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    Neomeze - Chaldean owned!

    Neomeze is a medditerranean restaurant in the heart of old-town pasadena. One of the owners is Chaldean, and an old friend of mine. The food is excellent, the ambiance is great for dates or groups. They are getting pretty well known for their martinis. This is a great place to check out, and...
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    Arroyo Chophouse - Pasadena, Ca.

    If you like steak, and dessert, then you will love this place. The decor is a little dated, but it has a gorgeous bar... and excellent bartenders. The steaks are all the best USDA cuts and the sides are delicious. The Souffles are just phenomenal. I mean phemotherfuckingnominal.
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    Does anyone have a good recipe for the Candied Halwa?

    I've been trying recipies (with pisteh) but I can't get the Halva to set and harden properly... am I not paying close enough attention to the cooking temperature?
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    Delicious Leg of Lamb - Try this

    I cook it a little different because I pan-sear it, then cook it in the oven at 350 until done... yummy. Make sure it is fresh lamb though, or else it will have shokha. Yogurt-Mint Marinated Grilled Leg of Lamb Recipe courtesy Bobby Flay Show:  Boy Meets Grill Episode:  Lamb    1...
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    Infected Mushroom In Australia from Feb 22-24!!

    If you haven't heard of them, don't get the wrong idea by their name. This is very intelligent electronic/dance music. Much more complex than what most electronic artists produce. If you like to dance, you should check them out! If you pick up any of their albums, make sure to get Classical...
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    AT&T Wireless (Cingular) or T-Mobile?

    Allo! Ok, so I'm thinking of switching to T-Mobile... but I wanted to know, what is your experience with both companies? I am sick of AT&T/Cingular. The Rollover is nice, but having the Fav 5's would be the same thing, basically (for me, at least). Which do you prefer?
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    A great Vinagrette/Relish recipe for seafood

    allo! Ok, so cook your seafood with some salt and pepper (sea salt and freshly cracked). Then, in a bowl mix Good Olive Oil Red Wine Vinegar Finely diced Garlic (very little) Thin sliced Shallots Mint (to taste) cut to very thin strips Basil (to taste) cut to very thin strips A dash of good...
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    Evin Agassi, Feb 2nd in Los Angeles!

    Hello my friends: Evin is coming on the 2nd to St Mary's! It's 20 dollars at the door. I miss his singing! He hasn't come to Los Angeles in way too long. Have a great day everyone! n5fu9xeZgAc
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    An Assyrian Painter in Australia - Trying to find.

    Hello All! My church had prints of modern assyrian paintings of a guy named Yousef in Australia... Does anyone know his website, how to see his work, or contact him? Thanks!
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    This will make you smile.

    Just watch this for a minute and see if it doesn't make you smile. cXXm696UbKY
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    How to Post Youtube Clips in Posts

    Hello everyone! I was confused myself, so I think this might help: Once you've found the YouTube video you want, find the ID number of the video: Copy it!!! Then click on the YouTube button in your AVN topic: You should then see this in the area where you type: Then, just paste the...
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    Any fans of George Chaharbakhshi?

    You know, I've been listening to him more and more. His lyrics aren't very deep, like Ashur or Evin's, but they're much better than most others... and the music is good too. Turns out that he's my dad's cousin... I don't know him though. His 1988 album is awesome!
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    Men: Do you pluck your eyebrows???

    If you do.... I just wanted to let you know that every time a grown man plucks his eyebrows, a puppy dies. Please stop plucking your eyebrows. If you won't do it for your own masculinity, do it for the cute and innocent puppies.
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    If an Assyrian bought an Airliner

    What would an airline company, like American Airlines, be named if an Assyrian owned it??????????????????? Air Et Atour hahahahaha.
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    Curious: Can you remember anything from...

    Here's what I'm wondering.... Can anyone remember something from their childhood from before when you learned how to speak? Everything I can remember from my childhood is from the time that I learned how to speak - forward. Is language how we give something substance to record it in our...