Could iTunes Finally Save and Resurrect Assyrian Music?

The new Gaggi 2010 album “Sahdan” is out, and it is great. Oh, and I got it through iTunes!

Yes, Assyrian music is slowly but finally making the digital jump and embracing these technologies.  Although Walter Aziz, Linda George and few others already had some of their music on iTunes and Amazon MP3 service, people weren’t even aware of it.

The picture is now changing.  With more Assyrians having iPods, iPhones, iMacs and just the iTunes software in general, buying Assyrian music on iTunes will now become more relevant and popular.  Not to mention, it is now easier and cheaper than buying it on a CD.  I was able to download the full Gaggi album in less than 5 minutes, from the comfort of my chair at home! And of course, I can transfer the full album to my computer, and even make a CD copy of it for myself through iTunes.

As more Assyrians get their hands on these iTunes-enabled devices (iMacs, iPods, iPhones, iPads) they will get more comfortable with the new reality of buying songs in a digital format.

Assyrian music can only be saved and rejuvenated if we help our singers and musicians.  With CD sales on a constant decline in the last few years, iTunes (and even Amazon MP3) could very well be the technologies that will save and revive Assyrian music.

Granted, even if every Assyrian had access to iTunes, it still wouldn’t mean anything if there is no good Assyrian music on it to begin with.  So yes, good and original Assyrian music is still essential, but that creativity and motivation will not be there for our singers if we don’t support them. Remember, as we have mentioned in various other articles about this topic, it is a cycle where the singer and the listener enforce each other!


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  1. John Khamis says:

    Its worth mentioning that Walter Aziz in 2001 was the fisrt Assyrian singer ever to be on iTune.

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