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  1. Lovemoon

    Hello AVN

    :bigarmhug: How you guys doing? I missed this place. I just came to check if this website is still alive lol
  2. Lovemoon

    Third Place for World's Best Stylist of the Year 2011 is Assyrian from Spain

    :wavetowel: :wavetowel: :wavetowel: :wavetowel: :wavetowel: and she is my cuz :))) ,, she and her sister were the first ever non-Spanish to be placed in the national team in 2010. Good luck in 2012, I hope one of them will become the first winner...
  3. Lovemoon


    For those who don't know yesterday was Anki's wedding day. So I thought it might be nice to start a thread for all of us to post our warmest wishes and congratulations to the happy couple. Congratulations, Anki! I hope it was a magical day full of excitement and happiness. I wish you all the...
  4. Lovemoon

    Health question

    Who has skin tags??? does anyone have them or had them removed?
  5. Lovemoon

    How can people love more than ones?

    I don't know about you guys but to me if you love more than one time then I guess you never had a true love.
  6. Lovemoon

    What are you guys doing for Easter?

    I am going to Church  :mrgreen: AND Happy Easter everyone :) :bigarmhug:
  7. Lovemoon

    hi everyone

    Merry Christmas and Happy New YeaR<--- yes one year not many years lol...speaking of new year, i don't know why people use the word "yearS" if it is only one year?? Its time to have at least one new spam to the forum lol. Soooooooooooooooooooo now I wana know who missed me??  :razz: lol...I...
  8. Lovemoon

    who is from LA?

  9. Lovemoon

    What should i do???

    hi all, I found memory stick flash at work and I did ask my co-workers if anyone lost anything, but none of them said they did, I couldn't see whats in it at work cause I work for government and we can't use their pcs for personal things, so i am like okay i will take it home and see if i can...
  10. Lovemoon

    JOB "Flight Attendants - Toronto Base"

    Flight Attendants - Toronto Base-YYZ10840 Description COME AND MEET US! Monday and Tuesday, August 23 and 24, 2010, 2 pm to 7 pm Hotel Hyatt Regency Toronto, 370 King Street West, Toronto, ON You are kindly asked to refrain from calling. Applicants who have been tested or...
  11. Lovemoon

    Electric Mowers VS Gas Mowers

    I just bought Electric Mower and my brother is saying the Gas one is better, and I was saying that the Electric Mower is better so we don't have to buy Gas every time when it is done. so anyways not sure if any of u guys have use either one, but if you have used both, I just want to know which...
  12. Lovemoon

    Sweet Talker

    Do you guys like sweet talkers?? For some reasons I dislike people who talk like that, and they get on my nerve, not that i hate people to talk nice to me, but sometimes they are just too much. for example when people always use the word "Khayeh" I think of them big lairs looooool, sorry but...
  13. Lovemoon

    why can't we stay single?

    Why people always think that it is a problem for us to stay single? and why do people care? :ranting:
  14. Lovemoon

    Employment Services (Job Agency)

    The Employment Services now days aren't the same as before, every time I go apply at any of these agencies it feels like I am applying for a Government jobs or something  :blink: :bangin: They ask some weird questions, for example they ask where were u born, how many years you have been living...
  15. Lovemoon

    I hate the feeling

    When my ears and throat gets itchy  :bangin: NEXT  :mrgreen:
  16. Lovemoon


    Everything is so boringggggggggggggggg, is it just me??
  17. Lovemoon

    One of the best video clip

    Assyrian Song الاشوريين I just love this video clip  :2hearts: Assyrian Song الاشوريين
  18. Lovemoon

    Things that you don't do but most people do

    Okay lets see what are the things that you don't do, but most people do. I never wash my face with soap I don't eat Breakfast I never drink Tea or Coffee I don't eat fresh Onions or Garlic I don't use pillow while sleeping I never been to a strip club, but I do wana see that place at least one...
  19. Lovemoon

    DO you take a shower on Sundays?

    For some reasons I always take a shower on Sundays, and I do feel guilty sometimes  :angelnot: even thou I don't really believe in this, but khena you know how our mothers are, they say it is a sin to take a shower on Sundays. :angelnot: How about you guys?? which day of the week you mostly...
  20. Lovemoon


    We the old members all know how everyone looks like, now can the new AVN members post their pics, so we would know what they look like  :mrgreen: Yala ASHOOR post ur pic looooool.... oh nevermind he is an old member lol PS: I just want to see some new faces lol