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    Arizona Events???

    Hi Everyone! So I haven't been on here in forever but I'm back! And I'm wondering if there's more AVNers from Arizona now that tons of Assyrians have moved here.. I remember when I was one of the only ones! So anyone know of any events in Arizona???? I still live about 100 miles away from...
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    New Assyrian Singer Tomy George from Sydney.. Please Support!!!!

    Hey guys a couple weeks ago I posted a video on youtube that had a couple clips of my cousins new album that's being released The first song is available for download so I wanted to let everyone here on AVN know :) I think it's really important to support Assyrian singers when they first start...
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    New Assyrian Singer Tomy George :) Please Support!!!!

    Hey guys a couple weeks ago I posted a video on youtube that had a couple clips of my cousins new album that's being released The first song is available for download so I wanted to let everyone here on AVN know :) I think it's really important to support Assyrian singers when they first start...
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    New Assyrian Singer Tomy Farhad

    Fellow AVNers My cousin from Australia has finished his highly anticipated album!! I just wanted to share a link to a youtube video that gives a sneak peak at a couple of his songs!!!! And believe me I'm not biased when I say his voice is to die for!!!!!! Check out Tomy Farhad's Album-...
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    Photo Albums Blast from the Past :)

    So I just had to share that I just looked through every page of the photo albums... ( I'm sick and stuck in bed) But what a wave of memories!!!! I look through them and can remember the days when each new set of albums came out and remembering each new friend I could now put a face to.  Some of...
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    i have something to share...

    I missed all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm back for sure this time :) Can't wait to catch up :)
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    Assyrian Engagement Gifts...

    Hello Everyone!!!!! I was in desperate need of an answer and I figured AVN!!!!!! So umm...... What gift do you take to an Assyrian Engagement party??? I'm guessing money just like the wedding la???
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    Talal Graish Party March 20

    Just wanted to let everyone know about this and if its not posted in the events section I'll do that also :) The AACCot youth group ( Assyrian American Civic Club of Turlock's Youth group) is hosting the party Date:Friday March 20th 8:00pm Location: Civic Club Tickets: $10 for members/ $15 for...
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    Kha'b Neesan Parties??

    Does anyone know of any Kha'b Neesan parties in Northern California??? I'm planning my Spring Break trip and I'm just curious :) THX
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    Question for AVNers not in the United States

    Hey guys!!!!! Can you guys just walk into a store and buy whatever Contact lenses you want????? Without any proof of a valid prescription??? So I'm trying to buy contact lenses with a prescription I have thats over a year old and in the US you can't use a prescription if its older than a year...
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    Evening Gowns I've designed and made for your Enjoyment and my Boredom

    I know I've been MIA for the longest time so I thought I'd share what I've been up to other than school... Here are some pictures of Gowns that I have designed and made all my myself :) I'm still experimenting and learning but ENJOY I believe they are thumbnails so you can make them larger :)
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    Saving Clothes for the Memories

    Soo As I was cleaning through my closet to donate any clothes that I don't need anymore I find a box that I have been keeping pieces of clothing that I have memories in... For example I have a dress I wore to my first convention and I've kept it ever since then because I had so much fun in it...
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    New Years Eve Party in San Jose with Talal Graish

    I'm hoping this can be sticky-ed :) Here's a link to a commercial for the party http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4QrMIbl4pk Ashur T.V. is hosting an amazing party in San Jose, CA Held at the DoubleTree Hotel With TALAL GRAISH Johnson on Sax and Franco Tickets are $90 Rooms $99 for the...
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    Anyone going to a wedding on Nov 8th in San Jose

    So um basically the title says it all haha.. Anyone going to a wedding in San Jose on Nov 8th???? RadRides and I will be there!!! :)
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    Question on Engagement Parties

    So I was just curious?? Gimme some details on engagement parties?? What you've had or plans you have :) Does everyone through a huge event? Rent a space Hire a singer? How many people are invited :) Any info on parties you've gone to c'mon through the ideas at me! I'm just being nerdy and...
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    *Help* Where can I find....

    The lovely sequins that we use for yalekhyatee...?? I can find the circles but I want the long ones.. So does anyone know of a way I can buy them online?? And if not then just where do you find them cuz there are none in my city(obviously with a whole 4 assyrian families why should they have...
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    AVN couples??

    So since I've been out of the loop of AVN for the past couple years... I was wondering about AVN couples.. Do we have couples who met on AVN? Did anyone meet in person but AVN helped them start their relationship??? Has anyone who met on AVN gotten married or engaged and who?? And who are...
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    I thought I saw it all till now.... OMG

    http://clothing.cafepress.com/item/assyrian-flag-classic-thong/28758558 Panty-minimalists love our casual thong that covers sweet spots without covering your assets; putting an end to panty-lines. This under-goodie is "outta sight" in low-rise pants. Toss these message panties onstage at your...
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    Sooooooo I've been taking a look at swimsuits online.... And noticed that this Monokini is really taking over swimsuits this season, but I'm trying to figure out if its really more flattering or less flattering than a regular 1 piece or bikini.. On some models I think they'd look better in...
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    Amazing Engagement Ring!!!

    Sooooo I ran into these few rings and I just had to share them!!! Fancy Purple-Pink Radiant Diamond Ring (3.43 ctw) Platinum & 18kt Pink Gold Only One Available IGI Value: $361,795 $259,999.99 Extraordinary Cushion Diamond Ring (5.34 ctw) Platinum Only One Available IGI Value: $135,820...