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An Assyrian Man Walking in His Dream! (A true story)
By: Ashur Sada. May 8, 2005

This is not a scene from a horror or some weird movie, nor is it a religious-based one. It is simply one of a psychological nature. It is an actual story that involves an Assyrian man, which happened in the 1950s in the village of Dehe in Northern Iraq.

One day, Zako Enwia was sleeping in his house, in the village of Dehe, which is located along the way between Barwar and Zakho. His house was situated along the valley, overlooking the small river in the village. That night, he woke up, and left his bed. He left the house, crossed the street to the other side, where the river was. All this was in sleep-walking; the man wasn’t aware a bit, that he was doing this. His family never felt it either. 

The man walked some 100 meters, until he plunged into the river, and that is where he woke up, shocked and frightened. He knew right away what had happened, because he had a history with this phenomenon of sleep-walking. By the time he got back home, his family was up, and some were already out looking for him.

The man and the family were both shocked, yet relieved at the same time. This story became so popular, that the entire village at the time knew about it. In fact, and I am quoting some village sources here, “had we had any credible or material evidence, this could have easily ended up in the Guinness World Records , as having been the longest sleep-walking distance that anyone would have made or walked, by then at least (1950s).

The man, who is still alive, is in his mid 70s now, and coincidentally enough is back in his village of Dehe where he lives and has his own farm. He is the man we call “An Assyrian Man Walking in his Dream” He is virtually the only Assyrian I know of, who could have made it into the book of records. Not bad, especially for doing something so risky, yet effortlessly and unconsciously too.




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