First it was the Dollar, then the Euro, and now we have the Assyros!

Posted: 09/09/2014  By: Ashur Sada

Before, I go into the subject, I would like to ask you: 'Have you heard of Assyros, or do you at least know what they are?' if the answer is 'NO', I must tell you, you are missing a lot!  Assyros, simply put, is a virtual cash system used on this website, to reward people for posting and replying on our Discussion Forums.  Assyros were first introduced on Jan 1st, 2005, and although the initial aim was to use them as a simple reward system -more like a psychological incentive- their use has grown beyond that. Let me explain.

Since their inception, people have been finding very creative ways to use this new virtual currency.  Some have saved it, treating it more like real money.  Some have used it to bet on sports events, on our Sports forum. Some, pioneered by a female member from Australia, went the further mile and used Assyros to do human trade on Assyrian Voice, by letting members bet on other members in a public action, with the highest bidder winning the right to own the auctioned member (whatever that means and for whatever period it is decided on) Then came the financial analysts, including some prominent ones from Australia.  These have not only embraced this new currency, they have even started their own economic theories to explain the proper ways of using this currency to avoid any inflation or depression on Assyrian Voice. They used full-fledged economic theories to argue their cases.  Some of which have started to be taken seriously by Assyrian Voice management.  Let us also not forget these hard-core Assyros-diggers and spammers; they will do anything to get Assyros. A female member from London, ON and another from Toronto, ON have become so synonymous with Assyros, their names are sometimes mistaken with the name of the currency.

Having told you what this currency is, and what people use it for, you may be wondering "ok, so what is it for me, beyond it being a mere psychological incentive to post more?"  well, plans are already in place to make this the official and future currency of any potential Assyrian state/province in the Middle East.  This may be only a wishful thinking, but that is how it all starts.  The name is already there, the popularity has already been built, so what else is lacking? not much, at least to start with.  We even have an exchange rate for this currency against the US Dollar:

$1 = ∂100 (1 Dollar = 100 Assyros)

Notice, our currency has its own prefix too (∂) How much more official can it get it more than this? Already thousands of people have been introduced to this currency, and our aim is to reach more and more people.  This helps both: promote it as a currency and promote our website as well.  So go ahead, tell everyone about this currency.  You may also want to do what so many of our members are already doing, some in secret: saving a lot of this currency, in anticipation that Assyrian Voice may turn it into stocks in the future, and turn some members into instant millionaires.  And last but not least, Assyrian Voice recently announced that soon you will be able to use Assyros to buy T-shirts, Music Albums and other accessories from the website using Assyros only!

Now that you know more about these Assyros, isn't it time you joined our forum, and start getting some Assyros too? if you are already past that stage, why not go further and start thinking of clever and creative ideas to earn more of this currency like various of our above mentioned members do, in addition to another smart Assyros-earner from Chicago, USA.  They are only Assyros for now, but in the future, they will get you a lot more than what you could get with them now. Yes including a car, a house and maybe even a wife/husband!



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