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Winter is here! What about the Assyrians?


By Abbey Mikha

As I am looking over pictures of refugee Assyrians and their children it truly truly breaks my heart.  Don’t be naïve, Winter is here! It is going to snow soon and it has already rained an unusual amount of cold rain and the camps are flooding in the North of Iraq!  How are the Assyrian people going to survive in these refugee camps? It is really sad to know we have roofs over our heads but hundreds of thousands of Assyrians do not have roofs over their heads in Iraq!

I have learned in the past years that life is not fair. There are innocent Assyrian children sleeping on cardboard boxes and lighting a fire outside in the cold in the North of Iraq. Where is Divinity in these situations? Where is justice? Where are the humanitarian people of the world? Where are the humanitarian organizations of the world?

I want to ask anyone and everyone who can help all the children and the Assyrian people to please do so.   Christmas is coming. Let us give hope and happiness to Assyrian people living in refugee camps in the North of Iraq. I pray that this terrible situation the Assyrians are facing in Iraq will be resolved peacefully very soon and that the Assyrians will not live in refugee camps in their own ancestral homeland anymore, rather they will go back to their villages, towns, and all places which belong to them.

Please, whoever you are and wherever you are from, support a safe haven for Assyrian Christians in the North of Iraq! Have a heart. These are innocent people! They are parents with hopes for the future of their children. They are children who just want to play and go to school and to be happy.

Please help as much as you can. If you are affluent, help with bread. If you are influential, help by spreading the message of the suffering Assyrians in the political world. At least help by making people aware. Even if you just have an internet connection help to spread the message on social media that the Assyrians are suffering in refugee camps in Iraq and that if they do not get help the situation is going to get much worse and many innocent people are going to die.

This Assyrian nation whose roots are in ancient history is becoming extinct. Honestly there is more awareness and projects about animal rights in the world compared to rights of Assyrians! The Assyrian nation which was born in the cradle of civilization thousands of years ago and took its first steps with the help of God…

Iraq is an interesting country. It is rich in resources and history.   Everyone wants a piece of Iraq! When considering this greed one could ask, “Is this the end of the world?” Surely yes because Iraq the place where humanity built its first civilizations it seems has become hated by the world and a nightmare for the Assyrians and so many other minorities. Please in the coming days and months don’t forget about the Assyrians and their children…