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  1. Eddie Yousif

    Christianity & Chess

    Quiz: What does Christianity & the game of Chess have in common? A- You could say both start with the letter C, but the answer is: In Chess, everyone dies trying to save their King. In Christianity, it is the King who dies trying to save his people 😍😇
  2. Eddie Yousif

    The best Wedding of the 21st Century

    This Wedding Clip is one of my favorites....This definitely has to be the Wedding of the 21st Century.... The weird thing about it, is that the Groom looks so familiar to me..... Seriously, have we met before? and even more, I am seeing so many AVNers in the video too... I wonder who this is...
  3. Eddie Yousif

    The AVN Story: who can forget those faces!!

    Who can ever forget those faces? Where are they now? Are they doing alright? has life been kind to them? are they married? divorced? widowed? I bet many have moved cities and countries... many are now with kids... many are working in top jobs.....BUT we also might be surprised to learn some...
  4. Eddie Yousif

    The Revival of the Religion & Spirituality Section

    With AVN coming back slowly but surely, and with God's blessings & help, I plan to also revive this section of the Forum.... For those who don't know, this Section was so popular in the old AVN days, we used to discuss, debate and exchange information on all aspects of the Christian faith and...