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  1. Assyrian_SweetHeart


    MAR ZAIA ASSYRIAN CHURCH OF THE EAST 26th ANNIVERSARY PARTY Come and celebrate Mar Zaia Assyrian Church of the East 26th year anniversary. 2889 WESTMINSTER DRIVE ASSYRIAN LEGEND * LINDA GEORGE* SATURDAY MAY 26TH 2012 ADULTS: $25 $30 AT THE DOOR KIDS (5-12 YEARS) : $10 $15 (AT THE DOOR)...
  2. Assyrian_SweetHeart

    Live Interview With JANAN SAWA - in 30 mins!!!

    ASSYRIANS! Live Interview With JANAN SAWA on Assyrian Radio Broadcasting From London, Ont 94.9 FM, 9am EST Saturday Aug 13!! www.chrwradio.com/listen. Call In 519-661-3600. If you miss it, you can always listen after at www.chrwradio.com/archive/
  3. Assyrian_SweetHeart

    Black March Pictures - London, Ontario, Canada

    Just wanted to post pictures of the march we had yesterday. We had a good turn out. We were on the A Channel news as well :) Thanks to everyone who showed up. Chaldean and Assyrian Priest
  4. Assyrian_SweetHeart

    Halloween Costumes

    Well, since Halloween is coming up... What are you going to be for Halloween? Something scary? Slutty? lol
  5. Assyrian_SweetHeart

    TGIF! What are YOU doing?

    It's the weekend! yay! Well, Friday anyways. Friday: Food Festival Saturday: Niagara Falls Sunday: Hour Massage  :shades: then heading to the Sargon Gabriel picnic. :) What are your plans this weekend? I hope it doesnt rain.
  6. Assyrian_SweetHeart


    Any fans? my favs are rachel, kurt and puck I just got hooked on it.. cant wait until the show starts back in april
  7. Assyrian_SweetHeart

    DJ A.M. Dies

    DJ A.M. has passed away, PerezHilton.com has confirmed. Born Adam Goldstein, he formerly was engaged to Nicole Richie and miraculously escaped a plane crash last year. His body was discovered by the New York Police Department at his apartment in NYC on Friday. No further details are known at...
  8. Assyrian_SweetHeart


    ATOURINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( i wish it was real) :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist...
  9. Assyrian_SweetHeart


    If you have any questions, just PM me.
  10. Assyrian_SweetHeart

    Love Story by Taylor Swift

    I loveeee this song.. have a listen.. VKslHNyd9Tc
  11. Assyrian_SweetHeart

    High School Musical 3 Trailer!!!

    All those HSM fans!!! I cant wait to watch it! They will be doing 4th one.. but i doubt zac and vanessa will be on it.. GOOD i hope its all about the tiz!!!!! enjoy.. looks pretty good. VgCfxGHmnVA
  12. Assyrian_SweetHeart


    HAPPPY BIRTHDAY TRAIN!!!! :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist...
  13. Assyrian_SweetHeart


    i know we have 30 mins left but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist: :artist...
  14. Assyrian_SweetHeart

    Taylor Swift Lyrics

    Shes an awesome Country singer and shes only 18... have a listen...All her songs are good.. I suggest "Id Lie" "Our song" R7DRtl6CTqc Teardrops On My Guitar lyrics Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see That I want and I'm needing everything that we should be I'll bet she's...
  15. Assyrian_SweetHeart

    Monte Carlo in Las Vegas is Burning!

    The Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas is on fire -- looks like about four stories from the roof down are toast. The fire may have started in one of the luxury suites. No reports of injuries yet. Traffic is snarled on the strip. This was the blaze at 11:23 AM PT: A fire spokesman said the...
  16. Assyrian_SweetHeart

    Final year!!!!

    January 7th i go back to school... BOOOOOO Jan - Aug.. then IM DONE!!!! WOOOOOOOOO This semester isnt bad because I only go.. Monday- 8-2 Tuesday-3-6 Wednesday- 3-5 Thursday- OFF Friday- 12-3 WOOOO... :razz: