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    max the keyboard master!

    our very own maximus showcasing his keyboard skills.  He got rid of the long, beautiful locks, but his skills are still untouched. 8gP4Ih58Yzg
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    Is morality within god or outside of god?

    question for the christians: Are morals outside of god or are they inherent in god?  Does god have to adhere to morals the way we do, or are they part of his being?  If god were to commit or command something immoral (murder for example), does that action become moral since god commanded it...
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    What are your reasons for holding your political stance?

    Since there seems to be politics fans around here, i'd thought i'd ask: What are your reasons for holding your political stance?  Why are you on the left or right?  Do you believe that your side is right compared to the opposition, and if so, why?  Why do you believe in the political process? ...
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    Religious marriage and religious divorce

    We have religious marriage ceremonies, but why don't we have religious divorce ceremonies?  I'm talking about cases where a man or woman is cheated on by their partner; cases where one person was wronged and deserve divorce.  Where is the church when this situation happens? 
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    Define your god

    Please define your god, tell me what his name is if you have one (ie. jesus/zeus), and tell me what his attritubes are (ie. omniscient\omnibenevolent).  I'm curious to see everyone's definition of what god is and how specific they are.  thanks!
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    Christian god: love, belief, and hell

    Is the christian god's love compulsory?  As a christian, are you commanded to love and believe in him according to the bible?  Are there verses that speak of mandatory love and belief in this god? Lastly, what of non-believers or ppl who don't love this god?  What happens to them if they don't...
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    Ladies: Relationships with physically weaken men

    Question for the ladies, but if you dudes want to throw in your opinions, feel free. Ladies: would you ever get in serious relationship with a physically weaker man?  why or why not? please comment on whether you think it would be a drawback or whether it wouldn't be a problem and explain why.
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    Should parents have the right to impose their religion on their children?

    It's one thing to teach your children about all the dominant religions and even agnosticism/atheism, it's another to impose one religion on them and expect them to be faithful in that religion.  Should parents have this right? Why or why not? Personally, i think that if parents feel that...
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    Woman and feelings of entitlement from men

    z6OKuzkUWho interested in seeing the responses from the ideas presented in this video.  I don't know much about the dude, but i think the ideas shared here are worth mention.  This is not a 'women suck' video, seeing as men have advantages in society as well.  I think that any time a man or...
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    Chance of birth, pride, and nationalism.

    I wasn't sure where to put this thread but the chit chat doesn't seem to be the place, so i hope it works here.  I'm not trying to stir sh*t up, but i can't ever recall this topic being brought up, or at least in this manner. Anyways, i would like some honest answers to the following questions...
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    Is AVN an open forum?

    What are everyone's views on the question?  Can you post anything without the fear of it being taken down? Do certain posts warrant being removed?  If so, by what standard?  Who is the judge of such action and can we trust in their ability to decipher what is acceptable and what is not? So yea...
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    Teaching in Austrailia

    I'm thinking about teaching overseas and want some information regarding Australia.  My preference is teaching in the caribbean, but i doubt many ppl here will be able to help with that, but if you can, go for it!  Anywho, anyone have any information on teaching in austrailia?  Any credible...
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    Thoughts about the word 'nakhrayeh': harmful or not?

    Anyone else think that our overuse of the word 'nakhrayeh' is a bit damaging.  It just seems like another one of those things that separates you from the human race.  Looking at non-assyrians as separate from yourself on the grounds that they weren't accidentally born into the same culture and...
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    karl malone has worn a cowboy hat at least once in his life...

    the hat is clearly visible on the top of his head.
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    OMG! thomas paine died :(

    he passed away in 1809....huge loss for humanity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Paine
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    happy coming-out-of-your-mom's-crotch-day baklawa!!! hope you have a great one homie-slice.
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    Christian views OFFEND me

    I just want it to be clear that a lot of things that christians believe offend me.  I'm offended when christians believe that salvation is only gained through their beloved jesus.  I'm offended when their bible advocates things like slavery and genocide.  I'm offended when christians go on about...
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    Want to buy new LCD monitor (22'-24')

    In addition to the title, i'm looking for a budget monitor.  A widescreen would be nice and something within the $200-$300 range.  I'm guessing most monitors under this price range will be 22', but i haven't kept up with computers in a long time and i might be off. Anywho, i'll be using it...
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    Creating your own christianity

    uS5DaTIF1a0 Agree or disagree?  This is a strong agree to me.  They're always picking and choosing which verses to follow, picking which parts are literal, which are metaphorical, and adjusting it according to modern conceptions of morality.
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    Random thoughts

    shamoosey's legs are sexy! next...