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    Need the location of the assyrian church in toronto

    Hello fellow canadians. i need the exact address to the assyrian church in toronto, i believe it's the Mat Mariam church. (Ninara , Yvonne help me out here lol) my cousin is coming from iraq and he is going to do raza there and my family and i plan on visiting him and everyone there. thanks...
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    God has blessed my family :)

    God has blessed my family with another baby girl.. Norah Mary Tamou was born on August 27 @ 7:02am :) We are in love all over again. Here's a pic of us :)
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    Beautiful New Music Video by Assyrian Singer, Romeo Tamou

    Romeo Tamou - Khooba Aldiana
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    New Song/Music Video by Assyrian Singer, Romeo Tamou

    Romeo Tamou - Khooba Aldiana
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    New Music Video by Assyrian Singer, Romeo Tamou

    Enjoy! :) Romeo Tamou - Khooba Aldiana
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    New Music Video by Assyrian Singer, Romeo Tamou

    Romeo Tamou - Khooba Aldiana
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    New Music Video Trailer--Romeo Tamou

    Vimeo Link: http://vimeo.com/stevetamou/khoobaaldianateaser
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    19 y/o was killed in Michigan the other day, car accident.

    wow so many ppl are dying its crazy!!! cannot believe this. Nobody knows of the full story of how this 19 y/o died  while driving in Lansing, Michigan.. of course there's ppl who will say things with no confirmation.some say texting was involved and some arent saying anything. i have been trying...
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    Expanding the Assyrian Population ;)

    MY family is growing by 2 more feet---- my husband and i are expecting our 4th girl in September! :) God help my husband lol all girls in the house. I thank God for the blessings ...my almost 8y/o is the biggest help ever.. im sure my 6 & 3 y/o's will help once baby comes :) Assyrian population...
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    Toronto was fun..but boy does it feel good to be home!

    I was in Toronto this past Friday for my cousin's engagement. and I had the honor to finally meet ASHOOR! It was so nice to meet you Ashoor..and Steve feels the same way. I wish i was able to stay longer but we left home the next day and boy did it seem like such a long drive back to the states...
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    Hello & Happy 4th to the Americans (I know to the Canadians its just another regular day la?) Wanted to stop and say a quick hello & ( of course ) bring your attention to this website my husband just made. It's all about the Assyrian singer, Romeo Tamou, which is also his brother. It'd be...
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    programs to download music

    anyone know of any good programs to download free music to ipods? back in the day i used limewire until that was no longer available. then i used frostwire, recently wasnt working so i redownloaded the updated version and it's saying i have to download another program for it to play. i use a mac...
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    Miss USA Pageant

    Hi all!!! I dont know if you all know but Miss Michigan, Kristen Danyal, is (obviously) competing in the Miss USA pageant and as Assyrians and Chaldeans that come on here (and please pass along to family & friends) ..we need to support and vote for her! She's of Assyrian & Chaldean descent!! :)...
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    Made these for my niece's birthday :)

    It's my first time making character cake pops, usually I just make the cake pops dipped in colored candy melts or add sprinkles to it. This time since my niece was having an Elmo / Sesame Street themed birthday party I decided to attempt to make the Elmo cake pops....I was so excited and proud...
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    Yesterday I saw my husband's video of Romeo Tamou's Qalat Qarna (the one I had put on here as well) on the AssyrianSat tv. It was on Sargon Dadisho's channel :) How nice of them to put that on! :) I was hoping the other Assyrian channel (ANBSAT) would put it on but they said they cant because...