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    This is what a computer simulation predicted for the 20/21 EPL season!

    I agree Pep is probably better as a league coach than champions league style format. In fact, I could be wrong , but his FA Cup is not great either (a format that is similar to CL than the EPL) with that said however, I still think this season (as well as last year) has an astrick beside it due...
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    Jwanita Ashur 2020 - Sara Khawra D'Ashiqeh -

    i have seen this on fb. i love her voice, very talented! (y)(y)
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    Assyrian Voice forum revival story: a 2.5 year journey!

    amazing story, loved the read! it is amazing what you can do when you put your mind on and go to action! thanks for sharing :)🙌
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    Forum is back?

    Ashoor, we missed these forums a lot and thought they weren't come back. so nice to see otherwise, thank u! i love the new format, so much better especially from my mobile Samsung phone. everything loads perfectly as if it is made for mobile. cant wait to have all the people back =)
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    Toronto-area woman wins $1M at Fallsview Casino

    Toronto-area woman wins $1M at Fallsview Casino A 51-year-old woman from North York won $1 million at Fallsview Casino on Sunday. Niagara Casinos spokesperson Greg Medulun said Casilda Pouk put $20 in a slot machine called Mighty Millionaire, played for three minutes and won $1.039 million...
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    hello from toronto

    hello all, for those that dont know me, i been coming to this chat website since about 2003. love u assyrian voice  :yourock:
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    Proposed Blasphemy Law and Religious Diversity in Kurdish Iraq

    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region -- Head north out of Erbil towards the international airport and just as you leave the city limits you arrive in the small suburb of Ainkawa. A neon crucifix emerging over the rooftops announces the area's Christian affiliation -- Ainkawa's population of 40,000 is mostly...
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    Men vs. Women

    :lmao: do you agree....??? akhnan bnatha raba chaqcheqanekh  :loool:  :2hearts:
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    How open is your Assyrian family about sex?

    how open-minded is your family about sex? I don't mean to go to your family and tell them you had sex or who you had it with etc. that is not what i mean. i mean in general, knowing the stigma assyrians attach to sex and all middle eastern in general. for example, if you have a brother who is...
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    what email service do you use?

    i want to know what you guys prefer to use for email>? i use hotmail and some friends laugh at me and keep asking me to join gmail cuz it is better  :blink:
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    is dental assistant a good career?

    i dont like what i am doing at the moment (office admin) and want something more challenging and with more money maybe. i am thinking of taking 'dental assisting' program. is anyone here doing it? is it a good program and career?
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    congratulations to webmaster ASHOOR for engagement

    i hope i am not late to this  :blush2: ... i just wanted to wish our webmaster ASHOOR and his telbta the best of wishes on their recent engagement. i saw pictures and you two look fabulous together. can't wait for pics from wedding, i am sure it will look even better  :clap: :wavetowel: :2hearts:
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    little creepy: Dead Man rides to heaven...

    What looks like a bike rider waiting for the green light, in a motorcycle race, is actually a dead man at a wake, in Puerto Rico. 22-year-old David Morales Colon was shot to death, last Thursday, and his family wanted people to remember him doing what he liked most. As the young man had...
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    when you are only 'Text Friends'

    this is not good everyone, what do you think? i see it happen to me too, and i always thought the same as what this article talks about. but i think it will get worse, dont you think. watch things get worse and more anti-social. why. what do u blame it on, other things too....?   When you?re...
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    assyrian win half million in casino?

    this is not rumor no but i dont know if the amount is correct. there is an assyrian girl in toronto who won close to half million in casino. i dont know what game she played. i know the girl and she deserves every dollar. i didnt know u can win this much in casino, but anything is good right...