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    NDP Leader Jack Layton- He was the nicest man!!

    I met this man and he's a decent caring man even though he was a politician.  May he rest in peace!  :cry:
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    I am saddened by the death of Sgt. Ryan Russell.  He was a son, husband, father and brother.  He will be missed by his family friends and brothers and sisters at the TPS.  I hope the person who called 911 to report the missing snow plow lives in misery.  It's a SNOW PLOW, not as important as a...
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    50 Million Lotto Max winner(s) from Toronto..CANADA

    :blink: :blink: There's one ticket out there somewhere in the hands of a Torontonian.  Now, no one knows if this ticket belongs to a single person or if it was a pool of several people.  Also, 2 one million dollar winner tickets were from Ontario , Bramton and Toronto..... :shades: I won 3...
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    New Photo Albums?

    Usually there's new photo albums and a yearbook list of everyone here for New Years.  Not this year?  :mrgreen:
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    The New Lotto Poker game (OLG)

    How many people in Ontario tried the new lotto poker game (OLG).  It just started Sept. 7th and is a daily draw.  You have 2 ways to win, instant where it shows your hand on the lotto machine screen and the nightly draw where you have to wait for the draw at the end of the day. I got a full...
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    Looking for Michi.....

    Has anyone seen Michi lately?  There's something I need to tell him.  :crybaby:
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    I have occasionally come here to this forum hoping that I would be able to upload the few songs that I have asked for but no one ever did help me with that.  I thought the point of this forum was to share music and be able to download them/upload them.  My experience here was that no one ever...
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    The 4 part mini series of - THE HOUSE OF SADDAM

    Has anyone seen this?  :blink:
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    Having kids before marriage?

    I absolutely hate when women/teenage girls have children outside of wedlock and of course most are single mothers (one night stands, dating...etc...) A lot rely on the government for assistance...I think this is wrong... what do others think? Our taxes are paying their income....also welfare...
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    Kurdish Music

    Is there an online store for kurdish music?  :mrgreen:
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    Which is the best place to get x-box?  Reasonable price.  I want to play who wants to be a millionairre and other stuff :angelnot:
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    What would you do if you bought chicken that was already rotten?

    I was shopping @ loblaws the other day and when I got home I decided to cook chicken.  When I opened the package, the chicken smelled really bad, I went right back to the store and told them and they didnt care at all.  In fact, after I told them that the chicken smells sour, so rotten they said...
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    assyrianvoice.net Estimated Worth $5774.3 USD by websiteoutlookassyrianvoice.net valuation by websiteoutlook. ... Comments. No comments Be the first person to write a comment on assyrianvoice.net ... Ashoor, Is the above comment made on google true?  :bangin:
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    Waw Allap Customer Service

    I still havent received a reply from them and this is what my account says Order Date: 29. July 2009 Total: $ 163.42 Order Status: Pending Order Number: 00010459 Ashoor, Please help. 
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    The Heavy Rain in Toronto last Tuesday

    :blink:  My mom's basement was flooded.  Omg, it was so bad...the tiles and walls and furniture are all damaged.  We contacted insurance and now waiting for the estimator and adjustor to say whatever they need to say.  I don't think they'll cover all the costs.  :ranting:
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    :blush2: Hi I haven't been here for a while now.  I was interested in ordering 4 cd's from assyrian market.  Just wanted to know if it's safe to use my visa online and when I do receive the package is there an extra charge for duty???
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    Does anyone have 'lil wayne's new album

    I'd like to download it...I am not sure how this works but isnt that what the music forum is about?  I noticed that people just bring up the songs but there is no link to download...nintendo master is the only one that really lets you download stuff.. :blush2:
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    First sunday soundtrack?

    I cant find this album in stores.  Would someone be able to download the songs for me from a music program like limewire?
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    TTC strike?

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    Heading west by mitsou---------already posted in music section

    I have been looking for this particular song by mitsou called ==heading west== I can't find it... Would anyone be able to find it for me?  :blush2: