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    An Assyrian singer is the subject of an un-intended controversy

    Their reaction made me laugh and angry at the same time. First off, that "Shemet baba" hymn already has that so-called, danceable Georgina rhythm. Have you guys even listened to it? It has a groove to it... :LOL:🤦‍♂️ Second of all, Protestants dance and jump around to hymns about Jesus...
  2. Cascade

    Young Assyrians dying from heart attacks!

    The Jan 2021 case was a cousin of a relative. The mother was said to be inconsolable. I can't imagine how she was feeling. His death was filmed. He was playing live X box and it was all on cam. He wasn't feeling well, seemed like he was dizzy. He falls and you hear a death rattle after 5...
  3. Cascade

    Important: Why Now and Why Mars?

    I agree and very well said. We need to use all that money to make life more sustainable on earth itself. I don't know why the waste money on different planets. Mars won't really do us good. We are not supposed to live in it. It's unliveable and harsh. In fact, every planet and moon in our solar...
  4. Cascade

    When the weather gives you snow, make a Winged Bull!

    Gotta say, the man is very skilled.
  5. Cascade

    Number of Assyrians who have died of Corona Virus (Covid-19)

    The number will be very high by now. Could be within the 20-30 range. Won't be surprised if it's 50+
  6. Cascade

    Assyrian Voice was born on this day, 22 years ago!

    Wow. April 15 1999. Great memories. Just a week before we arrive to Australia. I didn't even know the internet existed back then, let alone online forums. I thought the whole internet forum thing began in 2004.
  7. Cascade

    Khalid Ya Khalid: what a hell did I just watch?

    The song is by an Assyrian Australian band called Azadoota (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azadoota) that makes Latin dance music in Assyrian. The singer is Robin Zirwanda. He has been in Sydney since the early 1970s. His band usually performs in our Assyrian New Year event in Sydney. This song...
  8. Cascade

    History of the Assyrians. Who are the Assyrians?

    True, but I would go further and say that modern Assyrians have other mixes as well. It sounds more realistic because us being a mix of just Akkadians and Sumerians is unrealistically "straightforward" and simplistic in nature. For the record, our ancient society was a melting pot. We only...
  9. Cascade

    Demolishing 3,000 year old Wall of Nineveh to widen a public street!

    Because these "Iraqnayeh" know deep inside that they have no affiliations to our ancient ancestors. Since so many of them claim ancestry to ancient Assyrians and Babylonians in spite of us. They know they're more tied with pre-Islamic Arabians and other groups. Assyrian monuments mean nothing to...
  10. Cascade

    Revive Akkadian

    I thought its grammar is rather different and complex. Some words are totally foreign sounding (although a few are in modern Assyrian). Not sure about reviving it, but I think we should replace Iranic/Turkish words in Assyrian with their Akkadian equivalents.
  11. Cascade

    34 year old Chaldo-Assyrian guy shot dead in Sydney...yet again!

    We also started to have this problem in the 1990s. But it got worse in the 2000s and 2010s. Looks like we're not improving. Just why aren't the cops going after these gangs or at least Ammar's murderer(s)? It beats me. We should boycott hip hop culture to be honest.
  12. Cascade

    Assyrians with American accent

    Hey Carlo. Not sure why I didn't respond to this. But I will now after 5 years Lol. I guess other people can see the reply even if you don't... 😄 No. The thing is, Inland Northern Americans don't speak like that. They pronounce their vowels "properly". It's just the Assyrians living there. You...
  13. Cascade

    New 24/7 Assyrian TV channel launched!

    Thanks. Will check it out.
  14. Cascade

    Assyrians in the Nordic Region

    There are like 1,000 or so Assyrians there, right?
  15. Cascade

    Introduce yourself

    I have in here for nearly 10 years. Lurked at first then become a full fledged member. What can I say? I'm interested in Assyrian culture and traditions. But I have variety of other interests too like earth sciences, astronomy, gardening, linguistics, geography and English literature.