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  1. Johnnie Walker | ܐܘܼܟܵܡܵܐ

    Your Worst Assyrian Song Please?

    I can only imagine what the Arabic comments are like lol I don't know Arabic, that was the secret language my parents used when they didn't want me or my siblings to know what they were talking about hahaha But who cares... Surit is more important!
  2. Johnnie Walker | ܐܘܼܟܵܡܵܐ

    Your Worst Assyrian Song Please?

    Ahh this video! I remember this lol I also remember reading one of the best comments I've ever read on YouTube below that video...
  3. Johnnie Walker | ܐܘܼܟܵܡܵܐ

    Assyrian based software?

    I've been saying this for years now, but we definitely need an Assyrian Shazam. Some one can use the Qeenatha database as a sort of reference point (all shower thoughts btw) use that to cross reference the song being heard or whatever. To be honest, it must really be hard to make something like...
  4. Johnnie Walker | ܐܘܼܟܵܡܵܐ

    How did you teach your kids Assyrian?

    Personally, I have a 1 year old daughter and the best I can do is speak to her in Surit. She can't speak yet, but she has a strong grasp of the language regarding understanding. I only speak to her in Surit and it helps a lot. To answer your question on kids born in diaspora, I am one of those...
  5. Johnnie Walker | ܐܘܼܟܵܡܵܐ

    Your Worst Assyrian Song Please?

    It's been a while and since then, a lot of new songs have been recorded. By far the WORST song award goes to Sargon Rasho - G String. Lyrics are absolutely ridiculous. He couldn't have been serious about this song. Kulla hanagoota yla, la? View: https://youtu.be/Zl8PHgt27Os