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    1.700 year old Syriac Orthodox Church defaced in Nsibin

    http://hurriyetdailynews.com/n.php?n=syrian-orthodox-church-in-mardin-gets-spray-painted-with-offensive-statements-2010-07-14 The very old church Mor Jacob in Nsibin have been defaced. Some people wrote with green spraypaint alot of pro-islam and anti-jewish statements on it, though...
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    Anyone else who loves the band Outkast who consists of the artists Andre3000 and Big Boi? Remember Hey Ya? They are geniuses and have produced alot of classics during the years and their rap (when they do rap) is faaaar better than that mainstream gangsta **** which is seen today. Their lyrics...
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    Roma-Inter 2-1

    Yesterday it was Roma-Inter at the Stadio Olimpico and IT WAS A FANTASTIC GAME! FORZA ROMA PER SEMPRE! Basically if Inter won the scudetto chase would most probably be over but Roma won after goals from Capitano Futuro Daniele De Rossi and Luca Toniiiiii. Inter who made it 1-1 in the second...
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    We have always done Nisan

    Nisan is not something new we have revived 50 years ago. Atleast not in Tur Abdin (?). I always tought that we started to celebrate nisan again not so long ago but when I asked my grandmother she told me they have always celebrated nisan, i was chocked. I had no idea. Apparently they take milk...
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    Maronites are Assyrians

    Maronites are also originally assyrians too. They are originally from Antioch/Tur Abdin and when some assyrians later started to follow the way of syriac-orthodox monk S:t Marons way of christianity they weren't welcome anymore by the jacobites and got persecuted so they left Antioch and Tur...
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    Is there any food who even comes close to kutle? Kutle is so awesome that it got an own song  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBEO--I93-E ahna tre kutle nan!
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    Assyrian Romanisti

    How many here are fans of this wonderful team called A.S Roma? Daje Roma Daje! Forza Totti!
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    Are we different?

    Hey, I "used" to be an aramean before until I read that article about the founding of a tablet containing luvian and fenician language which explains the word Suryoyo (which arameans use) derives from assuraya or something like that. But I still have some doubts that the aramean-speaking...