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  1. shekwanta

    Who is who?

    who are chaldeans? I mean..what's their origin? were they really assyrians? and why do we Assyrians call chaldeas ALSO assyrians whom "don't wanna admit that they're assyrians" ? and why do we Assyrians "not like them"? and why do we say that they're an ethinicity and not a volk? are assyrians...
  2. shekwanta


    Two elderly men are sitting on a bench outside a retirment home and one says, ?Ted I am 83 years old now and I?m just full of aches and pains. I know you?re about my age how do you feel?? Ted says ?I feel like a newborn baby!? ?Really? like a newborn baby?? ?Yep no hair, no teeth, and I think...
  3. shekwanta

    What is the name of our language?

    problem is when i tell ppl that i speak the language of jesus! they call me hebrew!!! :blink: :blush: