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    Assyrian Voice was born on this day, 22 years ago!

    so I first used the internet in the sprig of 1997, basically few weeks after we arrived in Canada. And I officially got my own computer and started using internet from home on Sep 15, 1998. Then about 6 months later, Assyrian Voice was born. BTW, I have kept that original PC (Compaq Presario)...
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    I love this song called, "In Bayat Yan Le Bayat"

    I actually have heard it too and I like his voice. If I am not mistaken , he is from Iran, one of the first Assyrian singers from Iran in a long time.
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    Assyrian Voice was born on this day, 22 years ago!

    On this day (April 15) in 1999, Assyrian Voice was started and 22 years later, we are still here! In fact, we are only one of few Assyrian websites that have survived and remained online for this long. As a matter of fact, there is a tiny fraction of Assyrian websites that started and are still...
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    Khalid Ya Khalid: what a hell did I just watch?

    Here is some context https://assyrianvoice.net/forum/index.php?threads/khaled-suleman-froggy-boss-sentenced-to-7-yrs-in-jail.19202/
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    Khalid Ya Khalid: what a hell did I just watch?

    What a hell did I just watch? haha. Catchy words and music but a little cheesy. But at least I know what the subject is about, the famous and late Khalid Froggy! (Was that his title if I remember correctly?) View: https://youtu.be/SRnpels7H1I Bani, do you know this singer or song? 😂
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    The NEYMAR thread: Goals, Stats, Videos, News and more

    And this is how it is done ✔️
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    Number of Assyrians who have died of Corona Virus (Covid-19)

    Updating: unfortunately been steadily hearing about more and more Assyrians dying from Covid-19 complications, both here in Toronto and worldwide, including in Iraq (see two stores below) Assyrian priest in Baghdad...
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    A famous Assyrian has been lost to COVID-19!

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    A famous Assyrian has been lost to COVID-19!

    woke up to very sad news today: Ashur Sargon Eskharya, the president of the Assyrian Aid Society, and a high ranking member of Zowaa, passed away today in Doh, due to complications from Corona virus. He was 47 Rest In Peace! Assyrians have lost a giant.
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    أكيتو: أقدم عيد حفظته البشرية

    أكيتو، أو رأس السنة الآشورية البابلية، هو أقدم عيد في تاريخ البشرية، ويحتفل به حتى يومنا هذا في مطلع شهر أبريل/ نيسان من كلّ عام. في بلدة القحطانية في محافظة الحسكة، شمال شرقي سوريا، احتفل الأشوريون بالعيد، بملابسهم ورقصاتهم التقليدية، معلنين بدء سنة 6771 بحسب التقويم القديم لحضارات ما بين...
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    Happy 6771 Assyrian New Year

    Happy Assyrian New Year to you all! here is a nice video View: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=125085206294047&id=100063777037847
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    Demolishing 3,000 year old Wall of Nineveh to widen a public street!

    agree. But there is a pattern with Mosul I guess, where a lot of Sunni Arab extremists simply don’t care, and even hate such artifacts from antiquity. look to Babylon in comparison with majority Shi’tte population: no Babylonian artificers there has been touched, destroyed or tampered with (not...
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    Demolishing 3,000 year old Wall of Nineveh to widen a public street!

    Just when we thought ISIS had done enough damage to our artefacts in Mosul and Nineveh in general, and that the page had been turned, seems like the ISIS mentality never left. The municipality of Mosul decided to demolish parts of the Assyrian wall of Nineveh to make the adjacent street wider...
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    Who should have won the BDO in last 12 years if it wasn’t Messi and CR7

    Wanna talk about real reason why soccer quality has declined in last few years, amongst the various other reasons ? How about the the media crowning and giving every title to CR7 & Messi, at the expense of all the great players of the last 12 years? Thank God real team titles are won by teams...
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    When the weather gives you snow, make a Winged Bull!

    Assyrian sculpture in Chicago creatively makes an Amazing Winged Bull statue out of snow.