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My Meeting with Ashur Panipal: Using a Time Machine to Explore our Past! ( Part 7)
By: Ashur Sada. January 1, 2007

-(The King): Is the Assyrian army still as powerful as it is right now?
-(Myself): No it is not sir. In fact, we don’t even have one. We have some small pockets of unorganized militia who are only there to defend. We are absolutely powerless and at the mercy of our enemies.

-(The King): This is anathema. This is worse than anathema. You could be lying and not telling the truth…after all, who can prove the authenticity of what you are telling us, coming from a future that is still 3000 years ahead of us…
-(Myself): I wish I was, but I am not sir. I am telling you the truth. This is something I would love to lie about, but I just can’t. It is the sole purpose of my being here; to seek your advice.

-(The King): What advice are you seeking? How can I be of your assistance?
-(Myself): You can be of great assistance to me and my people who are suffering. You can offer me your great wisdom. You can tell me ways to revive this fallen nation. You can tell me the secrets to your military might, which we can use to at least defend ourselves against the enemies.

(as I talk about military secrets, he and those surrounding him grow suspicious again. My words bear all the marks of an enemy spy)

I then resume my discussion about the future. Questions and answers keep coming. Finally, the King’s right man, whose name was ‘Akhshirash’ whispers something to the king; it was dinner time at the royal palace. I am so glad dinner time was finally here; talking for two hours about the future gave me a huge headache.

We moved to a different room for dinner. It was one huge room. The table was the biggest I have ever seen. It could seat hundreds of people. But when we sat, it was only me, the king, and a few of his assistants, advisors and guards. The food at the table was unbelievable, both in its quantity and mix. There was a plate from every food you can imagine from the time. I was able to recognize some of these foods. Their Dolma was made the way I like it: spicy, and dry! It is amazing, this is the way the palace cooks for the king everyday, yet he is as slim and as fit as he can be. I guess Assyrians had their own science and secrets of keeping the fat and the calories away.

Dinner is almost done. I am thinking to myself about how I can get a hold of the king’s hair. I need some of his hair samples for a DNA analysis when I go forward in time. I am also thinking about a way to tell them about the English spies whom I encountered earlier in my hotel. Of course, I won’t just tell them about those spies. I will try to gain something from it; mainly the girl I met. I will tell them about the spies, and in return, ask that the girl be given to me, so I can take her with me to the future.

We gather back at the huge guest room. The ceiling is so high in here, my neck is in pain, after looking at it for so long. The questions start again. This time, his assistants fire at me too. I just realized that some of these people in the room, are very high ranking members in the Assyrian military. As a matter of fact, one of them has the position which in today’s terms would be called ‘Joint Chief of Staff.’  This is someone I wouldn’t mind sitting one-on-one with, to get some insight into the powerful Assyrian army; and maybe take some of this knowledge with me to the future.

I finally break into action myself. I delve into the issue of the English spies. However, I don’t demand anything in return for telling them about it. I will do that some other time.

-(Myself): Although I have been telling you a lot about the future, there is something about the present that is just as important. It is something I saw and heard, and need to tell you about.
-(The King): What is it? Tell us!
-(Myself): While I was in the hotel, I saw some guests from another country, whose language I understand and speak. As I followed them, while leaving the hotel, I could hear them talk about how they are trying to spy on Assyrian military installations and other sensitive details.

One of the king’s top military advisors cuts me off, and asks me with a rather tough tone:

-(King's Assistant): Who are these people? Tell us about them. We will send one small Assyrian battalion and crush their army. How dare they spy on us?

The king then intercepts too and asks me:

-(The King): How did you understand what they were saying? What language were they speaking in?
-(Myself): They were conversing in English, the same language we speak in the future in the country of Canada…

This was such an alarming statement and response from me: me and them both speak the same language; the king and his advisors are quick and smart enough to establish a connection between the two. But I assure them that I know nothing about them or where they come from, but only their language is what I know and speak.

As we are talking about this, the king orders some of his men to go to the hotel immediately and capture these visiting Englishmen.

The night is drawing to a close, and I will be leaving soon. I don’t even know if I will ever be able to meet the King again. Time is running out on me; I need to get close to him and get samples from his hair. As I am thinking, they announce that my visit was now over, and that I had to greet the king, say my final words, and leave.

This is my last chance to get to him and get some of his hair. I come up with a great idea: kneel down to kiss his hands, while facing the floor. At which point, I could pick some of his hair.

Coming up next
I have dinner with the king, and get very close to him and his hair. I also tell the king and his staff about the girl I liked and my wish to take her with me to the future.















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