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Happy Birthday Assyrian Voice: 10 years old and going forward. Thank you all for helping us reach this milestone!

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  • Important Numbers and Statistics
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  • Top 10 Moments in Assyrian Voice History
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    Assyrian Voice History

    In the Beginning   
    On April 15th, 1999 the Assyrian Voice Network (AVN) was born.  The idea at the time was very simple and much different from what you see today. More like a personal website for the webmaster, as well as some information about 'Assyrians in Canada.'   For a few months we continued to provide some basic services for our visitors who didn't exceed 100 per day.

    The First Turning Point
    In October of 1999, Nineveh Online (NOL) decided to discontinue its text chat service.  There was a huge gab to be filled and a great legacy to be continued.  That is to continue the work started by Atour and Nineveh websites to offer a chat line for Assyrians.  Our website decided to take the lead and open a text chat .  It was an instant success, with hundreds of people switching to our website to chat.

    The Next Great Turning Point
    Then in December of 1999, the big revolution was about to take place.  The Voice Chat revolution.  The Assyrian Voice Network entered history by becoming the first Assyrian website ever, to provide a voice chat service.  In a matter of few weeks, hundreds of Assyrians from all over the world visited the voice chat and became regular members.  Many of whom got in touch with long lost relatives and friends, finding love partners, and most importantly finding new friends.  That is, we can proudly say that our website is the birth place of all Assyrian Voice Chatters.  In addition, our voice chat was the first to host live meetings with Assyrian singers and other political figures online. This included Evin Agassi, Ashur Sargis, Julie Yousef, Ammanouel Bet Younan, Albert Mansour, Ogen bet Shmouel, Laith Yousef, Oraham Lazar and many more.

    Community Hang-out

    In addition to the voice and text chat, our website started offering other community services including a Message Board and Community Forums.  The forums, which were started in 2003, have become a very popular place for discussions or just chit chatting with other Assyrians about any topic. We have some 5,500 registered members there as of the publishing of this page.

    Seeing the huge success of our chat and forums, Assyrian Voice made a lot of changes in the summer of 2003, disconnecting such popular services as the voice chat, webmail, ICQ Assyria, MSN Assyria. The decision to discontinue these services depended on specific reasons for each section, as well as for reasons of technological and technical limitations. But despite these changes, our members still enjoyed the other regular services, and other new ones which sought to replace these now discontinued sections.  Assyrians could now go to Paltalk for the voice chat service

    In the Summer of 2004, Assyrian Voice received its 2.5 millionth hit, which was a huge accomplishment.

    In June 2004, Assyrian Voice had its first and real official chatters' gathering in Toronto, Canada, with some 26 members present. In the next few years, Assyrian Voice members would organize many other chatters' gatherings, all around the world, including at the last 4 conventions.

    In January 2006, Assyrian Voice rolled out its 4th major redesign, with a big emphasis on making it easier for our users to access all our services from the home page. The redesign brought about a significant increase in the number of hits to our home page.

    Web 2.0 and Gatherings

    From 2007 through 2009, Assyrian Voice gave more priority to the new Web 2.0 technologies, rolling out various services and changes that made it easier for our visitors to communicate and interact, using the new platform.  This included the full integration of our chat, forums and pictures section, where one username would enable you to enjoy all these services with all their benefits.

    Starting in 2007, Assyrian Voice began to place a bigger emphasis and efforts on extending our reach beyond the online world. This came in the form of paper-based newsletters, community involvement, more members gatherings,  charity and donations involvement and more.

    In November of 2007, and given all the thousands of Assyrian visitors from the Middle East, Assyrian Voice introduced a new version of the website in Arabic. And we are currently working on introducing an Assyrian-font version as well. 

    In 2008, Assyrian Voice rolled out many new sections, including Library, Assyriska, Video and more.  These three sections are now some of the most widely-used on our website.  
    In the summer of the same year, Assyrian Voice released a new website logo.

    In April 2009, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, Assyrian Voice is close to receiving its 5 millionth hit, a milestone we are very proud and thankful to have reached.  As we celebrate this huge milestone, Assyrian Voice has a big surprise coming out, in the form of a song. Details to be available soon.

    Popular Assyrian Voice Sections
    Assyrian Voice has had many popular services and sections, some of which attract thousands of visitors on their own, daily. These include:

    Important Numbers and Statistics

    Here is a list of some important statistics that shed the light on our accomplishments:

    What People Said About our Website

    Using our email, chat lines, message board or even real life quoting, we have selected these famous quotes about our website.

    -"In the beginning there was the web, then came AOL, then ICQ, then MSN. Finally there is AVN"

    -"If it wasnt for AVN..... SOOOOOO many people wouldnt be in my life. I can honestly say I have friends all over the US and aroudn the world because of this site alone! .... Really awesome......"

    -"Your website has helped me find the one I love, and will be with forever. Thanks a bunch"

    -"The Assyrian Voice Net is the only thing I do daily more than washing my teeth or eating lol"

    -"I've been on here for ages and I keep coming back for more. It's the only thing I can get on to when I'm having a rough day"

    -"This voice chat is the best place Assyrians have ever seen online. Maaan, it is so much fun"

    -"I want to thank you for this great website which has become an all-in-one stop for all my Assyrian needs, including an email with you guys."

    -"I have had a lot of fun here"

    -"Assyrian voice is definitely the best Assyrian website ever, and all my Aussie friends say so too..."

    -"If not for your webiste, I would never have found all the friends I have right now. Thanks you so much"

    -"Assyrian Voice Chat was the best last year and so will be this year and the next year."

    -"Your site guys is the reason why I got cable, so I can be on it daily"

    -"I would like to thank all those in attendance today....also to thank those who created AVN, because that is where my brother met his wife"-from a wedding

    -"I love AVN :D"

    -"I admire the level of intelligence and humor on AVN. I am proud to say that the people i have met so far have been great personalities"

    -"best Assyrian website out there, keep it up!"

    -"I'm especially appreciative of the friendships I've made, those that I've met, and those that I've never seen but chat with everyday.  I've learned so much here and have a renewed sense of optimism as it affects our next generation."

    -"A wonderful weekend which would never have happened if not for AVN."

    -"Great great memories and lots of fun and laughter. I love how many of the friendships are genuine and the people are there for you when you are up and down. For that I'm always grateful."

    Pictures from the Last 10 years

    Some pictures from members gatherings and conventions, from last 10 years.
    For more gathering albums, visit these links:Album 1 , Album 2 , Album 3 , Album 4 , Album 5


    Top 10 Moments in Assyrian Voice History

    1. The opening of the first ever Assyrian Voice Chat in Dec. 1999

    2. The opening of the text chat in Oct. 1999 (after Nineveh Online shut down)

    3. The migration from the Message Board to the Community Forums in 2003

    4. The 'Assyrian Voice song': special song dedicated to Assyrian Voice

    5. Receiving our 5th million hits (April 2009)

    6. 2007 Assyrian Convention in San Diego (Close to 100 of our members were present)

    7. The first official Assyrian Voice Gathering in Toronto in June 2004

    8. Pope's visit to Toronto and World Youth Day in 2002: AVN was there and active

    9. Interviews with Assyrian Radio in London, ON and Emmama Newspaper in Toronto

    10. Celebrating our 10th year anniversary


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    Top 10 Moments in
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    Assyrian Voice History
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