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Recent content by Eddie Yousif

  1. Eddie Yousif

    The NEYMAR thread: Goals, Stats, Videos, News and more

    Neymar is playing in a Weak French league, and is being used along 2 other Strikers, so I often see him as overrated and not a team player! He is way far off to reach the heights of Zico, Ronaldo & Co
  2. Eddie Yousif

    HH Mar Luis Sako is at again, with a very controversial comment about ACOE

    Majority of these Clergy Men are uneducated so it shows in their Speeches. He came out the next day and apologized, explaining this his words betrayed him and that he did not mean it as he was in a state of anger.
  3. Eddie Yousif

    What are your favorite phone apps?

    Not a big fan of Phone apps, but I love using " Daily Bible verses ". I use it daily. Also use Government & Tax related Apps as well as Sports related apps, to follow up Scores of all Sports :)
  4. Eddie Yousif

    Glad to be back !! Here’s a dick pic 😎

    Great to hear your alive & Kicking! At 42, still going hard at it and training as much as I can in the Gym, but as you get older and older, your body slows down but main thing is to try & be healthy :) Bani didn't have much luck in the Adult industry so he turned to Sports betting and he is...
  5. Eddie Yousif

    Glad to be back !! Here’s a dick pic 😎

    Johnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Good to see you back man.... How is life treating you?? Still going hard at it at the Gym? Hope you have not lost your 6-pack!! 💪💪
  6. Eddie Yousif

    What if Ashur Sargis and Evin Agassi switched roles in 1990?

    Both will fail to singer the other. Those singers have their own Style and music, so they do not usually Sing songs for other singers. Amateur Singers always sing their Songs, and very few do them justice. Ashur's 2008 Album "Dashta D' Nineveh"was simply amazing. View...
  7. Eddie Yousif

    Christianity & Chess

    Quiz: What does Christianity & the game of Chess have in common? A- You could say both start with the letter C, but the answer is: In Chess, everyone dies trying to save their King. In Christianity, it is the King who dies trying to save his people 😍😇
  8. Eddie Yousif

    The best Wedding of the 21st Century

    Since I posted the Wedding Video, Ashoor has been in hiding... I think he got in trouble with his Wife 😂😂🤣
  9. Eddie Yousif

    This Assyrian who was on an old AVN album, is now a big celebrity online!

    Not a Senator, but more of an MP... I just can't remember his nickname on AVN but here is his photo: Cr Joseph Haweil. Don't also forget our own Peter Esho... he now makes regular TV appearances for the ABC and other networks, covering news on finance & the Stock market....
  10. Eddie Yousif

    The AVN Story: who can forget those faces!!

    Ya your right bro... It used to take us an entire year to organize a gathering or a simple catch up for Coffee and then most people would not come lol Speaking of Knight & JooJee, last time I saw them was at their wedding. Their story was incredible....proof that AVN can connect people and even...
  11. Eddie Yousif

    The best Wedding of the 21st Century

    This Wedding Clip is one of my favorites....This definitely has to be the Wedding of the 21st Century.... The weird thing about it, is that the Groom looks so familiar to me..... Seriously, have we met before? and even more, I am seeing so many AVNers in the video too... I wonder who this is...
  12. Eddie Yousif

    Sad news: another former Iraqi soccer legend has died of Covid-19

    He did Grow up in Doora and many of his close friends were Assyrians....I was lucky to meet him in person back in 1987 towards the end of his Career... He was massive.. very big, tall and scary to face if you were a striker.... Covid has taken many of our Legends.....all in the space of few...
  13. Eddie Yousif

    Assyrian Podcast

    With today's advanced Technology and the popular rise of YouTube, I would encourage you to start an AVN YouTube channel where you can post videos, interviews with members, announcements, parties, gatherings etc.... All to do with AVN and then connect it back to the forums :)
  14. Eddie Yousif

    The AVN Story: who can forget those faces!!

    How can you not find your photo? you were sitting on top of me hahahaha By the way, do you still keep in touch with our Aussie Avner's? I had lost touch with all of them since 2012/2013 including Salem, Peachy, Ashor and many more :(
  15. Eddie Yousif

    Hello? Anyone out there?! Remember me?!

    Read my testimony that I posted on my facebook and u will understand why I am still single :p:p life is good... don't spoil it for me lol