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    Amazing Greek Zeibekiko Mix (ζειμπεκικα)

    This mix is as Greek as it gets. It is even more special to me because a lot of these songs are from the mid 90s, when I lived in Greece in mid teen years. Listen and appreciate great music. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQ3SLcU9YuM
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    2022 World Cup South American qualifiers: Brazil 4 - 1 Uruguay

    Brazil is making it way too easy in these qualifiers. They have already locked first place with like 4 more games to go. Today, they beat Uruguay 4-1 and it could have been a lot more but they were very wasteful. While I am certainly enjoying this Brazilian dominance in the last few WCQs, I do...
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    The NEYMAR thread: Goals, Stats, Videos, News and more

    Over the weekend, Twitter and other online media outlets were buzzing about Neymar saying in a recent interview that WC 2022 will be his last, as he doesn’t want to deal with the pressure of soccer etc. Not sure how you feel about this , but here are my thoughts: -Whether he said it or not...
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    Cool customized car plate that may make you jealous!

    Given how expensive gas prices are these days, I wouldn’t mind being the owner of this Tesla. I am sure he chose this plate before, but it is more applicable these days with the high gas prices.
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    Iraqi Election: how Assyrian representation became tool for repression

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQYh2nN3qc4
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    Windows 11 is here, anyone cares?

    Not sure if anyone cares, but Windows 11 is here! This is the successor to the very successful Windows 10 from couple years ago. While I am happy with Win10, would love to upgrade one day. Biggest feature is the Start menu shifting to the center of the screen, after being fixed to the left for...
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    Easy way to learn basic economics! Real Story.

    All kidding aside, from what I reviewed and despite its length, this is an excellent book by an excellent author (Thomas Sowell)
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    Easy way to learn basic economics! Real Story.

    I was at a local book store (Indigo) and came across this book. I think the picture tells the joke with no comments needed… Wonder what intermediate or advanced economics books would look like? Would they take a whole shelf? For the record , this book is 704 pages!
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    Typing in Assyrian on iPhone!

    Imagine what this will do to develop the language and keep it alive with the new generation. Imagine being able to message your family member in Assyrian rather than English.
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    Typing in Assyrian on iPhone!

    I know this was released a few months ago but I finally got iOS 15 and it has Assyrian font. So cool! Thank you Apple. ܠܫܢܐ ܐܬܘܪܝܐ
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    The Assyrian Church of the East elects new patriarch in Erbil

    View: https://www.facebook.com/IshtarWebsite/videos/1088401338424090/
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    The Assyrian Church of the East elects new patriarch in Erbil

    The Assyrian Church of the East on Wednesday elected their new patriarch in Erbil after Mar Gewargis III Sliwa stepped down due to health reasons. The church on Wednesday elected Mar Awa Royel as the new patriarch in a ceremony held in St. John the Baptist Church in Erbil’s Ainkawa...
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    Tokyo 2020 Olympics

    Brazil beat Spain 2–1 in ET to win gold for the second time in a row. Great win and well deserved. A lot of young talent for Brazil who will hopefully make it to the senior team and possibly 2022 WC, including Cunha, Antony, BrunoG, Malcom, Arana. And can’t say enough about the legend Dani...
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    Tokyo 2020 Olympics

    Brazil reaches the gold medal game after beating Mexico on penalties. They will play the winner of Spain vs. Japan. Interestingly, this this the third time in a row that Brazil makes it to the gold medal game, having lost in 2012 to Mexico and winning in 2016 in Rio. if my information is...
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    Olympic vs. World Cup: comparing South America and Europe...

    I thought the same thing lol, typical elitist British opinion on soccer. speaking of which , while it is a watered down version of the WC, it has to remain that way. You don’t want the Olympics to suddenly have the same feel as the WC, otherwise the WC itself won’t be as special anymore.
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    Assyrian in the Olympics! Representing Ukrain

    Khammo Yaqo! Assyrian judo athlete from Ukraine. https://olympics.com/tokyo-2020/olympic-games/en/results/judo/athlete-profile-n1451635-khammo-yakiv.htm?fbclid=IwAR3h-4hsBmvCvejhVm0LGaVfEkRQ6lcxKoaKICDBrhVMCnwhd0xLXqJOLbI
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    Easily the funniest Iraqi joke I have heard

    Honestly, don’t remember hearing an Iraqi joke as funny as this. Unfortunately can’t be easily translated without losing its meaning.
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    Young Assyrian man from Chicago drowns in a Wisconsin Lake

    Very sad! I saw a poster showing how 6 young Assyrian men died in different parts of the world within a few days. This was one of them. There was also another incident where two young adults died together in a car accident in Arizona.
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    Olympic vs. World Cup: comparing South America and Europe...

    Bani, I just came across this article right after I posted my reply above and it brings up some similar points. In fact, this guy is calling for football to be removed completely from Olympic competition which is a far stretch! I personally totally enjoy Olympic soccer because it always...
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    Olympic vs. World Cup: comparing South America and Europe...

    well said man, couldn’t have said it better. while that is true for the Europeans, you can also claim their youth are simply not as good as South American or some African nations. European leagues are good enough to get players developed compared to the Brazilian or other non European leagues...