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About Assyrian Voice Assyrian Voice (@assyrianvoice) | Twitter Who are the Assyrians? Salome
Welcome! Assyrian Voice was founded in April 1999, as a way to help the Assyrian community collaborate and communicate, as well as to tell the world about who Assyrians are. In the years and decades since, things have changed a lot and this website has become a household name in the Assyrian virtual world. We have been visited some 6+ million times, from people all over the world. Click to read more.. , or enter our popular FORUMS Simply put, the modern-day Assyrians are Semitic people, and the direct descendants of the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian people, including their predecessors the Akkadians and Sumerians, and have a history spanning over 6770 years.  Assyrians are considered the indigenous and native people of Iraq . Click to learn more...


One year into the covid19 pandemic lockdowns, and despite all the recent news about increasing worldwide vaccinations efforts ,hundreds of thousands are still contracting the virus , and thousands are dying daily. But what about Assyrians? How has this virus affected them and how many have lost their life as a result of getting infected? While no official records exist, based on all social media postings, offline sources and other unofficial records, hundreds of Assyrias have lost their life to Covid-19, including some prominent figures.  Assyrian Voice has been gathering some data: click to find out more.

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