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    If you Like to Express your DISLIKE for Rebecca Black

    Sound off here......
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    Inspired by Jacob -- Assyrian Americans and Circumcision

    I wanna first thank and condemn Jacob for leading me to start this lol. What is your take on Assyrians and circumcision, from like family, cousins, etc., those are kids now and were born in America over the last few years, were they circumcised? Is it generally healthier? do you have any idea...
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    OK, this is forbidden in our culture from what I know, yet with the practice becoming now virtually universal among non practicing Moslem/Jewish Iranians here in America, how do you see it's place or lack thereof in our culture?
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    I have read the Book of Mormon for a Religious Studies class for most intends and purposes and I am highly befuddled by their positions towards Assyrians and Chaldeans and the strong language [vitriol] that Joseph Smith uses, let alone their unusual views regarding the Apocalypse, marriage as an...
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    Ashur TV & Ishtar TV

    I lost the signal a year ago. Is it hopeless to seem them in America anymore or is everyone else still getting them off a different frequency or possibly via the "other" system that European channels are on and the normal dish can't unblock? If your answer involves the "other" system any advice...
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    Khayt Zowaa by Bahaa Albert

    This song makes my bones jump, not just give me goosebumps. B' khooba d' Alaha somone post this song on YT. I know Ahsoor is great about this stuff and posts everything from Ashur TV, and the Debate recently, and also Shemsha d' Kheroota by Ruaid Albert, but this song is absolutely historic...
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    Amazing Song

    I believe this will ring out in the fields of Nuhadra on New Year's Day later this week: Khayedon--Ninos David Khayedoon Khayedoon sniqewakh ul khooyadokhoon, Parqoonla ah Umta men noora o doorashokhoon. Bassa men karba o sneta basa men raqi mkheta, Hal iman aha Umta go edatokhoon meta...
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    Issam Arabo- Tescopa

    One of the coolest Chaldean songs I've heard, especially songs dedicated to a village, let's all remembers our days in Tescopa mathan when we hear this. Also, Issam has made in my view the best song (out of dozens sung) about Alqosh, on his website www.issamarabo.com...
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    For those who speak Slang

    In "family jewels" not a gender specific term for the genitals of male babies. I heard someone used with regards to a baby girl and thought it was a misuse of slang. Anyone agree with me?
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    Ashur Bet Sargis- Qaribaya Music Video!!!!!

    My favorite song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLL0gHXUhvU&feature=channel_page
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    Albert Kiryakoz Coming Back!!!!!

    He will appear on Appadana on 5/10/09 at 4 pm to continue the last show!! Jilu- aha shota gabara!!
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    Melis Ishaya- Gabba D' Bet Nahrain

    I found this song very interesting. I have heard pretty much all of Melis's songs and find them very interesting. I wanted to know if anyone has a vid, mp3, or even just lyrics if you don't have more of the song. Thanks.
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    The Song to Complete All Songs

    I wonder who, when, and where made this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOT8Dzr6_Hs
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    The Church of the East: Recent Disputes in Modesto , CA

    Recently (Sunday 1 March 2009) Mar Awa Royel, the newly appointed US-born bishop of the Western California diocese of the Assyrian Church of the East, secretly ordered the priests, deacons and sub-deacons of St. Zaia Cathedral in Modesto that they, and all other clergy of the Assyrian Church of...
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    What's in a Name

    I wanted to know if anyone has heard the name Ala'a Mansour before, and what Ala'a could mean other than the name of the Creator. As a Chaldean, this guy is apparently Chaldean but I have never heard this name before. Also, what on Earth does Loya, I asked and someone told me "Comrade" is the...
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    Armenian Music

    There is a popular Armenian song always played at Assyrian haflas, as well as within the armenian haflas themselves. Anyone got the title? Thanks.
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    Some Songs

    I heard these songs at some haflas in Australia, one was "di zmoron b' qala raama" and then continued. The second was "shimsheela o lelee saara." I wanted to know the title and original singer of these cuz I loved them. George Mansur sang both and there used to be at some point on Yt of this...
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    علم الحركة الديمقراطية الآشورية

    I wanted to know how/where/how much can we obtain it. I need a couple.
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    Baptism Pics

    I think they are very cultural, representing our culture. I was wondering if anyone has any they could share here. Thanks.
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    Strange Question

    Do Assyrians/Chaldeans practice circumcision? I have been asking a lot but had trouble receiving the same answer twice in a row.