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It Is Time For the Assyrians to be Truly United With One Strong Voice


By: Abbey Mikha

Dear God protect my suffering Assyrian nation.  The young, women, men, elderly, and disabled and those suffering from mental illness.  I know its difficult to believe in God sometimes when we see our nation in such a situation, but this is when we must be strong in our faith, and realize that we need to be truly united as Assyrians with one strong voice.

There is no superpower on earth willing to help us thus far, but perhaps the Superpowers of the Universe will help us?! Dear Jesus use your powers to help your nation.  Dear Melchizedek I read once that you are at a high level in the hierarchy of heaven, so help us.  Dear Inanna or Ishtar as we call you, you have always loved the Assyrian nation, so will you love us again and help us?!  I always believed that heaven was much more powerful than even any atomic bombs on earth.  So, let it be so.  Let us witness your love and power.

Our people are dying, they have been abducted and God only knows what they are going through in this moment and what evil place they have been taken to.  Our artifacts have been destroyed in the museum of Nineveh and looted and sold in the black market by the international mafia.  The jewel of ancient civilizations, the city of Nimrud has been destroyed. Today more villages in Syria have been attacked by ISIS and our men are fighting them off with riffles and limited ammunition.  I’m afraid to ask what is next.  Why wont anyone help the Assyrians defeat this evil group of people?  Who are the powerful individuals planning for this to happen to the Assyrian nation and why?  We are being attacked by many, but we will resist and we will never give up.

 I just wish that we could say the powerful words which Queen Zenubia declared to a Roman general once, “You may have the civilization of power, but we have the power of civilization.” Help us that “power of civilization” and I say it again make us be united as one strong voice so that we can rebuild ourselves, our nation, and our Assyria.  Our spirit has been shaken for we are good sensitive humanitarian people and we are worried about the future of our nation, and of the future of humanity on earth, but until our last breath we will write about and defend our suffering nation.

The Assyrians have been massacred from 1915 until 2015.  That is a hundred years of massacre, murder, and GENOCIDE.  We may ask from heaven to help us, but we also ask, “When will the world rise up and defend the Assyrians?”  This may be your last chance.  Are we not humans, are we not people, or do you actually think still that we are not part of the chosen people?  Well I’m here to tell you there are no chosen people.  Every individual good person from any nation is chosen.  We are chosen to live too.  We want to live and we do not want to die anymore.  Let us all rise up together and end the suffering of the Assyrians one of the ancient Christian peoples of the world.


The Ancient City of Nimrud Always In Our Hearts


By: Abbey Mikha

I have been surprised by many things in my life.  I have been outraged by things which have been occurring in the past weeks in our homeland.  As I heard the news today in regards to the ancient city of Nimrud, I was questioning society and why the world is standing by idle and watching silently as this ancient city is being destroyed by ISIS terrorists?!

If Nimrud were Jericho or some other significant place for westerners, we would be hearing a whole other story unfold in American and Canadian news outlets.  There was a program on television last week.  It was supposed to be funny. Anyway, the people of the program said, “Isis is destroying artifacts in Iraq” then they said, “but what color is that dress?”  Referring to the dress that has been on the news all week.  People are wondering is the dress black and blue or gold and white.  Is this what people in America and Canada really care about?  Are they that brainwashed by the media?

The ancient city of Nimrud is a jewel of the ancient world. Everyone should be devastated at the destruction of this great ancient city.  They should be outraged.  It doesn’t matter who you are. Any god which is against the ancient people of the world is no god at all. Any god who encourages the destruction of ancient artifacts whether Lamassu or Buddha  deserves to be destroyed himself for he definitely does not exist, only in the minds of the true infidels which is ISIS and the other extremist gangs…

If the world were able to squeeze out oil from these ancient artifacts surely they would be receiving much more attention, but everyone believes these artifacts to be lifeless rubble.  What everyone doesn’t know is that the sacred Assyrian spirit resides in every wall and artifact which is supposed to be home, in its own homeland, and is today being destroyed by godless people who do not belong in this country or anywhere else.

The city of Nimrud will always live in the hearts of Assyrians and belong to the Assyrians.  This is written in the stars, just like the three pyramids of Egypt are a perfect reproduction of the three stars of Orion’s belt.  Today its the destruction of ancient Nimrud.  What is next ISIS, the pyramids in Giza?