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    New tattoo translation help

    Hey guys, I am getting my sleeve done in then new year and just drawing up the designs. Would someone who can read and write our language translate this for me? Our dialect is from Habaniya, Iraq. "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Thankyou
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    Hey guys! Anyone remember me?! It's been a while and so much has happened, it has been so unreal! The bad news is.... I went to the West Coast, LA, Phoenix AZ and vegas.... And didn't get to meet any of you! I'm sure there will be another chance though! My new band has been keeping me...
  3. AssyrianDrummer

    The British are coming!

    Yup that's right yankees! I will be touching down in Arizona in August! Booking tickets this weekend. Me and a mate of mine will be hitting Phoenix, Vegas, meeting family and heading to Disneyland (for the young relatives... and myself ;) haha) and various other places! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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    funniest tv blooper EVER

    pahahaha BBC News blooper - funniest ever
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    I have converted!

    yes it is true.... I have finally given in and bought an Ipad! Now i can be one of those post middle class white men that sit in Starbucks with an Ipad and a Mocha with a copy of the broadsheets taking up all the room! lol I tried to avoid it, but they are just AMAZING.  :wavetowel:
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    tattoo ideas please!

    Hey guys It's that time again where i crave the next tattoo! Im going for some major work on my chest/shoulder and arm. Kind of a half sleeve. I am having an Alaha Ashur in it as well as the flag... BUT I want some "filling" in it as well instead of just these pictures. I dont want tribal...
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    Utd jokes!

    Well well well... Let's hear em! Oh! And any of you guys that know of the Ryan Giggs "scandal" I have plenty of those too!
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    FOr those of you in London

    I have a couple of shows to do this weekend in London! Would be good to see some Assyrians there! Friday: Colchester Arts Centre Saturday: Camden - Purple Turtle Getting back into the swing of things now  :razz:
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    reading and writing arabic

    Why is it so damn hard! It's not just the artistic way of writing, it's the 3 different variations you use a single letter in a part of a word, then getting the punctuation right by ...GUESSING? as if it wasnt hard enough to learn without sukuns and long and short vowels!!! It's one thing...
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    Playing in LONDON!

    yes yes yes we finally have a "warm up" gig in Camden at a place called "The Underworld" on Saturday 30th October for any of you that would like to come we will be playing with very good friends of ours: Blitzkrieg Beholder Tickets are ?10 So any Assyrians that live in the area that wanna...
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    Funniest Youtube Videos

    If there is already a thread like this please delete mine  :) SuperD0lma sparked the idea in my mind from the copy and paste thread lol So post up your most loved FUNNY videos! No sad or serious ones... this is light hearted  :bangin: heres a few of mine. bhcA4Ry65FU ZN5PoW7_kdA...
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    Latest Music Video

    Sorry to keep spamming you guys... here a little collection from a couple of gigs that we put into a video... just released 5 minutes ago! JJyNERVH4P4 :) P.S: I am the the who took his bath robe on tour so i can stay warm  :loool:
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    I've never been a big fan of this guy but his new album isn't that bad! Anyone heard it? Available on Spotify and Itunes :) Mgo0e1COkUU
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    Book Burning of the Qur'an

    Pastor Terry Jones rejects calls by US secretary of state Hillary Clinton to abandon plans to burn copies of the Qur'an on 11 September Link to this video The gun-toting pastor at the centre of international outrage over his plans to stage a Qur'an burning day to mark the 9/11 attacks says he is...
  15. AssyrianDrummer

    Writing phonetic!!

    anyone help me be able to write phonetic in assyrian?!?! cause sometimes i cannot understand what you write in assyrian and dont know how to write back  :bangin: like how would you write the gutteral sound we make when you say the number 3 for instance? i would put "gluh" but that is as close...