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    It is 2023 and I refuse to get into the TikTok craze!

    Me neither. Wow 1 Trillion Dollars. That’s an imaginary sum.
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    So Good To Be Back

    Yeah married since summer 14.07.2012. got two kids and the next one god willing coming at the start in may 2023. I was more the 🇧🇷 one.
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    So Good To Be Back

    Nah I was just not on avn 😁
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    So Good To Be Back

    Nah. On AVN 😁
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    So Good To Be Back

    Yes I am. Haven’t being online since then. 😊
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    So Good To Be Back

    Hey Guys, what’s going on? :)
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    Assyrian Prayer (Awen d Shmaya)

    Hello there, is someone able to write me the complete prayer in our language? If possible then in this way I needed in big letters... best regards ninos
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    How do you write 666 in syriac?

    Hey anyone any idea how to write 666 with syriac letters? As we do not have the numbers that are used in europe, but use more our letters as numbers. so any idea how to make up the 666? Here is a table of the letters and their number attached to it...
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    Can someone write me "Baytoty o Khayoti" in assyrian?

    Hey Guys anyone that has this script : Write it Big...its for a tattoo! thanks in advantage
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    Why do we have silenced letters?

    Hey there, anyone got an idea why we stopped speaking out some written letters in couple of words? Example "Akhrena" or "Anta"? As for "Akhrena" A and R are in most cases not said. And for the word "Anta" we just say "At" (you) thanks in regards
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    Assyrian Defence Force

    Hey Guys, I don?t know how many of you watch a weekly show of ASHUR-SAT, with Elias Yalda. In his latest show he mentioned that his group AUAIF held talks with the UN about safeguarding the Assyrians and their areas of inhabitation in Northern Iraq (mostly Nineveh Plains). It was said that...
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    Haaretz - It's just a matter of time before U.S. tires of Israel

    Israel doesn't know when to stop, and it could pay dearly as a result. By Gideon Levy An elephant and an ant will meet in Washington on Monday for a critical summit. But wait, who here is the elephant and who the ant? Who is the superpower and who the patronage state? A new chapter is being...
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    Looking for Ave Maria in syriac...

    Hello Guys, I am looking for the "Ave Maria" writtin in Syriac with Estrangelo fonts. Can someone provide? thanks in regards rumtaya
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    To find out how mixed we are within the various sects.

    Hello Guys, I am noticing something very nice within our Nation. Our Generation (the upcoming leading generation) is marrying within the different Churches of the Assyrian Nation. What I mean is, nowadays we have more and more Assyrians marrying a partner from a different sect (ACOE with SOC...
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    Diaspora Assyrians: Opportunity or Extinction?

    Hello Guys, I had thought (as i am sure alot of you guys too) about Assyrians more likely to become extinct in the Diaspora. On the one side its probably a natural development that people become more likely assimilated in a society where they live peaceful and enjoy freedom i.e. see less or...
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    Pure Aramaic Dictionary - Where can I find one?

    Hello there, is there any pure aramaic dictionary avaliable. One that shows what words aramaic contained 3000 years ago? No Peshitta link or so please. I need a pure aramaic dictionary that presents the language 3000 years ago. Just like the akkadian dictionary shows couple of thousands words...
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    Syriac Language Dictionary

    Hello Guys, I am writing this Topic on behalf of the "Association Assyrophile de France". They have set up two dictionaries one known as the "Sureth Dictionary" which can be found here and the other is the "Akkadian Dictionary"...
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    Alawi (not that other known Allawi) calls for declaration of Kurdish State

    Alawi calls for declaration of Kurdish State Thursday, October 20, 2011 17:59 GMT Iraq?s Ahrar bloc affiliated to Sadrist Movement criticized, on Tuesday, head of White Iraqiya Party Hassan Al Alawi?s statements which called to unify the two main Kurdish parties in Kurdistan ?in...
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    Poem about Assyrians (and their situation) by George Chanko

    W48osClIm6c&feature=related I just came to see that youtube clip, it is a quit refreshing kind of poem. You Guys should take the time to listin to it.
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    Akkadian-Neo Syriac words ending with U - A/O

    Hello fellows I got another question ( I am sure, I will come up with way more). How come that our language is the only "semitic language" whos words end with an "A/O"? Where as the Arabic and Hebrew does not. What I mean can be seen easily at the example provided below: Akkadian: na?ru...
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    Is the "d" right or the "th"

    Hey, I was just looking into the akkadian dictionary that is avaliable online and found the word "dizziness" in ancient assyrian language: ṣīdānu  [N?G.NIGIN :  ]  (n. m. ; ) [Human → Disease] vertigo, dizziness, giddiness ; name of a demon Cf. ṣ?du Variants : ṣādānu, ?ādānu As you guys...
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    Looking for a song

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a song with following lyric: Ana qatekh besmarewen, smeerte khareeta. Khabrane mn omqet lebbi qatakh ya khleetaa... does anyone regodnice that lyric? If yes please let me know about the exact title and the singer of this song. thanks in regards
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    Where is this Nation heading to?!

    I am sure everyone of us has at least once asked himself "where are we heading too?", "what are our goals?", "Can we ever acheive something that will lay a foundation into becoming a real Nation with a Statehood?". Recently I just started again asking myself that. Yet I have not found a answer...
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    Assyrians, Kurds, and Ottomans: Intercommunal Relations on the Periphery

    Hey Guys, I think we have had a topic once about that book (i might be wrong). What I wanted to know is if anyone of you has read it by now? Or is reading it? I know about the book since more then one year, but had not the means to get one yet. If someone can give some details about the book...
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    EU Delegation to Iraq Does Not Meet With Assyrian Representatives

    Strange that noone posted this one before. I think its quit interesting to see that the EU Delegation did went to wartorn Iraq but did not meet with "Assyrian representatives". They only meet up Bishop Warda who was probably contacted and talked to about the assyrian catholic population in the...
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    Diffrence between Swadaya and Lishana Sapraya?

    Hey Guys, a question for the language expertise here. How big is the diffrence between lishana swadaya (the one we actually talk, correct me if i am wrong) and lishana sapraya (as far as i know thats the church language i.e. lishana aramaya). Looking forward for some genuies answers. btw...
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    We want an Assyria Province! (what if...)

    Hey Guys, I had that thought many times and I am sure quit a lot of you guys had it too. Just thinking why dont our political leaders go to the Government in Baghdad and ask openly for an "Assyria Province". I know we had many discussions about how its not possible due to many factors...
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    Elias Yalda Ashur Sat - Straight up and Honest

    Hey Guys, I dont know if you guys have heard ever about him. He is an elder Assyrian activist who lives in Sydney. He runs a Assyrian TV Channel called "Ashur Sat" and he is either the founder or co founder of the Save Assyria Front and another Group. I have been following up all the uploaded...
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    Assyriska 2011/2012 Season

    Hey Guys, I am sure quit alof of you guys have been lookikng forward that day (unfortunatly not all can watch the game). The Game will start at 19.20 (MET), anyone that does not receive the swedish channel TV4Sport, will be able through watching the game on Problem, the website...
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    The Kurds - Youtube Clips from a honest point of few

    Hey Guys, I was kind of bored and found these two clips. Just check it out, quit interesting. It seems to be done by a "honest kurd" who takes up with a kurdish "professor" Izady who has written a book "The Kurds" where he claims that almost every nation or people that live on the ground of...
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    How to write a Cover Letter? (Need help)

    Hey Guys, Im about to finish my studies and start applying for some start up jobs as student. I found a position by Proctor and Gamble. They want me to write an english CL. However I do not have much experince on writing such. I have done some for an Internships, but aint know how to write one...
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    Looking for Juliana Jendo contact details

    Hey Guys, is there anyone who does know or have the contact details of Juliana Jendo? If so please provide them here or via pm. Need it for a friend. thanks in advantage
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    How to build an Infrastructure?Looking for some Books

    Hey Guys, does anyone know a good English speaking Book about how to build up a countries Infrastructure? IF so please let me know as soon as possible, I need it for my Bachelor Thesis. Thanks in regards
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    Looking for online sources on Iraq and its oil industry

    Hello Guys, I am about to write a Bachelor Thesis on the "Iraqi oil industry and how its revenues could be used to reshape the countries infrastrucutre". I am looking for some good quality online documents or websites that good provide me some useful Informations. IF you know anygood website...
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    Short description on assyrian tribes power

    Hey Guys, anyone of you heard about the book written by the late Hormis Aboona? ITs callled "assyrians, kurds and ottomans: intercommunal relations". You can read some 50 pages free with the google book modus. I just found a nice part in that pages that can be read freely. check it out...
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    Interview with Dr. Hezi Mutzafi (professor for semitic languages)

    Hey Guys check out this five parted Interview by SBS Radio with an Semitic lingualistical professor from Tel Aviv ( I think an assyrian Radio programm in Austraia???). Anyway I found it pretty interesting, you might want to have a look into it. He also is beeing asked how much influence there...
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    The "ki/ke/ko" thing...

    Hey Guys I got a question. I just got realized that within our diffrent asssyrian "dialects" we have this "Ki/Ke/Ko" thing within the one spoken in the nineveh plains, the tur abdin/geezarta region and urmia/salamas region, but not within former Hakkaraye. The "Ki/Ke/Ko" thing example: The...
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    Assyrian Clothing Store Near you?

    Hey Guys, got again a question. Is there anyone who has a clothing store owned by assyrians close to his local place? Probably where alot of Assyrians live? Please let me know. best regards rumtaya
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    Short Question: Which of the following do you have or make use of?

    Hey Guys, If you would be so kind and just participated in this short survey would be great. I just need it for something I am working on with Assyriska. Thanks in advantage Best regards Rumtaya
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    Assyriska flyers

    Hello everyone, I need your help. Is there anyone here who can give me some contact details on the guys who run the assyrian convention? I am looking to have them distributed some Assyriska Flyers. I plan to send couple of hundreds flyers with a relative who is going to attend the...
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    Assyrian Raweh from Nahla

    Found that in youtube its so lovly. I just like Raweh might guess where the name "Raweh" came from...i am sure it has something to do with Rawayeh haha.... anyway enjoy.. 7SE_bOhXszU&feature=related do we have here avners who are from nahla? :D If khabour assyrians areallowed to...
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    Looking for someone with very good Photoshopskills

    Hey Guys, is there anyone who is familiar with the programm "photoshop"? If yes would you be able to creat something for would be a picture put together out of three four diffrent elements.... You can PM me or just write here in the topic.. thanks in advantage
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    AVN GATHERING Stockholm 5th June 2010

    The gathering took place in Stockholm and later in the suburb S?dert?lje, we took a walk in the city, went to a restaurant there and later left for S?dert?lje. Some friends and relatives also joined the gathering and we went to a bar there... it was a successful night and we all had a very good...
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    Need one who translates from english into arabic

    Hey, is there someone fluentjly in writing and reading arabic? If yes I would like to ask that person kindly to translate a one page english speaking information text into arabic. please pm me or just write here and i will pm you
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    Looking for an expert in assyrian language (write and read)

    Hello, is there anyone in this forum who is very well learned in the assyrian language like write and read? If so please contact me via PM. kind regards ninos
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    Al-Maliki to Lose Job in New Agreement

    Iraq moved towards forming a new government under a new prime minister yesterday as the two Shia religious political blocs reached an agreement on sharing power. It is likely that the prime minister Nouri al-Maliki will lose his job as the price of the deal between his State of Law coalition...
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    Assyriska FF Survey

    Hello Guys, I need your help. I have done a survey on Assyriska FF. We need it for some marketing researches, so if you would be so kind and do the survey I would really appriate that. The survey wont take you 2 minutes. Please also notice that we are looking for clear and representive...
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    Assyriska FF Facebook

    Hey Guys, anyone who has an Facebook account and is not yet part of this Assyriska FF Facebook group, be so kind and join it: Here is the link!/group.php?gid=2307497455&ref=ts It will and is an important group that realeases news on a daily also...
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    Assyriska FF vs IFK N?rrk?ping 2-1

    Hey, here is the short sum up op the match that was played on Sunday the 18th. Assyriska won by 2-1, two goals scored by the Captian G?ran "Ashur" Marklund (he got that nickname from the assyrian supporters) 0aU7Cxj__hc here is the english article to it...
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    ASSYSKA FF vs ?ster IF 1 - 0

    Hey, Assyriska played yesterday in their hometown stadium against ?ster If, you can watch the goal here: A6Qlui8Ee20 here is the match report:
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    Anyone from Sydney?

    Hey, if there is anyonpe here from sydney who knows the assyrian community and is close to the Church, please contact me via PM.
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    Looking for Assyrian Entrepreneurs

    Hey, can anyone name me some assyrian entrepreneurs close to your area? Probably name of the person and his business..
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    Need translation

    Hey, if one who is good in writing assyrian could write here please this: "Your national Team needs your suppourt now" thanks in advantage rumtaya
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    Shotapoyathe contact information (close to you)

    Hey guys, I need your help. If you live in an area which has anykind of shotapoota..., can you provide me a webside link to it and contact details, would be very kind. I need them for Assyriska FF (the assyrian footboll team in Sweden). They want to get intouch with assyrians worldwide. if...
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    Stockholm(S?dert?lje) Assyrians

    Hey, anyone here who lives in stockholm (s?dert?lje)? I am coming to stockholm on the 9th of april and will stay for some 5 months there. Maybe I can make to meet up some AVNers from that area!
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    Assyrians Turned Away From Voting Centers in Australia

    Sydney (AINA) -- What was supposed to be a peaceful day of voting for the future of the Republic of Iraq, turned into racial discrimination for Iraq's Assyrians and other ethnic minorities. Assyrians who had waited in line for hours were turned away from voting. According to voting officials...
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    I dont have a fitting topic name...

    I was just searching the net for some studentflats in the city of s?dert?lje which is a part of Stockholm. Well what I found can be see below, I just thought it might be interesting to share it with you guys. ITs kinda weird to hear or read about it, but I guess it happens: S?dert?lje...
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    SIOE Stop Islamisation of Europe

    Hey, just found this websites which refers to Assyrians too (there is the assyrian flag on the left side if you scrool abit down, by clickin on it, youll be send to
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    Ashur TV online live stream Hey check out, they got it now online.. I aint know if its just the same they show via sataliette...maybe those who receive it at home can either confirm it or not...
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    Lookin for Internship possibilty in Melbourne, Australia

    Hello Guys, hope you are all well off :D. I?ve got somethin to ask for those Assyrians here who live in Melbourne, Australia. Do you know any companies which take Students for an Internship in their company? Or are you working in a big company who does take students for an Intership? If yes...
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    Assyrian empire-Ancient rites (the name might fool you...)

    pnvy0snuVfk Black/Death metal Lyrics: Assyrian Empire Empire of Doom Masters, masters of pain & destruction Fighting, Killing, Slaying Decapitating their (enemies) heads Fighting, Slaying, Raping, No one could stand the sight Their (skinned) enemies flesh on the city walls A pile of skulls in...
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    lookin for a song

    HEy Guys I am lookin for a song, my cousin used to sing few words of it...(as i guess eh couldnt remmeber more haha)...but it goes something like "Ator beet khaya bet khaya".... does anyone know who sings it? and what the name of the song is? ܐܬܘܪ ܒܕ ܚܝܐ
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    How would you write "Barkho" in assyrian?

    Hey, I have a question, how would be "Barkho" written correctly in assyrian? like this ܒܪܚܘ or like this ܒܪܟܼܘ thanks in advantage
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    An Assault on an Assyrian Athlete: Enough is Enough

    Sodertalje, Sweden (AINA) -- It has happened again -- and reached a whole new level. The institutionalized hatred against Assyrians has started to take a new shape, a more practical and sinister one. What started as Youtube clips showing how youngsters burn the Assyrian flag or multimedia...
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    I need Luke 10:18 in syriac (phonetic if possible)

    Hey everyone, I hope you are all well off :). I would need someone to do me a favour which is to write the phrase of "Luke 10:18" here in syriac with a phonetic translatoin (syriac with latin letters). kind regards
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    1d5rwJmKnOc Doesnt that sounds nice? :D Does anyone know who sings the song originaly? Probably you got the mp3? If yes, send it to me please... As a comment you can find that this is by William Daniel and the title is Marganita or so..but i aint sure... enjoy
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    JİTEM forced us to take up arms, claims Syriac politician

    JİTEM forced us to take up arms, claims Syriac politician Illegal ?deep state? groups pressured Turkey's Syriac community to take up arms and revolt against the state, Yaşar K???karslan, a Syriac politician who has been living in Sweden since 1992, has claimed...
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    Maliki to form a List with various groups (german source)..

    I just read that Maliki is about to have a List including various "Iraqi Groups", like sunnits (the Abu Risha Tribe) or like Assyrians Christians and kurdish groups.. Unfortunataly they didnt yet show which parties would join the List... What are your thoughts? Is it helpful a(lso for...
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    Assyrian Kid leadin Reshet Khegga :D

    WCb6nvxIjUw he aint do in that bad haa
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    Tyaraya vs Urmechnaya

    I heard this one from a youtube clip, where Sargon Gabriel tells the joke. I will write it in assyrian.... Kha Tyaraya mpeelalee go tha dorasha mn kha Urmechnaya, ega anee shoreelon sawuree al eekhthathe, hal mteela l mkhayaa ekhthathe, oh urmechnaya la mseelee u mpeelee l hadekeh...
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    Odi Simon - Mammeh

    4Hfig3_bF7Q Videoclip made in Tel Tammer (Khabour valley)
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    Three European Nations Pull Plug On Turkish Dam Loan

    BERLIN (AFP) -- Germany, Switzerland and Austria said Tuesday they were pulling the plug on support for a major dam in Turkey because of concerns it will destroy ancient sites and displace thousands of people. The three countries' export guarantee agencies said Ankara had failed to meet a...
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    Traditional Assyrian Music (Raweh, Liliane, Diwane)

    HEy Guys, wanted to share those short audio files with you. They are all taken from the people of my village Bne Rumta at the khabour River in western Assyria. My grandfather is also singin in it. here is one of diwane Diwani Diwani, sung in gatherings or meetings, lyrics cover aspect of...
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    Interview with Dr. Hermis Aboona Janurary 20th 2009

    Interview with Dr. Hermis Aboona By: Mariam Georgis, Allena Slavyo, Lema Yousif, Sandy Shlemon Translated from Assyrian to English by Sandy Shlemon and Allena Slavyo Mariam: Good evening ladies and gentleman, my name is Mariam Georgis, speaking on behalf of the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac...
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    Assyrians of Hakkari

    I have always asked myself when the first Assyrians came or were settled in the area of todays SE Turkeys province Hakkari. Is there someone of you guys who has a knowledge about that? The two main points I heard or read (a litle) about it, stated that there were Assyrians: 1. who came...
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    Who were Assyrians? for litle Kids

    I just came across the website and found the article about Assyrians pretty amusing thats why I thought to share it with you guys :D Warriors:  The Assyrians also lived in the land between two rivers. Their home was in northern Mesopotamia towards the mountains. They were famous traders. Their...
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    Iraq's Kurdish region to export oil for first time

    DOHUK ? Iraq's self-ruled Kurdish region will begin exporting crude oil for the first time on June 1, piping up to 90,000 bpd to its neighbours in a landmark step for the area, officials said on Sunday. Companies chosen by the regional government will pump oil from two Kurdish fields via an...
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    Ahmadinejad and Assad: Iran and Syria Are Leading a New World Order

    Introduction In early May 2009, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in Damascus. In a joint statement issued after the meeting, the two declared that the relations between Iran and Syria were strategic and served as an example to the region and to the...
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    We are Assyrian Trailer

    Lovly Trailer "We are Assyrian". 8dJBoc2hWJ0 I love the melody in the begin showing alos the flag  :wavetowel:
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    Is the word "kees" assyrian? Keeslee, keslookh, keeslan

    Hey Guys, I have asked myself yesterday if the word for "kees" is of assyrian origin? I think amee, amokh, ameen would be more correct or? btw. dont mix that word up with an arabic word... :D
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    Need translation of a Name

    Hey there... hope everyone is well off :D Could someone be so kind and write the name "Mia Sophie" in few diffrent aramic scripts? (those used by our westen dialect speakin brothers) hope you guys can help...again...  :)
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    Any Assyrian Students at the University of Sunshinecoast in Queensland/AUS?

    Hey Guys, hope everyone is well off. Is there anyone here who attends the USC in Queensland Australia? I am asking, because at it seems I will be doing one semester abroad (I am from Germany). Would be nice if I would get to meet some Assyrians there, maybe some Assyrian Girls hehe  :wavetowel:
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    Assyrian Christians (a very short doku from the 70s or 80s)

    Hey there, I dont know if anyone of you guys saw this beofre, but its quite interesting (alhthough the youtube name for it is Anyway watch it and listin exactly what he says at the minute 3.10-3.20 (maybe something for the Kurds and the Kurdistan suppourt here)...
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    Assyria Council of Europe Needs Your Financial Support

    Hey Guys I would like to make you aware of the Assyrian lobbyist foundation in Europe called "Assyria Foundation of Europe" (short ACE). I am sure alot of you guys heard about it and what they have done that far to bring awarness to the Assyrian Plight and especially to the Assyrian Refugees in...
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    Yazedi Movement, how did they do in the Elections?

    Hey I was trying to look how they yazedis did in the Elections that far i couldnt find any realiable resulsts or alike. What i just read throw some articles is that their independent party maintained to get the one reserved minority seat for their party. Any infos someone could provide?
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    Urmia 1912-2002 (strange video, nice song)

    Found it accidently today, very nice song in this clip. S9C9CwRApwY
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    The TRAITOR " MULLAH " SALIM (emazing parrarels to assyrian situation)

    The TRAITOR " MULLAH " SALIM Shabak Traitor Mullah Salim a person who is willing to do almost anything for money for his own personal benefit. I will start with giving a brief history of his past:-     * In Saddams regime he was a Batthist writing reports against his own Shabak people and...
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    Islam Prophesied in theBible

    Hey guys, here are some youtube clips, a man is talking about the bible and koran its very intering. He even mentions Assyrians (as an christian people who fail in beeing aided and helped by  Americans and other westerns) in the 5th part around minute 5.10...
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    Assyrians of Hakkari

    Isabella Bird (1831-1904) was the eldest daughter of a British clergyman. In her youth she suffered from poor health. Worldwide travelling appeared to be the cure that would make her better. She became one of the most famous Victorian lady travellers and certainly the boldest one. She found her...
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    God is my judge in Assyrian... how to write it?

    Hey Guys I need your help again :D How do we write "God is my Judge" in assyrian? thanks in advantage I need it for a tattoo
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    Dutch Report Highlights Kurdish Activities Against Assyrians in Iraq

    (AINA) -- In a report by Ms Attiya Gamri Tunc, a Dutch politician of Assyrian background, Kurdish political parties in northern Iraq are pointed out as responsible for implementing a hidden cleansing campaign against the indigenous population, the Assyrians. The fact finding report describes...
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    how do you write "QOWAT" aka strengthness in assyrian?

    hey anyone to help me out again .... the word "qowat" meaning strengthness or power... in assyrian ....can anyone write it with syriac latters?... or what is the right word for "power" in assyrian?... thanks in advantage
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    Assyrian Barwar land of peace, beauty and happiness (animation)

    1eJsHAa7CYg&feature=related Hey Guys thought I could share that nice animation clip with you guys. If someone regodnize the song could you please tell me who is the singer and what the title is. enjoy
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    Autonomy: The Only Hope for Assyrians to Have Peace in Iraq

    Sargon E. Sapper Glenview, Illinois United States of America It is said that no man plans to fail, he simply fails to plan. In fact, without a working plan and specific goals to achieve a project cannot prosper. In a peaceful and carefully planned manner, during the year 1971, Chaldeans...
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    Need someon to write me "Suraya" with syriac letters!

    Hey is there anyone who can write here with syriac fonts? Would be nice if the person could write "Suraya" but don?t for get the silenced A in the front its important i need it thanks.
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    Which language was spoken in Assyria before Akkadian?

    Hey, does anyone of you guys know which language was mostly spoken in Assyria before the Akkadian came to power and spread their language over Mesopotamia? Akkadian is divided into several varieties based on geography and historical period:[2]     * Old Akkadian, 2500?1950 BC     * Old...
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    Muslim Speaks for Christians in Phoenix AZ (need translation he talks arabic)

    Hey guys this is a videoclip from an assyrian demonstration in arizona, there seems to be a shia mullah who is talking about our people in the homeland, but I dont understand what he is talking since my arabic is very if someone could give a brief translation please.. thanks in...
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    Akkadian Dictonary...very nice and interesting...

    Hey guys I found a very nice akkadian dictonary, where you can typ in words in english or france and it will show the akkaian word for it. Its quit nice, since you can find many words who are close or similar to the words we use for them... some examples malku : [Government]  prince, king #...
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    Christian Security Forces Growing Stronger In Iraq

    Christian Security Forces Growing Stronger In Iraq Morning Edition, October 6, 2008 ? A new phenomenon is spreading through the Christian towns and villages of northern Iraq: Christian security forces, organized through their local churches, are manning checkpoints and working with the Iraqi...
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    The Misrule of Massoud Barzani: Iraqi Kurdistan's Yasser Arafat

    Once an oasis of stability in Iraq, the Kurdish north is increasingly a source of unrest. Because of the misrule of Massoud Barzani, the president of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq (KRG) who may go down as the Yasser Arafat of the Kurdish people, the region is becoming a danger both...
  101. R

    Iraqi Parliament Eliminates Article 50, Marginalize Groups

    I wonder noone has post that! Iraqi Parliament passed the Iraqi Provincial Election Law of councils for governorates, districts and sub districts and the elections are anticipated to take place early 2009 (with the exception of Kirkuk and the three Kurdish dominated governorates of Arbil...
  102. R

    Patriarch Calls for Assyrian Administrative Unit in North Iraq

    Brussels (AINA) -- On September 16 the head of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East, Patriarch Dinkha IV, proclaimed after a prayer service in a Syriac Orthodox church that Assyrians must work to establish an Assyrian administered unit in northern Iraq's Nineveh Plain...
  103. R

    Interview with Younadam Kanna VERY INTERESTING watch that clip its about 17 minutes, probably a second part will follow. Truth shall always prevail.
  104. R

    3 Kurdish Majors sue against the Mar Gabriel Monstarie in Tur Abdin

    HEy Guys I didnt find a english speakin source for it, but I read few in german language. 3 kurdish mayors in Tur Abdin try to sue against the Mar Gabriel Monstarie, cause they see the Monstarie having to much land and that just for a monstarie..., also saying "they dont need that much land to...
  105. R

    Iraqi Army takes over areas...

    Hey maybe you guys read the news, the Iraqi Army is takin over areas which were till now been patrolized by the kurdish Peshmerga. And the Mosul area is also going to be controlled by the Iraqi Army. Now what I want to ask is, do you think our assyrians in the nineveh plains will have problems...
  106. R

    Dialouge with a Honest Kurd (mid 19th cenutry)

    Its from an online book called "Nestorian Tribes, or Ten Lost Tribes",M2
  107. R

    War in Georgia

    Hey Guys did you watch the news? I saw it in the german TV, that Georgian Army is trying to retake the area of southern osetia which lies in the north of the country. However Russia did suppourt this litle "autonomous area" after the  Fall of the Sowjetunion. Now what do you guys think this is...
  108. R

    Christians in Iraq have united and formed new militias

    MOSUL -- Christians in Iraq have united and formed new militias to protect themselves against what they describe as targeting by Muslim extremists in northern Iraq. "During five years we were victims of the general violence in Iraq but mainly from violence carried by Islamic extremists who want...
  109. R

    Kurds Threaten to Split Iraq Over Kirkuk Crisis

    A possible solution to the dispute over the status of the disputed city Kirkuk has raised the ire of Kurdish leader Mas'ud Barzani, who threatened to divide Iraq if the constitution were not honored. Barzani, president of the semi-autonomous Kurdish province in northern Iraq, reminded the Iraqi...
  110. R

    Prof Henry Saggs on Assyrian Continuity

    The following is the preface written by honorable Professor Henry William Fredrick Saggs for the book Assyrian National Question at the United Nations by Dr. Sargon Dadesho. Civilization has always been under threat from the forces of barbarism. Without a strong arm to defend it, it can be...
  111. R

    Original Gangsters, Assyrians "Mafia" in Sweden

    Hey Guys did anyone of heard about the "Original Gangstas" a mafia group who does sell drugs and other illegal stuff in Sweden? IT was formed by an Assyrian from Turkey when he was 17 years old, here is a picture of him: here you can check out...
  112. R

    Anti-Christ..., Assyria need to be etablished?!?

    Hey Guys, I was reading throw a site called, it seemd to me interesting since it contains huge information on Assyrians (past and present situation). This i just a part of an articale you might read throw it by yourself.... btw. those are text written by...
  113. R

    Sunni group warns Assyrians in Mosul

    MOSUL, Iraq, July 2 (UPI) -- An alleged affiliate of al-Qaida in Iraq addressed a letter to the Assyrian community in Mosul warning them against cooperating with the United States. A group calling itself "The Battalion of Just Punishment, Jihad Base in Mesopotamia" sent a letter to churches in...
  114. R

    Europe-Asia around 700 map (Inclued areas of "Eta T Madenkha" and others...

    Hey Guys a good friend showed me that map and I found it VERY Interesting since you can see what areas which "church group" occupied. As youll notice the map is in german language however "lightblue" is for our Church and the violett dots are monstaries of the Church of the East. Now you also...
  115. R

    Bishop calls for Administrative Region in the NP

    Syrian Orthodox Bishop Severius Hawa calls for a Self Administrative Region for the Assyrian People in the Nineveh Plains Archbishop Severius Hawa of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Baghdad called for the establishment of a self administrative region for the Assyrian people in the Nineveh plains...
  116. R

    We are waving in China For those who are cabable of persian language can read the artical....
  117. R

    Mazalta t Kha Bnisse ( ZOWAA IS HUNTING YOU)

    Whoever said or thought that Zowaa is dead, it is not!!!
  118. R

    Status of Kurdish Peshmerga Remains Unchanged Despite Crackdown On Militias

    PM: Status of Kurdish Peshmerga Remains Unchanged Despite Crackdown On Militias April 13, 2008 BAGHDAD (AP) - Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the head of the Kurdish regional authority agreed Saturday to retain the current semiautonomous status of the Peshmerga the military force...
  119. R

    any infos about margaret george?

    Hey Guys do you have any good information and more detailed about margaret geroge`? here is some, but thats not much.
  120. R

    Who is this John Joseph?

    Hallo Guys, can someone tell me who this John Joseph is, he even read book about us and how the "missionaries" made us beeing Assyrians.... here is the link to the book thanks in advantage
  121. R

    Midi keyboards....anyone who knows about them?

    Hey Guys, I like to do kinda music beats in my free time (although they arent best, but its a hobby). Does anyone of you guys ever heard about the programm "Furity Loops Studio" and do you knwo if you can use a Midi Keyboard like this one to play like keyboard at your computer? Because...
  122. R

    looking for this song in better quality

    Hey Guys I need to know who sings this song, it would be nice if one of you guys could even provide the mp3 file I have done it to mp3, but as you will see the song isnt very clear thanks in advantage
  123. R

    Assyrians of Khabour...big clap for we come...shooooosh

    Enjoy, this is some folklore group on a weeding of a qariwa of mine...bne rumta...yeahh WU6fiVYNXF8 younan...dont get to excited
  124. R

    Assyrians of Khabour(Jelwaye) Peda Dance

    Enjoy, its from a weeding in Syria, in an assyrian village called AbuTina (jelwaye) jaga7xI9o_A
  125. R

    Turkey an ally for Assyrians?

    Hey Guys, I have been talking to a friend about Turkey beeing an ally for Assyrians. I came to this subject, because few days before I saw in Forum a topic about "Assyrian Lobby in Instanbul". So what do you think, would Turkey be someone Assyrians should or must rely on, to...
  126. R

    Attacks on Churches in Mosul and Baghdad, yet again!

    Just read in an german speaking Assyrian Forum that there has been new Attacks on Churches in Mosul and Baghdad, here is the arabic news by ankawa,157932.0.html
  127. R

    Canberra Rally Song (assyrian omta song lovly)

    Hey Guys I wanted to share that nice song with you enjoy it. it goes like this ya akhuni qu machmeekhle nora d ilee b omtan beelhaya wdPxY0J5Y6c
  128. R

    The Ninevite's choice by Ninef Hairi (what a .....)

    The Ninevite's choice Nenif Matran Hariri By Nenif Matran Hariri The Kurdish Globe Christians have to decide whether to stay with the region or join the rest of Iraq. This month, the people of the Hamdaniya and Tel Keif districts, which form part of the Nineveh Plains, will be asked whether...
  129. R

    Barzani Rules Out Kurdish State

    Iraq's Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani has openly declared for the first time that Iraqi Kurds do not seek independence. Barzani pointed to the Kurdish calls for a referendum on the status of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq and added that "some neighboring countries say Kurds will...
  130. R

    Zowaa speech by Rabi younadam Kanna I havnt watch it yet, but going to do so soon...
  131. R

    Commandante Marcos....he is lovly

    G8OGghITYbo RZlKEWBeBqg The best thing by the first part is, that the american guy ask him how you learnd to fight and that marcos answer from books.... :loool:
  132. R

    Assyrian Progressive Nationalist Party (not sure if that was posted before)

    ܬܘܚܡܐ ܕܓܒܐ ܐܫܘܪܝܐ ܐܘܡܬܢܝܐ ܡܬܩܕܡܢܐ Assyrian Progressive Nationalist Party Constitution and Fundamental Law The Assyrian Progressive Nationalist Party Email: The Constitution and Fundamental Law of The Assyrian Progressive Nationalist Party (APNP) Founder: Ashur...
  133. R

    Car bomb explodes in Assyrian town of Tel-Skuf

    ANA ASHUR Media & Translation Desk Car bomb explodes in Assyrian town of Tel-Skuf Tel-Skuf-Agencies 08-11-2007 A car bomb exploded on Thursday morning at 7:30 a.m. in the town of Tel-Skuf near a Kurdish (Democratic) Party (Democratic). Tel-Skuf administratively follows Tel-Kef (Tel-Kepeh)...
  134. R

    Something to think about...

    I was sitting today in the train coming back from the place I study to get home. Some thoughts came into my mind. How can we reach Assyria (maybe some of you guys asked that same question to themselves). My first thought was, well I can go to it by plane, meaning this is the most easiest way...
  135. R

    Sunni Newspaper Criticized Iraq's Kurds

    (UPI) -- "We need to make it clear that the Kurds have outlined their agenda since the U.S.-Iraq clashes in 1991 and they decided to be apart from the bigger homeland, forgetting that they only have stones and mountains," the paper said. The editorial said the Kurds forgot a country like Turkey...
  136. R

    Ethnic cleansing of Assyrians continues

    Ethnic cleansing of Assyrians continues Before the war in Iraq, Saddam Hussein was in power. Iraqi borders had been secured and there was not one terrorist in Iraq. However, people were struggling to stay alive. There were secret massacres and killings. The victims were the Assyrians -- a...
  137. R

    Older but nice Clip

    Azadoota gonna love it...  :wavetowel: jsZfnWBY0dU Notice the woman and the soldiers hahahaha This one is nice too the raweh at the begin... PB8zVyt3gUI @shami isnt he saying beshaya  :mrgreen:
  138. R

    Syriac script

    Syriac script Origin The origins of the Syriac script are shrouded in mystery. It was orginally used as the medium for the extensive religious literature of Syrian Christians. In 489 AD there was a schism between the east Syrian followers of Nestorius in Persia and the west Syrian followers of...
  139. R

    Aramic script

    Aramaic/Proto-Hebrew alphabet Origins The Early Aramaic or Proto-Hebrew alphabet was developed sometime during the late 10th or early 9th century BC and replaced Assyrian cuneiform as the main writing system of the Assyrian empire. This alphabet is thought to be the ancestor of a number of...
  140. R

    Mongolian script derrived from syriac script

    The classical Mongolian script was the first of many writing systems created for the Mongolian language. With only minor modification, it is used in Inner Mongolia in China to this day to write Mongolian and the Evenk language. The script was created by the Uyghur scribe, Tatar-Tonga. He had...
  141. R

    We dont wear Kurdish Clothes...Bab l Hara proofs it

    Hey Guys I am sure everyone of you read at least 3 times that Kurds claim we wear their clothes (meaning Zowaa fighters and our forefathers from hakkari and northern iraq)... Just have a look at this Bab al-Hara (Arabic for "The Neighborhood's Gate" "باب الحارة") is one of the most popular...
  142. R

    Adiabene Was Assyrian, Not Kurdish

    (AINA) -- I was very disturbed by statements made by Dr. Victor Sharpe M.D. in his article "Who Truly Deserves a State?", published on July 30, 2007. I just wonder, what motivates a medical doctor to indulge with such poisonous fable. I sent an e-mail few weeks back to the web site in question...
  143. R

    ya nishret tkhume by sargon youkhana (live)

    Hey Guys I viede taped that song and cut the audio out to provide it to you guys... its worh to download it...
  144. R

    Banda d Raweh

    e73cRDZA87c Enjoy
  145. R

    Articale about Assyrians(dutch) see the nice MAP

    If you seen other newspapers puplishing those maps about the Nineveh Plains just post it....nice to be regcodnized
  146. R

    Amazing Grace....just wonderful....enjoy

    PHpye0M34JQ Worth to listin to it
  147. R

    Assyrian Battalion 1993

    Watch this.. fZ8CP2BDwkU
  148. R


    I just came accidantly to this artical, I found it very interesting and thought to share it with you guys...I am also not sure if we had this post, because its of 2006....still enjoy...and look at the map. THE PLIGHT OF CHRISTIANS IN IRAQ By Eden Naby, Reply by Peter W. Galbraith In...
  149. R

    Signs of the END TIMES

    llpMK0MGM14 watch out for the true Christ guys  :)
  150. R

    The Antichrist "Assyrian".....what are your thoughts?

    Hey, i just googled abit around and looked for "The Antichrist Assyrian" look what I found lol.... Any information for me? I am sure the Assyrian isnt in that way meant as it seems to be.... Therefore, we have the answer to our question 1 - Is the "Assyrian" the antichrist?  The answer is -...
  151. R

    Syria Interfering in Assyrian Church Affairs

    (AINA) -- The Patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox Church, based in Syria, has suspended Archbishop Julius Hanna Aydin of Germany, according to the EasternStar News Agency. According to Archbishop Aydin, his suspension is because a powerful block of pro-Syria bishops in the Church opposes him...
  152. R

    Russia Supports the Political Demands of Iraq's Christians

    Moscow (AINA) -- On March 22 the Russian Assyrian Committee and Moscow Assyrian Ethno-Cultural Autonomy Organization received an official answer from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the establishment of an Assyrian autonomous region in North Iraq. The letter was signed by A...
  153. R

    Assyrian Child from Bne Rumta/ Syria ..Mar Giwargis" appearance Hey Guys, go on this site and scroll down, till you see a video... Its a video about a Child from my village in Syria Bne Rumta(Tel Tawil)...mar giwargis appeard infront of him...he told him that he will be a saint just like mar giwargis is... watch it! by...
  154. R

    THE ASSYRIAN: Satan, His Christ & the Return of the Shadow of Degrees

    It is often understood that Israel is to play a key role in the end-times. However, the Scriptures are equally clear that Iraq is going to demand the world's attention with Israel as the "fiery flying serpent" known from olden times (Gen 3; Is 27:1; 30:6; Rev 12:3,9) completes the project begun...
  155. R

    Christians (Assyrian) in Iraq...
  156. R

    Ever thought about a hidden meaning of Ashurayeh or Ashurayah?

    Hey Guys, what do you think is behind the name Ashurayah? If we divide it in two parts with abit changing it we would have Ah Shurayah = The begin... Ah Shurayeh = Ashurayeh what are your thoughts? :mrgreen:
  157. R

    look at this map haha what a joke!!!

    Haha, look the whole green area fears the litle red area haha  :loool:
  158. R

    Language of God Hey Guys watch that viedeo, it is about a mircale happend in an assyrian house in australia fairfield...maybe those assyrian who live there heard about it!
  159. R

    Ya Atoraye...written by me...enjoy

    Ya Atoraye Ya Atoraye khiye mbel dre Nahre, shemmet marah idyo la tkhareh Ya Atorayeh mn dishta u torraneh, go gizarta, mn nineveh u hakkareh Ya Atorayeh Omta t gabbareh  , shemmukhun l arah bid bareh Ya Atorayeh asitun laqama, al dishman daritun nookhama la lewekh omta kaldaneta, u la omta...
  160. R

    Who was this Qatineh?

    Hey Guys, does somebody know who this Qatineh was? Or which Story is behind him? Makh Qatineh Gabbarh hal ban mn Tyare l Tyare its from the song Zowaa Kashera
  161. R

    Kurdish Attack on Assyrians Leaves Two

    Kurdish Attack on Assyrians Leaves Two Dead in Syria Derik, Syria (AINA) -- Two Kurds lost their lives and another four were seriously injured as a Kurdish youth gang attacked Assyrian youth in the city of Derik, in the traditionally Assyrian section of northeast Syria, 10 kilometers from the...
  162. R

    Kurdish Style on the other Side

    National - Unrest in Syrian-Kurdistan 4-Apr-07 [16:26] PNA-Syrian-Kurdistan(Blog)-On Tuesday there was unrest in Derek, Syrian Kurdistan. Ciwan Mohammed (25) was killed in a fight in the Assyrian district of Derek by an Assyrian on the 1th of April. Two Kurdish boys were severely wounded and...
  163. R

    Question about Musicprogramm...

    Hey Guys, does someone of you know, where I can find a Musicprogramm in which you can paste a Song and then separte the singin part from the melodie and beat part?
  164. R

    What if...

    we sit down with the Iraqi Goverment and have a talk about an formation of an Assyrian Federal State under one important condition... Assyrians have to reach a max population of 1,5 Mio within 5 Years in their old villages around northern Nineveh and Dohuk Province.... Would we Assyrians be...
  165. R

    Adonee Song against Sarkis Aghajan....enjoy

    Hey Guys...I have a song to show you...its from Adonee called aiwe samane...its a diss against Sarkis Aghajan...this is the reason why I post it in this part of the forum.... download it.... aua maniwa u maka tile....
  166. R

    Watch this litle Doku
  167. R

    Wilson Eshay Mawal/Raweh - Khoshabi Daraya listin to that hehe
  168. R

    The IndoAryan Assyrians.......................haha some people have no clue...

    Hey Guys, I just searched in google for "Semitic Invasion" and found a "very" nice site. I read some interesting(bull****) parts which I want to share here with you.. The Chaldeans in turn were attacked by the originally Indo-European Assyrians in the north: the city of Babylon was eventually...
  169. R

    The Armageddon Project

    From the boulevards of Paris to the sands of Iraq to the halls of Congress, this page-turner is a riveting cautionary tale that resonates forcefully with contemporary political events. A bombing in a Paris church lands American journalist Sam Preston in the story of a lifetime?if only he can...
  170. R

    Iraq's Christians Call for Political Autonomy

    In the wake of approving the new Iraqi constitution and after releasing the draft constitution for the Kurdish region, people in Bartala, Telkef, Baashiqa and other areas in Mosul province, most of whom are Assyrians, Chaldeans and Surian Christians, are asking for the same kind of autonomy that...
  171. R

    Yezedis = Assyrians???

    As a relic of the Assyrians of old, they would just as soon as a relic of the ancient Chaldeeans have at various times out?wardly adopted the forms and tenets of the ruling people, to save themselves from persecution and oppression, and have gradually, through ignorance, confounded them with...
  172. R

    Nawfal Shamoun - Bet Nahren Atrany

    Shlama ellokhun bnei Umti, I have a link for you go to it and let the site load, then you?ll hear a nice Omta Song, its from his newest Album called Assyrian Girl, he does have also two english songs and two on our western dialect. Bet Nahren Atrany Khaya Omta Ashureta
  173. R

    Burning Assyriska Flag, by our "Aramean" friends

    Hey Akhunwati u Khatwati watch this 40sec viedeo it contains a burning of an assyrian flag which is on the flower, it was burned by some "Arameans"! I think that they have done it after Assyriska lost and got into division 3. Is there another thing...