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Zowaa is the Party of Sacrifices for the Sake of Assyria
By: Ashur Sada. Dec 1st, 2005

A political party is often defined by its history, ideology, goals, political decisions and the members that make these decisions. Zowaa,, the Assyrian Democratic Movement in Iraq, is no different. But what sets Zowaa apart is the willingness of its members to go the extra mile and give the ultimate sacrifice to further their goals and agenda. Within tthe last 2 months alone, Zowaa has given up 6 martyrs, in Baghdad, Nineveh and other parts of Iraq. These martyrs, who died in the line of duty are further evidence that Zowaa is serious about doing business in Iraq. Putting your life on line is to put everything else on the side. Given the relative small membership of the party, the loss of these 6 heroes is like the loss of a full regiment in a big army.

Zowaa was established in 1979, in an effort to lead the attempts by Assyrians to get their political, social and religious rights, long denied by the various governments that ruled Iraq. Zowaa’s means of reaching and gaining these natural rights were mostly peaceful. However, Zowaa still sought to arm itself and create a strong body of defense for Assyrians against any outside enemy. The men of Zowaa volunteered from the first day to carry the duty on their shoulder and march on. Nothing would stop them. Not even death, which a lot of them ended up paying anyways.

Paying the ultimate price is and has always been the ultimate end point for Zowaa and its members. These men and women have never been interested in any political or materialistic gains, but instead interested in putting their life on line, so that their nation is protected. From the very first martyrs in the early 80s up to the ones we gave up just a few weeks ago, no Zowaa volunteer has been stingy when it comes to giving their life. Notice the emphasis on death and sacrifice. Zowaa is by no means a “Party of Death”. It is actually a “Party of Life through Death.” Like the old saying goes “their death is not in vain” and that applies perfectly to the men that Zowaa has given up. They are the lights that show us the way. They are the candles that help us escape the darkness that our Assyrian nation has been living in for ages.

As we celebrate and mourn the loss of our latest martyrs, we also ask ourselves the question: “what do these angels want us to do or continue doing?” The answer comes echoing, and tells us what these brave men want. They want the hard work to go on. They want us to work hand in hand, not under the name of Zowaa or any other names; simply under the name of Assyria. They want us to march on, fearing no one but God. It is not about the name Zowaa, it is about the men and women who make up this great movement. Zowaa is more than a “Martyrs Party” Zowaa is the Party of Sacrifices for the Sake of Assyria and its sons and daughters.




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