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Top 10 ‘out of this world’ jobs and places where Assyrians work

By: Ashur Sada

At Assyrian Voice, we like to explore and discover all things Assyrian and present them here in a way that is fun to read and beneficial. For this article,

The coolest and strangest places where Assyrians are known to work.

The coolest and strangest places where Assyrians are known to work.

the idea came to me recently, after I learnt from a friend about a cousin of his, who had taken on a high managerial role in an African country, part of a mining company. I thought: wow, how cool, an Assyrian working in such a position and in this country? That is when I decided to compile a list of Assyrians working in jobs and places that are out of this world, ones that don’t cross to mind when talking about Assyrians.  Most of these should be current, except for maybe one or two, where I wasn’t able to verify whether the person was still doing what they were previously.

You can also think of the following list as ‘List of Cool Assyrians’!

Here it is, enjoy!

1-Park ranger in Anchorage, Alaska
2-Aerospace engineer at Boeing main plant in Seattle, Washington 
3-Consultant with the Canadian ministry of Defense , serving in Afghanistan 
4-Iraq’s ambassador to the Philippines (Wadee Bati Hanna) 
5-Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant at Qantas International Airlines (serving the Melbourne to Dubai route) 
6-English teacher in Thailand (formerly in Japan, Vanuatu and other Asian countries) 
7-Professional Soccer player for the Vancouver White Caps in the MLS
8-Mining executive in the Central Republic of Africa
9-International commercial pilot flying out of Australia
10-Professional wrestler in Georgia (former Soviet republic) 


Honorable mentions to two former Assyrians who had really cool jobs, but who passed away in the last few years. Ammo Baba, the famous Iraqi Assyrian coach, who was part of Iraqi soccer, both as a player and later as a coach, for close to 50 years. Second is Donny George, an Assyrian archaeologist (amongst many other things he did as a professional) who the Director General of Iraq’s National Museum.


If you have information about other Assyrians working in other cool and strange places (assistant captain on a cruise ship? traffic control engineer? etc…) please let us know about them in the comment section below or by emailing us.