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    Brazil’s B team is worth over half a billion dollar!

    Unfortunately the B team disappointed and couldn’t even score!
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    Brazil’s B team is worth over half a billion dollar!

    This was on TV just now. Brazil’s B team is worth over half a billion dollar, based on their club prices! Basically equivalent to the GDP of some small countries out there. Absolutely hard to fathom. RESERVE TEAM!!! And we are worried we would need Neymar for the 16th round? Come on, if this is...
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    Brazil vs. France or Argentina vs. Portugal : which final sounds better?

    Guys, interested to hear your view on this, something I was debating my friend on. This is more of a ratings/business question that is probably pure soccer: My friend thinks an Argentina vs. Portugal final would be a lot more lucrative and attractive for FIFA, as it will serve as a final and...
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    Australia made it out of the group? Can’t believe it!

    Yes amazing that they didn’t just qualify but were always the first to score. Actually, I know this is too much to ask but imagine if France had somehow managed to get a tie vs France, they would come too of the group and now would be playing Poland in second round!
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    Germany is out for the second WC in a row!

    Germany is out. Good riddance 😏 Someone posted this online and if it does happen , then will go from bad to worse for Germany in next 8 years. Was the 7-1 and the WC win worth all of this??? lol jk, I am sure even Brazil would take a WC even if they knew it would be followed by 16 years of...
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    Who bad covered the most ground at the World Cup?

    Who bad covered the most ground at the World Cup?
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    Perfect way to describe Argentina’s group and how it came down to a photo finish

    Saw this online and it perfectly sums up the way Argentina’s group finished up today. Speaking of Argentina, how lucky can they be? They were in danger of missing qualification, but not only did they make it out, they won first spot and will not meet Australia instead of France had they...
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    Australia made it out of the group? Can’t believe it!

    Never in my wildest dream did I think Australia would make it out of this group. Especially since many had through Denmark would not only make it out of the group with France but even go far. And wow what a goal it was that Australia scored, the way he tricked the defender twice. All the best...
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    The Brazilian goal that broke the internet with +1 billion views in 24 hrs

    I thought this one goal would go a long way in making Richarilson a bigger name than he already was. It is too bad he didn’t score last game and assuming he doesn’t play against Cameroon, he won’t get a chance to build on his overnight success. Of course, his story will be even more sensational...
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    If the knockout started today!

    If KSA beats Mexico and Poland ties Argentina, Argentina gets eliminated. If both games finish in a tie, Argentina will be second and we will have a repeat of the 2018 second round matchup against France. Only way for Argentina to finish first and avoid France Is to beat Poland. So you know...
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    Forget the Hand of God Goal, CR7 almost scored ‘Hair of God’ goal!

    This is why I love the World Cup, it is so much more than just soccer , but all the funny and narratives that are crated in the way. Today, everyone thought Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal for Portugal when he lightly headed a ball already going into the net after his teammate Bruno...
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    If the knockout started today!

    If the knockout started today, these would be the matchups! Of course we know by Friday most of this will look different.
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    Brazilian TV coverage of the World Cup

    I am lucky to have one of those IPTV boxes which has Brazilian channels, so for first time ever, I am watching the World Cup from a Brazilian prospective (in addition to my main English, as well as Arabic channels. Even though I understand zero Portuguese, a language I have come to love so much...
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    Messi scores and has a new record

    Lionel Messi is now both the youngest (18y 357d vs Serbia in 2006) and the oldest (35y 155d vs Mexico today) player to both score and assist in a single World Cup game since the start of the 1966 tournament. Longevity.
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    Cool tool to check who will qualify to second round based on on remaining matches

    For anyone interested, came across a great tool to check all the possible permutations for who will qualify from each group, based on their remaining games. For example for Argentina’s group C: -If Argentina and Poland tie 0-0, then both go through, unless Mexico beats KSA 4-1 or more. But if...
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    Team of the week (week 1)

    Team of the week (week 1)
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    Amazing job Australia

    Didn’t give Australia much chance to beat Tunisia or a tie at the most , but they did it. Not sure if they can beat Denmark but a tie could help them too.
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    Four players are playing their 5th World Cup in Qatar

    I am not a Mexican soccer expert or know their players extensively, so was shocked to find out that they have a player who is also playing in their 5th WC! Andrés Guardado At first I thought it was CristianoR and Messi only, but later realized Ochoa too and now Guardado!
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    Legends table at the World Cup

    The who is who of World Cup legends, with Brazil represented by the most! Bani your boy has really gone old! Only person I don’t recognize is the one standing next to Youru Djorkaeff?