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    Zowaa (ADM) and KDP

    Recently Yonadam Kanna, leader of Zowaa (ADM), met with Nechirvan Barzani from the KDP and from what I understood when I Google translated Yonadam Kanna's Facebook status about the meeting they discussed the importance of partnership. The last couple of days I have been seeing posts on Facebook...
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    Johnny Talia sells his soul

    Listen to this song by Johnny Talia and pay attention to the lyrics. "Iwekh omta"... "Itlan ata"... no shit... it's obvious he's avoiding words that are connected to the Assyrian identity. https://www.facebook.com/herasat.baghdeda/videos/1441152669519968/
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    Assyrian signs in Ankawa and Alqosh

    Pretty cool signs that I wanted to show everyone on AVN  :bigarmhug: The first three are from Ankawa and the last one (Bet Paya d'Alqosh) is from Alqosh.
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    Would move to/invest in a safe Assyrian region if there was one?

    Let's say that an Assyrian region/autonomy would be established (whether it's under Baghdad or Erbil is not relevant, I think) and that it would be safe, would you move there or invest in our region?
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    Nineveh Plain Forces

    Who knows more? https://twitter.com/davidvergili/status/550563654455017472
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    Dabiq - the Islamic states' own magazine

    The 6th edition of Dabiq is out. Have you guys read the previous editions? What are your thoughts? https://ia801509.us.archive.org/19/items/dbq06/Dabiq_6.pdf (not sure if it's just my computer but the pdf takes a while to load, so don't just close it if it's taking a long time to load...
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    NDAA and the Assyrians

    I thought we could discuss the latest National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), possible scenarios, what we expect, pros, cons etc. I'm not a US citizen so if anyone knows better than me please correct me. From what I have perceived the NDAA is a federal law that decides the budget for the...
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    The Last Plight (2014)

    The Last Plight is a 10 minute long documentary about Assyrian and Yezidi IDPs in Iraq. It has been watched by 18000 people so far, 11000 only the last 24 hours because it was "staff picked" which means that it is shown on their front page. If you haven't already then please share this...
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    My grandfathers Assyrian writings

    My grandfather has been writing texts in Assyrian for decades, just as a personal hobby. He has tons texts about religion, self biography and he even writes in his diary everyday. I often think "who's ever going to read all of this", so my question to AVN is: do you think people would be...
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    Original words in Assyrian Neo-Aramaic

    Shlama/Shlomo, I thought that we could share words that are not really used anymore because of other loan words with each other in this thread. Once I asked my grandfather how to say "restaurant" in Assyrian but he couldn't remember the word instantly so he called me back a few days later and...
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    Iraqi Minorities Press for Militias to Fight Islamic State

    Iraqi Minorities Press for Militias to Fight Islamic State BAGHDAD?Iraqi minority groups are pressing to set up militias to defend themselves against extremist group Islamic State, but complain they face resistance from a central government fearful that this would inflame separatist sentiments...
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    I'm new

    Hello guys! I'm new here and I think that this forum needs some new members to get the discussions more interesting, so if anyone who's not a member here and is reading this, don't hesitate to join!  :wavetowel: Khaya Ator