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    Iraqi mother throws her children from a bridge over Tigris River after dispute with divorced husband

    As chaotic as Iraq is, with all the horrible news you hear daily, this story took it to a whole new level and has dominated Iraqi news and social chatter. I am sure some of you have heard or seen the video: it is of a mother who had custody of her two kids from her divorced husband for one...
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    What is your personality type?

    I took this test multiple times (Myers Briggs) and got ISTJ. what is yours?
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    The NEYMAR thread: Goals, Stats, Videos, News and more

    after Neymar scores 3 goals against Peru, he is now second on all time Brazil scorers, only second to the king himself.
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    Post pictures of what you are eating?

    Our thanksgiving meal this year. No turkey as you can see. Instead, we ordered Iraqi/Assyrian combo plate. Can’t beat the price, taste or even size. This was from Sommer restaurant on Albion road, east of Highway 27.
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    احسن واحدث النكت العراقية - تحديث دائم

    محشش يشتغل بالكهربائيات جتي عليه وحدة تگوله: جرص البـيت عاطل... گللها: بسيطة، باچر أجي أصلحه... رجعت عليه ثاني يوم گلتله: أشو ماجيت؟ گللها: إجيت ودگيت الجرص بس محد طلع.
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    The Lark (Glinka/Balakirew) - Piano (Classical Music)

    Well played man, you are a pro! I also love the professional job on the video itself!
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    The NEYMAR thread: Goals, Stats, Videos, News and more

    On the other hand, here is an article with 9 reasons why Ronaldo is easily better than Neymar! While I agree with this article and still think Ronaldo is the second best Brazilian player ever behind Pele, you still have to give Neymar some credit. For one, he did win a CL, something Ronaldo...
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    The NEYMAR thread: Goals, Stats, Videos, News and more

    It has been exactly 4 years since I updated this thread and what better time than this week, where Neymar has surpassed Ronaldo to become the second highest scorer in Brazil’s history at 64. he needs 13 goals to match Pele’s record of 77 goal! while we know Neymar is an amazing player, and...
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    WCQ 2022 > South America > Brazil vs. Bolivia

    View: https://youtu.be/jKcYfwtG5kQ
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    WCQ 2022 > South America > Brazil vs. Bolivia

    After a long delay , the World Cup qualifiers finally started this week for South America. Brazil’s first game was against Bolivia and they won convincingly 5-0! My 5 thought and observations on the game. -considering that Brazil hadn’t played in close to a year, with a lot of new players...
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    War outbreak : Azerbaijan vs. Armenia

    Don’t mess with Armenia! When you have people that love their nation and religion this much, where even their priests are on the front line, it is hard to beat them. View: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2675694695980291&id=100006193607584
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    NBA Finals 2020 : Lakers. Vs. Heat

    It should be an exciting final! Lords of story lines; Lakers vs Miami -America’s two favorite celebrity and party cities -LeBron vs. his old team -Eric Spolestra vs. LeBron (he coached LeBron from 2010 to 2014) -Iguodala in his 6th straight final , a modern era record -on the other...
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    War outbreak : Azerbaijan vs. Armenia

    Looks like war is starting once again between Armenia and Azerbaijan and looks like Erdogan’s dirty hands are all over this, publicly declaring support for Azerbaijan. Armenia has already had tens of thousands - including hundreds of Assyrians living there - mobilizing sbd volunteering to join...
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    What are your favorite phone apps?

    What are some of your favorite phone apps that you use on a daily basis? Please share yours. Here is my list. I use those on a daily basis. For the kindle app, I also have a kindle device which I use daily for reading. The app is for quick reading on the go.
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    Have you heard of the ‘ Voynich manuscript?

    BTW, although there have been many theories on what language this is, this research makes the most sense: “ A 15th-century manuscript described as ‘the world’s most mysterious’ – and showing strange, ‘alien’ plant species – has finally begun reveal its secrets. British computer scientists used...
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    Have you heard of the ‘ Voynich manuscript?

    I had no idea and had never heard of this until I read about it just now in a book Description “The Voynich manuscript is an illustrated codex hand-written in an unknown, possibly meaningless writing system. The vellum on which it is written has been carbon-dated to the early 15th century, and...
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    Oldest, longest serving Assyrian deacon has passed away

    Youkhanna Oraha, the oldest and longest serving deacon in the Assyrian church of the east has passed away. He was born in the Assyrian village of lower Nerwe (Nerwe Khtetha / نيروي السفلى) in 1925 and ordained asa deacon in 1941. So he has been a deacon for close to 80 years! This is an...
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    احسن واحدث النكت العراقية - تحديث دائم

    محشش ضاعت محفظته فراح للشرطة... الشرطة گالوله: انت روح البيت واحنا راح نطلعها حتى لو من جوه الگاع... فهو ورايح البيت شاف عمال البلدية يحفرون گللهم: اي عاشت ايدكم المحفظه لونها أحمر.
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    Please let your friends on FB, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks that Assyrian Voice...

    Please let your friends on FB, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks that Assyrian Voice is back!