no no's? What are some qualities that people can posses that would put you right off dating them? Consider the following: -Physical -Personality -Social
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    Unemployment Benefits

    Do you think unemployment benefits should have a time limit? For instance, do you believe that someone should only be allowed to stay on unemployment benefits for 12 months before they are cut off or do you believe that they should be allowed to stay on them until they obtain employment?
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    Anyone know how she's doing? Haven't heard from her in a long time