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Could iTunes Finally Save and Resurrect Assyrian Music?

The new Gaggi 2010 album “Sahdan” is out, and it is great. Oh, and I got it through iTunes!

Yes, Assyrian music is slowly but finally making the digital jump and embracing these technologies.  Although Walter Aziz, Linda George and few others already had some of their music on iTunes and Amazon MP3 service, people weren’t even aware of it.

The picture is now changing.  With more Assyrians having iPods, iPhones, iMacs and just the iTunes software in general, buying Assyrian music on iTunes will now become more relevant and popular.  Not to mention, it is now easier and cheaper than buying it on a CD.  I was able to download the full Gaggi album in less than 5 minutes, from the comfort of my chair at home! And of course, I can transfer the full album to my computer, and even make a CD copy of it for myself through iTunes.

As more Assyrians get their hands on these iTunes-enabled devices (iMacs, iPods, iPhones, iPads) they will get more comfortable with the new reality of buying songs in a digital format.

Assyrian music can only be saved and rejuvenated if we help our singers and musicians.  With CD sales on a constant decline in the last few years, iTunes (and even Amazon MP3) could very well be the technologies that will save and revive Assyrian music.

Granted, even if every Assyrian had access to iTunes, it still wouldn’t mean anything if there is no good Assyrian music on it to begin with.  So yes, good and original Assyrian music is still essential, but that creativity and motivation will not be there for our singers if we don’t support them. Remember, as we have mentioned in various other articles about this topic, it is a cycle where the singer and the listener enforce each other!


الآشوريين والانتخابات العراقية المقبلة

اخواني وأخواتي الأعزاء : يجب على كل واحد منا ان يدلي بصوته في الانتخابات العراقية القادمة، الأحد السابع من آذار ٢٠١٠.

ان هذه الانتخابات ذو اهمية كبيرة للشعب الآشوري و مصيره في ارضه و ارض أجداده، العراق.  لقد حان الوقت لكي يكون للآشوريين حصة و جزٍء من الارث العراقي الجديد. نحن هم اصحاب الارض الاصليين بالرغم من كل التغييرات و الصعاب التي مررنا بها.  على كل واحد منا ان يدلي بصوته، و اكثر من ذلك، ان نحث الاخرين على التصويت. بما اننا أقلية، لا يسعنا بان نخسر اي صوت.

في النهاية ، ا ود ان أوجه نداءي و اتوسل الى كل واحد من ابناء شعبي الآشوري، بان يبذلو قصارى جهدهم لكي ينجحو هذه الانتخابات لاحزابنا الآشورية. و مع انك حر لآدلاء صوتك لأي شخص او حزب تشاء، عليك ان تتذكر بان قائمة  ٣٨٩ (389) (قائمة الحركة الديمقراطية الآشورية ) هي الممثل الشرعي الوحيد لشعبنا و بغض النظر عن انتمائتانا الدينية والطائفية. قد يكون لنا عدة مسميات لكن في النهاية والجوهر، نحن شعب واحد.

في اتحادنا قوة و مستقبل زاهر. اما  في الانقسام فمصيرنا الضعف، الضياع ونهاية شعب عمره الاف السنين.

٣٨٩ = امل. وحدة. مستقبل جديد لشعبنا الآشوري-كلداني-السرياني

تقبلو خالص شكري و تقديري لقراءة هذا النداء.

اشور سادا

مشرف موقع ‘الصوت الآشوري’

Vote 389 = Hope. Unity. New future for our Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac people.

Ashur TV off to a Hot Start!

It has been less than two months since Ashur TV’s coverage started reaching North America, and so far the reception (excuse the pun) by people has been amazing. The chatter and the buzz about the channel is starting to intensify, and it is becoming like a ritual to walk into an Assyrian home and find the family watching Ashur TV.

Many had doubts whether this channel could ever extend its reach beyond the Middle East, let alone reaching the North American continent, which it has done.  This wouldn’t be possible without the great efforts and determination of the Ashur TV staff as well as the generous support from people everywhere.

I have been watching this channel on a regular basis for close to two months and I really like what I see so far.  Of course, things can always get better and that will come with time and experience.

The channel has appealed not only to our own Assyrian people but to other Iraqis as well, given its neutral look and fair coverage of events in Iraq. In fact, it could very well be one of the most fair channels in all of Iraq, serving both the Assyrian as well as the Iraqi cause as a whole.

Some people may want more programming in Assyrian, and understandably so, but there is a very good reason why you may hear other languages.  First, the channel would like to appeal to all segments of the Iraqi society.  Media is a tool that Assyrians can greatly benefit from, and make our voices heard. Without a voice, Assyrians will soon become like strangers or even aliens in their own native land.  You need a channel like Ashur TV to connect with your people as well as Iraqis in general.

When watching the channel, you often see and hear non-Assyrians expressing their liking and admiration of the channel.  In fact, when I watch the channel, I feel so hopeful and start to believe that things in Iraq are much better than what we hear in the media.  Of course, Iraq still has its issues and ethnic divisions, but Ashur TV does such an amazing job of trying to bridge the differences.  Iraqis should appreciate this channel and the great job it is doing.

It goes without saying, the channel is funded by Assyrians, and it can only stay on air as long this financial and moral support keeps on coming.  Did you make a donation yet? if not, you should right away at
Speaking of financial support, I was so happy to see local Assyrian businesses advertise on the channel. These businesses should be supported and thanked. Let us give them more business than they can handle as an appreciation for advertising on Ashur TV and to encourage other businesses to do the same.

I am hopeful that individual donations will not be the only source to keep the channel going.  Soon, the channel will have more businesses advertising on it, thus broadening its budget to be able to do even more. Commercializing the channel is key to its success, as much as the people’s donations are.

Finally, Ashur TV staff in cities all around North America are doing a fabulous job of covering local events and talking to our people in the diaspora.  Ashur TV is truly connecting the Assyrian people, and giving us a new hope.

And like I mentioned earlier, when I watch this channel, I feel more hopeful than ever before about the state of our nation and people.  Sure media can do magic and make things look better than what they otherwise are, nevertheless Ashur TV is a beacon of hope for Assyrians and all of Iraq.