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My Meeting with Ashur Panipal: Using a Time Machine to Explore our Past! ( Part 2)
By: Ashur Sada. July 15th, 2005


I am now about to sit in the machine to go back in history.  As I am about to sit down, my friend remembers something: the setting was wrong, and had he not remembered, the machine would have taken me to the future instead of the past.  It takes him another hour to fix this problem, and we are finally ready. I sit down, press a few button, pull a lever, and the journey starts. I am now going back in history.  Different places and eras are passing by my eyes, each one taking less than a few seconds to disappear before the next one comes on.  This is taking me seconds, but think about it: I am traveling thousands of years back!

That is it, the machine has stopped, signifying its arrival at its end point. I open my eyes again after briefly closing them. What I see now is beyond belief: I am actually in Nineveh now! WOW, this is so amazing and wonderful.  Let me pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. Ok enough of my amazement, now let me unpack myself and leave the machine. I do so and leave the machine. Ok, not surprised, everyone is looking at me. Ok now this is getting serious, as I see Assyrian soldiers coming towards me...and they start talking to me in an old Assyrian accent:

-"Klay pshopokh, mani atet, mot wathaa alakha..."
-"Ana shemi ele Ashur, Atourayan makh dyoukhon, etyan men shetet 2005, yan qorbet 2500 shene men dya..."

They look at me confused, understanding neither my accent nor where I come from.  Someone suddenly jumps from the crowd and seems to understand my modern Assyrian accent. Could he too be a time traveller?  He talks to me and asks me who I am, and where I come from. It takes me a few minutes to explain it to him, but he doesn't get it.  He thinks I am lying. He tells me:

-"maset azet men dokta l'dokta, ena takhi maseta azeta men dana l dana? len dayawa"
-"haly dana besh raba qat malpenoukh but daha mendy..."

Apparently, this is not easy for them to understand.  At the time  of the Assyrian empire, there was only some very primitive ways of transportation; no cars, trains or airplanes, let alone a time machine.  So I was in for a hard day.  But then, faced with the difficulty of understanding how I got there, they now ask me why I came there for:

-"mothya bayatina...?"
-"Etyan lakha qat tapqen bet Malka Ashur..."

As I told them about my wish to meet the king, they become even more suspicious and start to think that I am from an enemy, there to spy on the Assyrian nation. But then I assure them that I am not.  Then I go on telling them about my  being Assyrian just like they were, and I go on talking about Assyrian history, and the fall of the Assyrian empire.  I then realize what a mistake I just did: by telling them about things that happened, they will think I am predicting the future rather than telling the past. In other words, they have no idea that I come from the future; to them I am just a normal person who is trying to predict the future, which makes my presence there even more suspicious. So I just change my conversation to something else.  And after a lengthy discussion with the guards and other civil servants, they agree to let me see the great king Ashur Panipal.  The meeting was going to take place after one week.  The officials already told the king about me, and where I come from, but had some difficulty understanding the concept of "coming from the future."  He then asked the best Assyrian scientists to meet with me and try to understand to the best of their grasp, where I had come from and how that was possible.

The following day I was taken to the great library of Ashur Panipal, the first library ever built in history.  This is where the idea of a library was first born.  It was very big, and surrounded by beautiful water fountains, flowers and trees.  There was big space for people to sit and read by the river.  But I was more interested in going inside and see who was in there.  As we entered the library (me along with other guards who were accompanying me), I was astounded to see what I saw: it was a place full with Assyrian scientists, mathematicians and other academicians.  Apparently, the top Assyrian scientists, some brought all the way from Babylon, were waiting for me.  We sat down, and first thing they did, was to try and test my knowledge to determine if I was for real or just a fool, trying to fool the public. I was able to answer most of their science questions, although I was puzzled by some of their other harder math questions. 

By now, the scientists were convinced that I was for real. Now the hard part comes, to try and explain just who I am, where I come from and how I got here.  The problem was, they were thinking of me in religious/mythical term rather than on actual scientific basis.  That is, the only way they could understand how I came there with them, was to link it in their mind to a spiritual or a power from a higher being.  So my first goal was to convince them that my ability to travel through space and time was aided by science and not any mythical or spiritual power.  After three hours, I was finally able to explain my position to them and have them comprehend some of what I was all about. But there was more work to do.  I now had to tell them about where I came from (at that time, even Europe was within a far reach of the middle east, let alone North America where I came from) So I started giving them some lessons in geography about where North America was.  As I was explaining this to them, one of the scientists, with his feather pen on cuneiform , started asking me a few questions about distance, and other related concepts about where I lived in relation to Assyria.  He kept asking and jetting down my answers.  He then started consulting with two other scientists about the numbers I gave them.  My answers seemed to make sense to them.  They had now come into grasp with the idea that I come from a place where no one had gone before.  Now to the even harder part: explaining to them how I time-traveled! 


Coming in part 3: it takes us till late at night, on the lights of candles, to help these Assyrian scientists grasp the  the concept of time-travel. They were now going to report to the King, who would give the final word about when I would be able to meet with his highness.





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