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  1. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    A New Identity for Middle East Christians (must read)

    this was actually quite well written. It even has a link to this thread on this forum: http://www.assyrianvoice.net/forum/index.php?topic=41063.0 (where it says "internet discussion" below) full article: http://spectator.org/archives/2012/07/18/a-new-identity-for-middle-east/ ... ... ...
  2. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    Non-Tur Abdin/Syriac Assyrians, what about your last names?

    I have been wondering something lately. They say that 100+ years ago we Syriacs in Tur Abdin didn't have last names. The Turks "forced" us to pick Turkish last names in early 1900 or something. Before that we didn't have last names but you could identify yourself as Bet X (of house X). So if...
  3. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    Fabrice Muamba collapses yesterday

    Fabrice Muamba Collapses at White Heart Lane HQ It was nice when the audience started chanting his name. Still in critical condition. It reminds me of the player in Sevilla who also collapsed in a game. If you have a genetic predisposition to heart stuff it might not matter how good shape...
  4. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    Suroyo/Suraya with semkat?

    Suryoyo/Suryaya is obviously written with a semkat but when I say Suryoyo and Suroyo the S:s don't sound the same. The S in Suroyo sounds "longer"/more pronounced. Why is Suroyo written with a semkat today? Why not with sode? Does the word exist in old Syriac texts with semkat?
  5. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    90 year old Assyrian woman wins "woman of the year award" in Turkey (first ever)

    First ever person from a minority group in Turkey to win the award. I believe she does hand painted block printings and not weaving. Don't know why they call her art weaving.
  6. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    The return of the Aramean people film trailer

    The return of the Aramean people New film by German director Anja Rei? (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4513352/). Trailer posted yesterday. They're translating Suryoye as Aramean. "Naoum Faik, Aramean national poet." If they wrote "Aramean poet" you would think it's because they think he was...
  7. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    Arab spring in Libya (destroying Christian cemetary and putting people in cages)

    Libyan rebels destroy Christian cemetery Rebels also know as rats, NATO mercenaries and islamic extremists! LiveLeak.com - Libyan rebels destroy Christian cemetery jailed in a zoo and forced to eat a flag. Group of African workers Jailed in a Zoo by Rebels and forced to eat the old Flag of...
  8. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    1500 year old Syriac manuscript gets some coverage (and ignorance)

    I could've sworn I read about this quite a while ago (longer than a year) and read it was a fake. http://www.euronews.net/2012/02/24/antique-bible-turns-up-in-turkey/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/23/vatican-requests-1500-year-old-bible-from-turkey_n_1296672.html...
  9. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    Assyrian HexaWord (iOS game)

    An entertaining and educational word game / crossword game for 2 ? 6 players. The Assyrian language is one of the oldest languages in the world that is still spoken to this date. It is also known as Syriac/Chadean/Aramaic, and is the language spoken by Jesus. Assyrian HexaWord is a...
  10. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    Grandma's Tattoos - New Genocide Documentary (Video)

    An Armenian woman from Sweden is behind this new documentary. It aired on the Swedish public channel a few days ago but it's also available in English on YouTube. Recommended. Only Armenians are mentioned though. Witness - Witness - Grandma's Tattoos
  11. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    Vladimir Putin Vows to Defend Christianity Worldwide

  12. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    The Shroud Of Turin

    I've been reading quite a bit about it lately. For those who don't know about it I recommend watching the following three documentaries in that order. Discovery Channel - Shroud of Turin - New Evidence History Channel - The Real Face of Jesus from the Turin Shroud BBC DOC - Shroud of Turin -...
  13. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    Christianity in the Middle East Must Be Safeguarded

    It?s time for journalists, human rights activists and church leaders in the U.S. to confront the prospect of Christianity?s destruction in the region of its birth. That?s the message that came out of a one-day conference that took place in Framingham, Massachusetts on Jan. 21, 2012. The...
  14. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    Lecture about Assyrian identity on Assyria TV (share to the turoyo speakers)

    http://www.assyriatv.org/2012/01/20/forelasning-om-assyrisk-identitet/ At the Assyrian Association in V?stra Fr?lunda, Gothenburg, Sweden. All west dialect speakers share this on forums of your countries (such as yauno.com in Germany and whatever other forums/communities there are).
  15. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    Assyrian on UFC in April

    UFC are coming to Sweden on April 14th and an Assyrian named Besam Yousef will make his UFC debut at the event. I went to the same school as him at one point in time. His MMA record is 6-0 http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Besam-Yousef-32445
  16. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    Isidore of Seville's Etymologiae

    I don't think I've ever seen anyone use this book when it comes to us so I don't know if there's anything wrong with it. Isidore of Seville's Etymologiae (Book IX: de linguis, gentibus, regnis, militia, civibus, affinitatibus; Languages, peoples, kingdoms, cities and titles): 1. Latin...
  17. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    The Jews "K'tav ashuri"

    Watch out for what the Jews call "k'tav ashuri" which some of us might use as a "see here, the Jews called it..." thing. German Wilhelm Gesenius (3 February 1786 ? 23 October 1842) wrote "Hebr?ische Grammatik" in 1813. http://tmcdaniel.palmerseminary.edu/GeseniusGrammar.pdf (page 28-29)...
  18. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    Saint Charbel

    We need some threads on great Christian people and events rather than just endless debate. Saint Charbel, one of my favorite saints. This is a very good and accurate movie on his life: Saint Charbel | The Movie - [English subtitles]
  19. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    The Last Anchorite (Short documentary)

    Awesome The Last Anchorite part1 The Last Anchorite part2
  20. SyriacOrthodoxAssyrian

    First real Assyrian organization in Belgium registered (Youth Association)

    There are around 10000-20000 Assyrians in Belgium but the Syriac Orthodox there have gone under the name "Syriaque" (they don't have two different names like in Sweden). However, the first real Assyrian organization has now been born, the Assyrian Youth Association of Belgium. They started in...