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About Assyrian Voice Assyrian Voice (@assyrianvoice) | Twitter Who are the Assyrians? Salome
Welcome! Assyrian Voice was founded in April 1999, as a way to help the Assyrian community collaborate and communicate, as well as to tell the world about who Assyrians are. In the years and decades since, things have changed a lot and this website has become a household name in the Assyrian virtual world. We have been visited some 6+ million times, from people all over the world. Click to read more.. , or enter our popular FORUMS Simply put, the modern-day Assyrians are Semitic people, and the direct descendants of the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian people, including their predecessors the Akkadians and Sumerians, and have a history spanning over 6770 years.  Assyrians are considered the indigenous and native people of Iraq . Click to learn more...


In September, the holy synod of the Assyrian Church elected  a new patriarch: Mar Awa III, the 122nd to occupy this historical seat.

Being born and raised in the west, what are some of the challenges that face the new patriarch and what does he bring to the chuch? Can ehe tackle all the issue being faced by the chuch, be it people migrating, extremist threats and more.  Click to read more of our coverage about this historic event