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    Assyrians on the Map?

    Hey guys i came across the map on the new that had Assyria on it, it was called "peoples of the world" however i lost it and cant find it, does anyone have a link to it, id appreciate it if you could post it up thanks :)
  2. J

    Asking for a picture

    Hey guys i just wanted to know if any one had the picture of: Its a road sign in turkey i think, it has text saying Suryani road or something and then it has in brackets (Assyrian road) basically its outside a syriac orthodox church and its saying assyrian, ive seen it on these forums before...
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    Assyrian tattoo translation please! :)

    Hey everyone im getting a tattoo and i was wondering if you guys could help me translate the following verse in Assyrian - estrangele font i think thats what its called Isaiah 19:25 Assyria the work of my hands Thanks in advance