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    Any of you Canadians support your national football team? Nakajima Farran, a Canadian national team player is playing for Brisbane in the national Australian league. He's been very impressive so far and I won't be surprised if gets offers from a top club in Japan. Do you guys rate him? Do you...
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    Movie on Assyrians/Christians of Iraq

    I've watched so many movies on Israelis, Palestinian Arabs, Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraqi and even Kurds, and most are true stories that have a big effect on how we view the situation in the middle east. We are virtually an unknown people, although we have a million stories to tell, one more...
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    Syrianska on TV in Australia!

    I don't know if you guys get the football show 'futball mundial' up in Europe or America, but we get it down here once a week. Basically a show about global football. Well today they included a segment on Syrianska and the rise of the "Aramean Christians"(:mrgreen:) up to Allsvenskan. They...
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    Assyrian Genocide - Who's fault?

    Discussion topic I came across with a relative was the genocide and who really was at fault. Whilst it's generally agreed that the Turks & Kurds were the ones who committed the crimes, there seems to be an alternate reason as to why those atrocious crimes were committed. When you think about...
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    Arameans - Who were they?

    I've heard many versions of who they were, but of course none are fact, and we probably will never know who they exactly were, but I'm sure we can come up with a likely conclusion. Here are some of the different versions I've heard - - Tribe of Israel that journeyed around the east. - Tribe...
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    Culture Club Sponser Newspaper Add

    Assyrian Sports & Culture Club in Fairfield Heights have funded $20,000 for a full page article in two of Sydney's largest newspapers. The article will be written by local Assyrian politician Joseph Adams on 'ASSYRIANS', our situation in Iraq and recent tragedies. Great news in my opinion!
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    Well, I don't have cable TV in my bedroom anymore, so I'm stuck with free-to-air TV, and basically all they have on when I go to sleep is Home Shopping and Baseball. Anyway it's not that I enjoy the sport or anything, but I've no choice, so I got a few questions about the rules. Hate watching a...
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    Also people from the Fairfield district, don't vote for Jamal Elishe! He's the president of the Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac popular council of Australia. That should be enough for you to disregard him. :)
  9. D - Hacked

    Not the first time I think..
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    Breaking News

    Torres to stay, Mascherano to leave, Hodgson confirms.  :) I think it's what everyone expected. (I'm only talking to Knight, right?)
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    Americans & Soccer

    Interview Thierry Henry - Good Day New York I honestly couldn't bare to watch all of this. Also I was just watching San Jose vs LA and if it wasn't for the commentary I would've actually went on to watch the full match. How do you Americans put up with it? It's like they pick any random...
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    **Breaking News!!**

    Aston Villa striker Emile Heskey announces his retirement from international football. Heskey made his England debut against Hungary on 28 April, 1999 and earned 62 caps, scoring seven goals. Oh, and Henry retired.. :)
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    World Cup Memory

    What's your earliest world cup memory? Brazil's 2-1 win over Scotland in 1998 world cup for me..
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    Aussie WC Show

    Kiwi TV Joachim Löw and Hans-Dieter Flick Interview
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    Yellow Cards

    Do yellow cards carry over to the knockout stage?
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    French Lack of Patriotism

    Interesting read... PARIS ? After France  was booted from this year?s World Cup on Tuesday without winning a match ? amid scenes of selfishness, indifference and indiscipline ? the French news media piled on about the humiliation to the country and the misbehavior of its players. There were...
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    Lady Gaga Alejandro I don't get it.
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    Knockout Stage

    Looking at the knockout stage draw, one of Uruguay, South Korea, Ghana or USA will be in the semi finals of the world cup, interesting..
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    Switzerland vs. Chile

    5 yellow cards and 1 red car with 50 minutes gone. Everything that can ruin football is happening.
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    Portugal Vs North Korea

    Portugal 7-0 North Korea Is it me or was Ronaldo's goal offside by like 2 meters.
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    Liverpool Sale

    Gerrard, Torres, Mascherano, Degen, Benayoun, Riera, Babel, Johnson & Calvieri are all rumoured to move away from Liverpool just from today's papers. Lucas, Kuyt & Insua have also been rumoured to move away in the past few days. No team for next season I guess.
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    **Injury Thread**

    How about we make one thread for all the injuries? Latest injury news - -John Mikel of Nigeria is out of the world cup. -Arjen Robben a big doubt after suspected hamstring injury We can also add -  Didier Drogba, Andrea Pirlo, Rio Ferdinand, Diego Milito who are either out or a scare
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    Australia vs USA - friendly

    Tonight @ 10:30pm Sydney time! camon ausssssssssssssie
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    Liverpool offer Benitez exit deal

    Best news ever!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm trying to think of good multi-bets..anyone have any good ones? WC Group A Winner  37042 France    Edit | Delete  1.80 WC Group B Winner 37055 Argentina Edit | Delete  1.33 WC Group C Winner 37071 England Edit | Delete  1.28 WC Group D Winner 37087 Germany Edit | Delete  1.70...
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    Assyriska FF - Superettan 2010

    Assyriska start off the season as 2nd favourites to win the league. Yesterday they played their first game against Trollhattan, ended up 0-0.
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    Who did you vote for?

    Hope this is appropriate enough. You don't have to reveal who you voted for, this is just to get an idea of how the AVN members went. I think it's pretty obvious that this is a pro-389 website though. lol
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    Iraqi Elections

    So who can we vote for out of the Christian runners?
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    Assyrian Reputation in Sydney

    Last night a TV show called 'Gangs of Oz' was shown with the focus being on Assyrian gangs in Sydney. They showed how the Assyrian Kings gang have developed into one of most feared gangs in Australia today. They basically over dramatized everything and made Fairfield look like a ghetto. If...
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    Download Help

    Is there anywhere were i can download Windows Live Messenger without it making me download it through updating windows...? Thanks!!
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    What's 'Bisma' in English?
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    Ireland Getting real stupid now.
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    Fifa threatens world ban on Iraq

    Iraq face exile from world football after the Iraqi Olympic committee took control of and disbanded the country's football association (IFA). World football's governing body Fifa called the move "incomprehensible" and said it was "in total contradiction with IFA and Fifa statutes". Iraq has...
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    Best Beach?

    What's the best NSW/Sydney beach out of the following - Manly? Coogee? Cronulla? Bronte? Wollongong? Bulli?
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    Moving Out

    How do you all feel about moving away from your parents? In western culture, you're expected to move out once you reach a certain age. Although for some reason, Assyrians hate it when their kids move out, some even stay after they've gotten married and had kids. lol If you were able to do so...
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    Djurg?rden vs Assyriska - 2nd Leg Match Thread

    1st leg - Assyriska 2-0 Djurg?rden Kick off 13 hours and 25 minutes away ..  :mrgreen:
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    Official Assyriska Fan Club - Australia

    What do you guys think? Is it possible?
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    This is obviously for non-Americans/Canadians.. Can the rest of you tell the difference between an American & Canadian accent?
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    Jönköpings Södra IF 3-3 Assyriska FF

    Final weekend of the season. All games are at 1:00am Sydney time. (4:00pm local time) Other games of importance: Syrianska FC 1-0 Sirius Landskrona BoIS 5-2 GIF Sundsvall The situation is: We need 1 point to take 3rd spot. A loss for Assyriska and and a win for either Syrianska or...
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    Assyriska Rises to Promise Lands
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    Assyriska FF vs Landskrona BoIS

    Vasalunds IF vs Åtvidabergs FF  Qviding FIF vs Syrianska FC GIF Sundsvall vs Ljungskile SK Assyriska FF vs Landskrona BoIS All games in the Superettan are played at the same time tonight but these four are of importance. (To Assyriska) Games start at 12:00am Sydney time. (3:00pm local...
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    Birthday song

    How does the Assyrian birthday song go?
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    Other Superettan Scores

    Syrianska 3-1 Angelholms  Atvidabergs 4-1 Sirius Full time A draw in the Syrianska match and a win for Sirius would be ideal for Assyriska.
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    Brikh Ramsho

    uGOp-pJH7zo John, or anyone else who can speak the west dialect, can you please write the lyrics of the chorus for me, thanks. Best song of all time for me.   :mrgreen:
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    Assyriska vs Syrianska

    Is there a bigger derby in the world? Obviously, both teams have small followings and don't compare to any big derby in Europe, especially when it comes to recognition. But is there a football derby where politics, religion, history, geography and ofcourse bragging rights is all taken into...
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    Sydney Weather this Morning

    Great variety we have here.
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    Head Split Not for the weak stomach! Warning, graphical images. lol
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    Sexy Bitch Remix

    4 the Sydney Assyrians... :bangin: :) <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    Facebook Poker

    Anyone else addicted?
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    (West) Assyrian Singers

    Which are the good ones? So far i like Nineb Lahdo, Aboud Zazi & Josef Ozer's music.. I think overall the instrumental for west Assyrian music is better then east, but the voices of the east are better, in my opinion..
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    Footballer's Facebook Updates

    Bobby Zamora rejected Phil Brown's friend request Fraizer Campbell rejected Phil Brown's friend request Marc-Antoine Fortune rejected Phil Brown's friend request Michael Owen rejected Phil Brown's friend request --------------------------------------------------------------------- Arsene...
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    Drag Me To Hell

    Anyone seen it? Is it any good?
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    Unlocking iPhone

    Anyone here know how i can unlock a iPhone on windows?
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    Noor Sabri

    Iraqi goalkeeper Noor Sabri has apparently moved to Swedish club Syrianska FC.  :loool:
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    Haunted Places in Sydney

    Any you know of? I'v been to Picton Tunnels and Devils Peak (next to Assyrian Church lol)....and neither were scary.
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    Baghdad FC

    Anyone read it?
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    Origin of Assyrian Names

    What's the origin of these names - -Ninos -Aho Feel free to add ..
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    I got an Assyriska Shirt

    an Assyriska Shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Othur Itwhole

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    Man Utd accept ?80m Ronaldo bid He is definitely irreplaceable, so  :lmao:
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    If you won the lottery...

    Say $15m. How much of the money would you give out to Assyrian organisations (Organisations like political parties, churches, Assyrian aids..)? Which organisations? And to whom would you give more to? lol
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    Ahna Kulan Suryoye

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    Qalet/Qalat - Friend? What do they actually mean? And are they Assyrian words? If not, what language do they come from?
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    Nashat Akram signs for FC Twente

    Dutch Eredivise club FC Twente Enschede have signed Iraq national team captain Nashat Akram on a three-year contract. GettyImages Nashat Akram: Iraqi skipper The 24-year-old midfielder, who already has 75 caps to his name, joins as a free agent from Al-Gharafa of Qatar and will officially...
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    Assyriska FF vs Syrianska FC

    Derby D' Suryoye  - 31st May Assyrians up against Arameans to some it up, all in a football match. About 20 years ago someone was killed at one of these matches, so you can tell how important this match is to the Assyrians of Sweden and ofcourse to all other supporters around the world...
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    Serie B The only league were coming 19th is better then coming 17th?
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    Kings Cross Shooting

    A man has been shot twice in the leg after an argument in Sydney's Kings Cross. Police patrolling Darlinghurst Road at Kings Cross heard shots just before 3am (AEST) this morning before finding a man with gunshot wounds to his leg. Police say a man was seen running from the scene and chased...
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    Weird Assyrian Names

    I don't know if we've had this topic on here before, but anyway.. What do you think is a weird Assyrian name? For me it's - -Atra (land) -Dunye (world) -Umta (country) Many others i can't remember at the moment.
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    Foreign Land

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    Assyrian Dog

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    The Hannas: both Parents Dying from Cancer! These guys are Assyrians from Sydney..really sad story.
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    Picture of Jesus

    How do we know what he looks like? Are his features described in the bible or something? Or is the picture of him that we know just an assumption? (this is a serious question btw, not trying to get on to something else lol)
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    Assyrian number plates

    Last night i saw 'TI44RE', few weeks ago i saw 'BAZI' and i'v seen 'A2RAYA' before. Any others you've seen? lol
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    I'm trying to get my brother to send me poptarts (since they don't make them in Aus anymore) from the US, will the post office allow it?
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    Assyrian Memorial Wins Approval

    FAIRFIELD Council has approved a plan for a memorial to honour Assyrian military personnel. Last week's council meeting added to Cr Anwar Khoshaba's call that the council discuss a site in Fairfield municipality for the memorial with the Assyrian Levies Association. The amendment was made...
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    Ramon Audisho - Sipyuta It Khouba

    Ramon Audisho is a new and upcoming Assyrian singer. He's just released his new album, Sipyuta It Khouba. Here's a preview of his new album. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
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    Happy New Year

    Well it's April 1 here in happy Assyrian new year.  :)
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    Assyrian Poems

    Would anyone know where i can find some Assyrian poems in English?
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    Arab Music

    Where can i download Lebanese/Egyptian songs from?
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    Last 8 Draw

    Since that french guy (platini or something) hates English teams i think he'll do his best to eliminate 2 of them in 1 round. My prediction: Liverpool vs Man United Arsenal vs Chelsea Villarreal vs Porto Barcelona vs Bayern Munich
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    Don't mean to offend any Jews, but  :lmao:
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    Your Occupation

    What do you do? or What do you want to do after you finish uni/college/school?
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    The Combination

    Any of you Aussies watched it?
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    Officially Over!

    Summer is officially over here down under...and what a 5hit ending it was.
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    Missing an Assyrian Flag from an ACOE

    What happened to the Assyrian flag at the front of the Church in Greenfield?
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    Shamo Mar

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    Your dream car?

      :bigarmhug: Any of these would have to do.
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    World Movies Channel - Sydney

    There's a Kurdish movie on right now.  :blink:
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    Madin Mohammed

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    Gangz of Oz

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    Inter vs Milan

    Probably the most entertaining Milan derby in history. lol (more then 1 goal scored) Ibrahimovic makes Maldini look like a pub side defender. Inter leading 2-1 btw but Milan look like theyre going to score soon, and yes Ashoor's boyfriend scored for Milan.
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    Gotta love the cops!

    $200 fine and 2 demerit points for incorrect placement of p plates.  :bangin:
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    Spain vs England

    5 Liverpool players in the Spain squad, thats more then Barcelona and Real Madrid have.  :loool:
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    Christianity & the Bible

    This is what my mate said. He also believes that Christianity could of been passed on by word and the bible can be irrelevant when following Jesus. Discuss..
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    Sydney Beaches

    Which do you prefer?
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    Escaping Home

    Majority of us on AVN live in the diaspora and we all left Iraq/Iran/Turkey because of the terrible conditions in the county. I'm sure some of you and your families experienced hardship leaving our homeland. So what's your story? How did your family flee? My story: My family left Iraq from...
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    Assyrian Genocide - Sayfo - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 Warning, some photos are...
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    Hiddink on Gerrard

    Cristiano Ronaldo helped Manchester United squeeze past Tottenham last night to stay on course for a clean sweep of trophies. And in playing a part in United's 2-1 FA Cup defeat of Harry Redknapp's side, Ronaldo provided the perfect response to criticism of his award as World Footballer of the...
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    Mourinho Slams Players

    Inter coach Jose Mourinho has slammed his players, describing them as a pile of faeces as he begins to show his frustration with their poor showings. La Repubblica claims they heard Mourinho blast his players inside the changing rooms following the 3-1 thrashing away to Atalanta on Sunday. The...
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    Liverpool New Owners

    Hicks's camp are in tentative talks with representatives of the Al Kharafi family, whose head Nasser is the 48th richest man in the world with an ?9 billion fortune. Nasser Al Kharafi was linked with a move for Newcastle last year but the key player in the prospective purchase of Liverpool is...
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    Suryoyo/Turkish Music

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    Dream Team Here's mine: unbalanced but still..
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    What do you all think of this? What should i change/leave? The odds for all these are 165/1
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    Is Ashiret the right name for the Barwar/Tyareh dialect?
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    Is Tazi surith?
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    Anyone hear the zorna o' dawoola going off? :mrgreen: I'm in Bossley and i can here it from a distance..
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    The ones who speak Arabic, will you teach your children Arabic?
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    Assyrian words

    I don't understand why Assyrians from Mosul & Dohuk (Chaldean and some Assyrian villages) use pe/fe interchangeably. Examples: Faroge - Watching Fhama - Understanding but then use: Psikha - Happy Paghra - Body Also in my dialect i would say Kefokh instead of Kepokh but i would mainly use...
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    What's the Assyrian word for Difference & Between?
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    Robbie Fowler

    FORMER England international Robbie Fowler is being courted by ambitious A-League expansion club North Queensland Fury. Fowler, the former Liverpool striker who scored 120 goals in 236 matches for the Reds, will fly to Queensland later this month to meet Fury coach Ian Ferguson. "He has...
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    Gaza Support

    The Mali international revealed the home-made design after finding the target during a 2-1 Spanish Cup victory over Deportivo La Coruna. The word was written in various languages and was meant as a message of support for those Palestinians in Gaza who continue to come under fire from an Israeli...
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    Nature Walk

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    Benitez - SAF 100% agree with Rafa on everything.
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    Church of the East in the Middle East

    I heard the other day that there are ruins of a Church of the East somewhere in the gulf. Has anyone heard of this? Also are there any Assyrian Churches that date back before the Arab invasion of Iraq that ruin or remain in southern Iraq?
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    Syrian Assyrians

    Are there any Assyrians that actually originate from Syria in the Hassakah region? I know a lot of Assyrians migrated there from Hakkari & Tur Abdin after Sayfo but i ain't sure if there were actually Assyrains in Syria before that. How i understand it is Assyrians either migrated to Hakkari...
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    Today up in the F3 my cousin got caught speeding 30km/h over the speed limit which was 100km. Anyway he copped a fine, 4 point deduction and 3 month automatic suspension of his license by the RTA. Is there any way around the 3 month suspension? I had no idea you can cop an automatic...
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    The Beach

    alahhhhhh .... Nice weather up in Bondi. so hows the snow going in North America? :mrgreen:
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    Oldest Assyrian dies

    My 2nd cousins grandfather passed away yesterday at the age of 102. He was on Ishtar TV 2 years back as i think the oldest Assyrian alive when he turned 100. He lived in Iraq.
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    FA Cup

    Torres back and back on the score sheet although it was all credit to Gerrard, Riera also scored a great goal Worst possible result for Chelsea, now they have to play a replay.  Great result from Forest, thrashed City. Good win by Arsenal. Preston 0-2 Liverpool Arsenal 3-1 Plymouth...
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    What does the bible say about alcohol and basically anything that alters your normal body function?
  121. D

    Just me?

    Is it just me thats at home on new years eve!?!?
  122. D

    Does it accept payment through a paypal acc that's linked to your bank account?
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    NSW may see topless sunbathing ban

    Getting the perfect all over tan could soon be harder for some beach goers in New South Wales, with plan to rid the state's beaches of topless bathing moving a step closer. Conservative politicians from both sides of State Parliament are pushing for a ban on topless sunbathing. Currently, only...
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    Gerrard arrested in assault probe

    England and Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard has been arrested following an alleged assault. Police were called at about 0230 GMT following a disturbance at a restaurant in Southport, Merseyside. Six men were detained later in a nearby street. The men, four from Huyton, one from Formby...
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    Someone missing

    Anyone notice who's missing?
  126. D

    "Dalalee" by Janan Sawa

    Anyone have it? If so please send it!
  127. D

    Ashur Bet Sargis

    First time seeing him tonight, not bad, could of been better. I couldn't believe how up himself he was! There were a lot of kids on the dance floor and when he got to the stage he was like "ashur bet sargis eeleh zmara lukha, leeleh (he said some singers name)" to the kids, couldn't believe it...
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    Edokhun Breekha

    Edokhun Breekha min Sydney. :)
  129. D

    Mar Benyamin Shimun XXI

    I'm sure it's been posted on here before, but if it hasn't here it goes..Thank you Robert. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
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    Sydney FC

    :loool: :loool: Have fun at the game Herro? I love it when they lose. "Beauty of the salary cap" my ass.
  131. D

    Sydney Summer

    What kind of bs summer is this? I'm actually wearing a jumper, it's around 15 degrees outside! I wasn't here last summer so i have probably forgotten, but is this normal? lol We don't get a proper winter, now we're not getting a proper summer.
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    Champions League Last 16 Draw

    Chelsea vs Juventus Villarreal vs Panathinaikos Sporting Club vs Bayern Munich Atletico Madrid vs Porto Lyon vs Barcelona Real Madrid vs Liverpool           Arsenal vs Roma Inter Milan vs Manchester United :wavetowel::wavetowel::wavetowel: Liverpool!!
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    Christmas Party in Sydney

    Apparently Ashur Bet Sargis is singing in Fairfield for a Christmas Party, anyone heard of this? I don't know which club in Fairfield, i don't think its an Assyrian one though.
  134. D


    Westfields - anyone know when it's open till? Everyone telling me one time and the website telling me another, i don't know why. tomorrow night sorry
  135. D

    39th game in EPL

    I personally think no! It's just not football. Doubt it will ever go through though.
  136. D


    What's the difference between "Athuraya" & "Athurnaya" or "Kaldaya" & "Kaldenaya"? Why do we only add the "n" sometimes?
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    Chaldean WYD

    aya talokh knight. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    Toma Tomas

    Who was he?
  139. D

    Robbie Keane

    What's your views on him? Should we sell or wait? It's not the first time Rafa's spent big money on a flop but this time i just don't see Keane fitting into our team. He offers nothing good for the team and if anything he gives us less options going foward, considering our style of play. I...
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    Assyria - Fill in the Blanks

    Provinces - Capital Cities - Political party - President - Allies - Sports clubs - National Stadium - Official Language - Cuisine - (add more categories)
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    I know there are a lot of Assyrians working in Iraq as translators, mostly Assyrians from America. Is it safe? Who with and where do they usually work?
  142. D

    Rudd meets Bush :loool:
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    Church of the East in Ankawa

    Since the seat of the ACOE is going to be in Ankawa, which is a Chaldean village, do you think there will be converts? and will it spread to other Chaldean villages in Arbil and maybe Mosul? No disrespect to the Chaldean Church, but for the good of our nation, i think the more people who...
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    Anyone with them? Does your net slow down after 9ish?
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    Craig Moore

    AUSTRALIA veteran and Queensland captain Craig Moore has been forced out of the Socceroos World Cup qualifier in Bahrain after undergoing surgery for testicular cancer. The 32-year-old was diagnosed last Thursday and underwent the procedure on the Gold Coast on Tuesday. Moore, who returned...
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    Leena Khamis

    Sydney FC player Leena Khamis scored the winner in a 2-1 win against Melbourne in the Womens A-League. Leena Khamis is ofcourse, Assyrian  :)
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    Assyrian Anthem

    What song would you consider our national anthem?
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    Juande Ramos

    Sacked as Tottenham manager. But appoint Harry Redknapp.
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    Assyriska FF - Final Season Game

    Assyriska play 5th place Angelholms(who have nothing to play for). If they win they will be assured a play off spot, and if 2nd place slip up, they will gain promotion automatically. They play at 11:00pm on Saturday, Sydney time. Ahna Othuroyena.. :)
  150. D

    Adelaide United

    I don't know why they haven't got a mention, but if you haven't heard, they reached the Asian Champions League final on Wednesday, 3-1 on aggregate against an Uzbeki team. Really excited for them, great break through for aussie football. A club with a 5 year history, with limited financial...
  151. D


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  152. D

    Dali Hadad

    Is she Christian?
  153. D


    They're playing at the moment. But no one cares, no one since Assyrianism left anyway..:( They're 1-0 up aswell after 25 minutes.
  154. D

    Assyrian flag

    Is it possible to get a really big Assyrian flag? Somehow? Somewhere?
  155. D


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  156. D

    Ballon d'Or

    European player of the year. Who deserves it? Torres? Messi? Ronaldo? As much as Messi is a good player, he didn't win anything last season, so he's out. Ronaldo scored a few goals and fell over alot, but he won the double. IMO he will win it. Torres won the Euro and following the basis of...
  157. D

    Chaldean Cup

    Coming next month at Nineveh Club. (I heard) This can't be true?
  158. D

    Daylight Savings?

    Is it tonight?
  159. D

    AVN Sydney FC

    The great Assyrian Cup is on its way for this year, and as far as i know, we got no users playing in it. Lets make a team, and enter the cup for 2009, name being AVN Sydney FC. Who's in?  :mrgreen: GK - DaNoOsHi RB - Crocodile Bani CB - davidb CB - LB - RM - CM - Herro You CM - LM -...
  160. D

    Merseyside Derby

    Deserved win, Fernando Torres again shows he is better upfront by himself. Anyone listen to the Fox Sports commentator? he was one of the most biased commentators iv ever heard, i couldnt stand listening to him. Also the ref, what a joke, he ended up giving a foul for Everton everytime they...
  161. D

    Assyriska situation

    5 games to go for Assyriska, and yep, we have lost the last two games. Tonight top team Orgryte play against 4th place BK Hacken, if Orgryte win then we will stay in 2nd place. We gotta keep in mind 3rd place play against 4th next weekend, and Assyriska is playing against second last. If...
  162. D

    Number 19 here we come

    That was embarrasing..
  163. D


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  164. D

    East & West

    Can someone please explain why, how and when the East & West Assyrian dialects split, and why they are so distinct if they were one. I'm sure its been answered, but i cant be bothered searching..
  165. D

    Assyrian tradition?

    My little cousin is having his first hair cut tomorrow at Church and supposedly his hair is being sent to Iraq? lol, whats the deal with this?
  166. D

    **Official LFC-MANUTD Thread**

    Just like to give a big F*** you to all ManU fans.
  167. D

    Talal Graish

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  168. D

    Deal or No Deal

    Anyone watching? The guys name is Zaya. (sydney)
  169. D


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  170. D

    Robinho to City

    :loool: You have to have a billionaire owner to stay up now.
  171. D

    Rafael Benitez

    What a **** preformance..again. Rafa continues to play Kuyt on the wing, he's not fast or tricky, then comes along a proven striker, Keane, which we play on the other wing, why? I don't know. Torres gets injured, do we put Keane upfront? Nop. We play Ngog upfront by himself, a player who...
  172. D

    Sirius 3-1 Assyriska FF

  173. D

    Steve Gerrard

    wow, what luck! We played **** again and came out with the 3 points, real signs of a title winning team.  :ban: Steven Gerrard oh, gher talana. I woke up everyone in the house when he scored, i missed premierleague!
  174. D

    Sydney FC

    Anyone go? I went to what was again a boring Sydney match, both teams were poor but Melbourne had the better chances. I think with the players Sydney have, they should run away with this years competition, on paper they look very good, and probably have the best coach in the country.
  175. D

    Prediction League

    EPL prediction league anyone??
  176. D


    Just came back from a 4 day trip from the snow(thredbo), and it was the best 4 days iv had in a long time! Who ever hasnt snowboarded is really missing out, its so much fun, probably my best experience!...but i cant even walk now im in so much pain!  :)
  177. D

    Your best moments in Football

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  178. D


    Can someone please explain why ACOE is not Orthodox? Whether Assyrian or Ancient.. Everyone seems to think ACOE is Orthodox..
  179. D

    Assyriska vs BK Hacken

    2 more nights lol I can't wait for this match, 1st vs 2nd at home, im guessing they will get the biggest crowd out they have in a while..Alot of their fans stopped going to their matches after they got relegated 2 seasons ago, but knowing Assyrians, now that they're on top attendance should...
  180. D


    Just had a discussion with a Chaldean, he strongly believes Chaldeans and Assyrians are two seperate people and believes no one called themsleves Assyrians before the 1800's. Anyway i told him to join this forum and i think he has, so hopefully he can discuss this with some of you..! I know...
  181. D


    Does an individual have to believe that Jesus is the son of god and preformed miracles in order to be a Christian?
  182. D

    BK Hacken vs Assyriska

    1st vs 2nd..Assyriska playing away. My dad is in Sweden and i convinced him to go to the game! so i should have pictures.. :clap:
  183. D


    Who listens to Suryoyo music? I find myself listening to it more then "Suraya"  :razz:'s like listening to another language.. Music sounds Turkish/Kurdish though..maybe thats why.
  184. D


    Back on top! Noticed some "Assyrians" here are not following Assyriska?  :razz: Suryoye <3
  185. D


    Why are Assyrians from Iraq attached to Iraq more so then for e.g. Assyrians from Turkey or Iran?
  186. D

    Assyriska leading..

    2-0 in the 60th minute! Hard away game. Unbeaten for another weekend by the looks of it, looking good for the year! AFF!
  187. D

    Enkoping 2-5 Assyriska FF

    Marcos Ferreira getting 4 goals.  :loool:
  188. D


    Whats up with this? Is the modern Syriac Orthodox Church really the first Assyrian church? Is it not the Church of the East? Forget that they claim us to be "Aramean", but how can they put that up if it is not true, can we not show proof that the Church of the East was the first church!?
  189. D

    Arsenal vs Liverpool

    Half time..deserved lead for Liverpool. No Gerrard, Torres, Alonso, Babel, Kuyt, Mascherano, Hyypia. No excuses gooners.
  190. D

    Church of the East

    We all know that the Church of the East Assyrians have the majority Assyrian nationalists but are we part to blame in our name dispute? The "Assyrian" in the Assyrian Church of the East was added only in the 20th century which i think just confuses us even more. Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac does...
  191. D

    Assyrian Australian Convention

    There is an upcoming Assyrian convention in Australia later this year in october. The convention will be the first time it has been organized in Australia. Check the website out!