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    Assyrians in LA or Orange County

    Hey guys I'm visiting Irvine currently. Are there any Assyrians from the area? Do you guys know of any popular hookah lounges that a lot of Assyrians or Chaldeans frequent in the area? I'm from San Diego on a work trip.
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    :'( What happened to Bezmara.net????

    I used to find all the new albums and singers there but its not available anymore. Did it move to a new website?? Is there anywhere else kinda like it? I used to use Ankawa.com/music but they dont really update their music or artists often.
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    Out of curiosity how many of you guys have anemia or have a mother or sister or grandmother with anemia? My mom recently was told her blood count is 6 out of 12 (she's usually at 9) she had to get a transfusion. The thing is we eat steak and stuff with Iron in it a lot so irk why her blood count...
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    Arabs becoming Christian in the US

    Is it just me or have you noticed many Arabs are actually Christian in the United States? Not just Arabs but Persians, Kurdish, Afghan people too.
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    New Chaldean Singer - Rudy Jarbo (Telkeppnaya)

    Rudy Jarbo & Majed Kakka - New - 2010 I like his voice considerably and his words are not too bad either :) too bad he has the funny telkeppe accent and rolls his r's funny lol no offense to the telkeppnaye here
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    The Life of Jesus film in Assyrian

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    Fun Assyrian Pop Music

    Wow I love her voice. kmeleh shapira qala! I love this singer for her music style and her awesome music videos :) The last video is not her though lol. Tell me what you guys think. Albert Bet Younan & Flora Simon Sparte Alakh Assyrian Video Clip A2z weddings Sydney Australia Assyrian Flora...
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    Sawsan Najar - Tleebi Chaldean Song :)

    I love this singer soooo much lol. I just had to upload this song to youtube when I saw that it wasn't on there already. This is the kind of Chaldean/Assyrian song I like to listen to. Sawsan Najar - Tleebi, ܣܘܣܢ ܢܔܪ, سوسن نلجلر
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    This is what I meant by a little more evolved music. I don't think it's a good idea to have a whole album in this style because it sort of diminishes our culture's music, but I really fall in love with these kind of Assyrian songs more to tell you the truth. I'm born and raised in California...
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    Wow finally I start to understand West Syriac (Suryoyo)

    I think it's not that I'm learning a lot more, but maybe because most words he says are easy to understand in the Chaldean dialect and it's basically how my priest speaks at Church except for the obvious "a" to "o" accent lol. I'm atually a little surprised though because I thought I would never...
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    How did Armenians gain freedom??

    Hey guys just wondering, does anyone know how Armenians got their own country? Did they have like a small revolution or something? Or maybe the US or Britain felt sorry for them? Lol does anyone know? We can really learn from them.
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    Assyrian Classes in San Diego??

    Hey guys I've taken "Chaldean Class" at my church that teaches the basis of the alphabet, vowels, and how to read. I think I'm pretty good, but I'd like to take a class that focuses more on the grammar. My priest teaches Literary Syriac (Lishana Ateeqa) at a college in my area, but both the...
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    How Assyrians become singers?

    Does anyone here know how Assyrians become singers? I don't think they write their own lyrics (most of the time, because I know Janan Sawa does), I don't think they produce their own music, and we do not have record companies in Hollywood LOL. So how do they find people to make their songs? I'd...
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    Chaldean Dialect VS Assyrian Dialect

    Can you guys tell me if you understand these songs? The first 2 will be a man from my own village, and also Issam Arabo from Alqosh. (Our villages are very similar) Hoy Mani Mani (Chaldean Songs) kibinakh - adnan mansor brataedmathwatha.mov Please tell me if you can understand these songs...
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    Can Chaldean really be our true ethnicity?

    Ok guys before all of you start getting mad again, lol, just explain why it can't be true. The Assyrian empire fell when the Babylonians (Chaldeans) with the help of some Medes attacked the Assyrians. True or not? Ok so if the Chaldeans attacked the Assyrians it would mean Chaldean people in...