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July 1st this Summer, is the Second Annual "Buy from an Assyrian Day"
By: Ashur Sada. May 20th, 2005

It is with a great joy that we await the day of July 1st, which is the second annual "Buy from an Assyrian" Day, pioneered by this very website (, in 2004. So what do you have to do on this day, you may ask? basically, you are strongly encouraged and asked to go out on this day, and buy something from any Assyrian store or service. This could be a hair cut, a food product, a car mechanic service, a home renovation etc. It could be anything that will put money in the pocket of an Assyrian business or store.

Last year was the first time this day was organized, and the truth is, the word didn't get out very well, but that is fine because it was only our first year. This year, we plan to go at it more aggressively, in hopes of reaching as many Assyrians as possible.  Remember, this day is not exclusive to a certain country or region. But rather, to the entire world and wherever Assyrians live, especially in areas with big populations and businesses.

The great thing is that July 1st this year, will be a Friday. So let us walk through what will happen that day. You wake up, go to work, and do your daily routine. In the evening, or whenever you have some time, you go to your local or favorite Assyrian store. There you buy something; either something you need, or just anything that will put money in the hands of Assyrian businesses. Think about something you have always wanted to buy, and buy it now. This is your golden chance to put money into the hands of Assyrian businesses, and that in turn will mean the contribution to building a better and stronger virtual Assyrian economy, as envisioned by our previous article, found in here.



Imagine what this day can mean for the betterment of our Assyrian economy. Although it is once a year, it is symbolically meant to get us used go buying from our own Assyrian businesses and giving them the financial priority.  This day is also intended to strengthen the relationship between the Assyrian buyer and the Assyrian seller/business. It is also meant to build more trust between the two.  Having said that, it is important to realize that we are working to make, not only the buyers aware of this day, but the Assyrian businesses as well. This, will help them get ready for the influx of people coming to their stores/businesses and provide the Assyrian customer with the best satisfaction possible.

So again, please don't forget to go out on July 1st and buy something from an Assyrian store, restaurant or business. If each one of us was to do this, we could be adding millions of dollars into the collective accounts of Assyrian bank deposits, and that in turn means a better Assyrian economy. If you need help with finding local Assyrian stores or businesses, you can email us, or ask a friend about them. 




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