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Ashur TV now Reaching North America

November 15, 2009: it is a great day for the Assyrian nation.  It is the day Ashur TV has finally reached the North American continent, and our people can now watch it in this side of the world.

Ashur TV was launched in 2004, but its reach was only local and regional. But for the last few months, there was a serious effort to bring the channel to the USA and Canada.  That of course required the support of as many of our people as possible, and they did step forward and offered their monetary and social support.

Today, as I sit and type this, Ashur TV is playing on my TV here in Toronto, Canada and it is such a great feeling.  This is a channel that is from Assyrians and to Assyrians, with no external funding or influence from anyone else.  Which is why every Assyrian should pledge their support to keep it going.

And remember, just because the channel is now live on air here in North America, doesn’t mean we stop our donations and support.  To the contrary, the real and hard work starts now: to ensure the channel stays on air and doesn’t go offline.

The channel is 24 hours a day and is based from Baghdad, Iraq.  It has a staff of over 70, and its programming is mostly in Assyrian, although a significant portion of it is in Arabic.  The channel is offering Arabic language programming so as to build bridges with other ethnic groups in Iraq, and reach out to them.  We need a way to get to other people in Iraq to know more about us, in hopes of giving Assyrians a more legitimate and welcome role in the new Iraq.  It is the new multicultural reality in Iraq and frankly the only way that Iraq will get over its ethnic and tribal divisions and differences.  Ashur TV is taking the lead, one TV program a time, to give Assyrians and Iraqis a new and better future.

This channel will broadcast on the coordinates listed below through the Free-to-air satellite dish (International).  For your donations and/or any questions  and feedback, please visit the official website :

Look for the channel, using the following parameters in your dish:

Satellite: Galaxy 19
Transponder: 11
Downlink Frequency: 11929 – Vertical
Symbol Rate: 22000
FEC: 3/4

Again, this is just a start, and things could only go up from here, only if we keep our support and donations coming.  So please keep them coming.

For now, enjoy the channel and let others know about it.

Assyrian Voice Team