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It is Essential that Assyrians Have a Job and Career Agency!
By: Ashur Sada. April. 14, 2007

The internet has helped Assyrians do many things. It has helped its people communicate with one another, and find long lost loved ones.  It has helped its youth find new love, and even get married through it.  It has helped unite them and be more patriotic and loving of their nation than ever before.  In short, it has helped them do so much. Why not take this a step further and make the internet the new hunting ground for Assyrian job searchers and career explorers?  If you have been in the job market lately, hunting for a new job, you will have probably realized that connections matter a lot these days.  These connections could come in the form of a family member, community member, friends, former coworkers etc. It is natural that we would have more Assyrian friends than non-Assyrians, so why not use them as your first connection source? but there is more to finding a job in addition to the use of the web and connections. The use of your own Assyrians.

Use and Benefits

More than ever before, Assyrians have more businesses and companies, some that are quiet established and successful. These companies should look into the Assyrian labor when looking to hire new people. Assyrians working for Assyrians may not be a popular thing, but it can benefit both the employer and the employee. For one thing, there will be more understanding, loyalty and ease of communication. Some may think that working for Assyrians or with Assyrians is not a good thing, because you will be on the edge and is hard to give and take.  But that is just not the case, especially if people try for long enough.  It doesn't matter whether it is a low or high end job, if an Assyrian is qualified enough, they should be given the priority.

Employing Assyrians, could in the long term, help in realizing our idea of creating a 'Virtual Assyrian Economy.'  That is, the more Assyrians are able to employee their own Assyrians, these employed Assyrians will hopefully give their money back to these Assyrian markets and businesses that employed them or employed someone that they knew. In the long term, both will benefit from this, and will go a long way towards the creation of the Assyrian economy.  By employing Assyrians, businesses are helping in such basic things as giving the employed and his family enough income to support other Assyrian initiatives, projects and charities.  All these connect with one another, and at the end of the day, you have something for everyone.


So how can Assyrian employers and Assyrian job seekers find one another? they could use the internet, special social connections, or through ads. in local social clubs. But there is a better way, that is yet to be implemented: an Assyrian Job and Career Agency.  Such an agency will have a centralized database of local and global Assyrian employers as well as those of people looking for work.  You create a profile for every member, with their skills, experience, education and other relevant information. Employers will be able to scan this database to find labor or workers who will match what they are looking for.  The idea is not much different from such big popular job sites such as ,  etc. The only difference is the target audience, where ours will be strictly Assyrian.  The database can be used for free, and accessible from anywhere in the world through the internet. In fact, Assyrian Voice, is already looking at opening a basic section on its forums, to help Assyrians find jobs and meet up with other potential employers. This will also help new college and university graduates to land their first job and gain some much needed experience.

Build it and they Will Come...

Once you build it, and if it is successful and useful enough, people will use it.  After all, if you are looking for a job or employees to fill a vacancy in your company, why not look in a place that lets you do just that, with ease and free of charge.  Assyrians don't have to employ their own Assyrians nor do they have to work for other Assyrians.  But the benefits to doing so are numerous, as outlined above.  For one, it is just the right thing to do, when you have helped an Assyrian of your own, find a job. It is the golden rule: 'do into others as you want done to you...' Just because you have a job doesn't mean you are done from the job search market, because others are still looking, and they may rely on you as a connection source. Help an Assyrian brother find a job, and they may very well help you in the future too!




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