- Assyrians returning to Nineveh Plain towns and villages after liberation

- Major Assyrian parties in Iraq meet and agree to unite military efforts

- New Assyrian literary journal to be published: ʾAshlay Nissaba'

 -Assyrian Voice interview with Steve Netiness: author, pastor, technologist

-After long absense, Assyrian Voice Yearbook for 2015 is back

-Former Zowaa member and novelist Younan Hozaya passes away

- Emagazine article: Assyrian Church re-unification talks and what it means

- Article: Top 10 'Out of this world' jobs and places where Assyrians work

-Mar Dinkha's passing and choosing his next successor: full coverage

- The latest on the on-going attacks by ISIS on Assyrians in Syria

- Westerners join Iraqi Assyrian-Christian militias to fight Islamic State

- Should Assyrian churches be pressured to fundraise for Assyrian forces?

 - Digitizing Iraq’s books and documents is the only way to preserve history


- PKK Leader Ocalan sends a heartwarming letter to Assyrians

- Zowaa recognizes an Assyrian student in Iraq with 100% school average

- ISIS has executed a Christian priest in Mosul, Iraq after 6 month captivity

- Documentary 'Losing Iraq' : a must watch to understand Iraq's presense

- Assyrian soldier from the Iraqi national guard killed while fighting ISIS

- Romeo Hakari is leading Nineveh Plain forces through pehsmerga ministry

- Emagazine: What is in store for Assyrians in the new year 2015?

- Free Assyria a Moving Movement By Assyrian People Through Media

- Assyrian Community in Kazakhstan have survived dark times

- Assyrian attorney Robert DeKelaita Indicted , faces 50 Years in Prison

- Emagazine article: 5 health and social benefits of Assyrian dance (khiga)

- Did the US miss the boat on ISIS like they did with Al-Qaeda?

-USA: Stop Assyrian Christian Genocide! Safe Haven For Assyrians

- ISIS doing its best to make the Mongolians look like nice invaders

- Article by Abbey Mikha: "Is History repeating itself?"

- ISIS Set to Destroy Assyrian and other Biblical History in Iraq, Syria

- Assyrians who escaped from Mosul now being helped by ACERO

- Interview: "APM" about the latest crisis in Iraq and the Assyrian stand

- Chaldean Patriarch Luis Sako visits Assyrian Patriarch Mar Dinkha

- Iraqi Assyrian contestant Ashur Tamras on Arabic 'The Voice'

 - Beneil Dariush: Assyrian mixed martial fighter UFC figher

- List numbers assigned for Assyrian parties for 2014 Iraqi elections

- My visit to the 'Mesopotamian' section at the Royal Ontario Museum

- Stuart Benyamin press release: new song "SHOWTIME" coming soon

- Assyrian player drafted by the Montreal Impact of the MLS

- New legislation in Iraq allows for the Assyrian language to be 'official'

- Emagazine article: Three Wishes and Resolutions for the new year

- First Assyrian army battalion formed in Syria; more than 1000 soldiers

-Iraqi government declares Christmas Dec. 25 as an official national holiday

- Guest Post: To an Assyrian, Getting Attached is a Dangerous Thing

- New Assyrian cook book published: "recipes by our mother Beatrice.."

-Time for Assyrians to show that their ancestors created the first library

- An American-Assyrian player to represent Iran at the World Cup

- Real Site of the 'Hanging Gardens' may have been located in Nineveh

- New Assyrian singer added to music section: Rama Younan 2010, 2012

- Conference on the Persecution of Assyrians - EU - Brussels

- 10 things Assyrians parents should teach and tell their kids about

- Introducing 'Inspiration Assyrian Posters' from Assyrian songs

-Chaldean patriarch calls on those in the diaspora to return home

- Kurds name a street in Arbil after the killer of an Assyrian patriarch

- An Assyrian to play for the Iraqi national team; first since the 90s

- Emagazine article: "Facebook wasting valuable Assyrians' time"

- Syrian opposition terrorist kill an Assyrian Syrian for being Christian

- Results from Assyrian participation in KRG elections in N.Iraq

- Balancing the Middle East with new independent Christian states

- The case for Assyrian survival and continuity post 612 B.C

 - Assyrian American war hero honored in Chicago, USA

- Iraqi Assyrian Human Rights Organization Wins State Department Award

- Kurdish mob attacks Assyrian village in Northern Iraq

 - Gunmen Open Fire on Assyrian Church in Baghdad, 2 Wounded

- The Hanging Gardens of Nineveh? Sure and now with historical evidence!

- Is the Chaldean Church on a collision course with chaldean nationalists?

- Using crowd-sourcing to count the Assyrian population worldwide

- Assyrians in Syria learning from the mistakes of their fellows in Iraq

- Louis Sako elected as the new patriarch of the Chaldean church

- A new chapter opens in the study of the Assyrian Empire

-Assyrian Voice introduces new section about Assyrian history

- New website for the 'Assyrian Rights Network is now online

- Emmanuel III Delly, head of the Chaldean church, offers his resignation!

- Study: Assyrian Language Maintenance and Erosion in U.S...

- Assyrian man, killed at the hands of Syrian rebels, laid to rest

- Book: Assyrians post-Nineveh: identity, fragmentation, conflict...

- The Assyrian connection to the 'Dec 21' end of world predictions

- Dallas Museum to return an Assyrian mosaic from Edessa, to Turkey

- Gishru.com : new website for youth traveling to the Assyrian homeland

Will Assyrian be part of the new multilingual Iraqi national anthem?

- Syrian airstrike kills a 14 year old Assyrian in an Assyrian village

-  New Assyrian movie 'Parkhoeeta' (Butterfly) to debut soon

-  US high school students learning about Assyrian culture and history

-  Assyrian Syriac Education in Northern Iraq celebrates 20th year

-  Assyrian MP introduces Process Draft for Minority Protection in Iraq

-  Archeologists uncover new Assyrian site in northern Iraq

Pakistanis burn picture of Assyrian church patriarch Mar Dinkha

Assyrian coach to join the Iraqi national team for WC qualifiers

Two Assyrians killed in the line of duty with the Syrian army

-  View pictures of Assyrian New Year celebrations from Iraq

An Assyrian boxer from Canada, training in Iraq for the Olympics!

-  2012: off to a great start for Assyrian music with lots of new releases

- Assyrian Professor killed in Allepo Syria - no clear motive or suspect

-  Vandals spray paint expletive on St. Joseph Chaldean church

New Assyrian TV channel? 'Ashuraya TV', launching April 1st

Assyrian Woman Running for San Jose City Council in California

Scholars Urge Armenia to Officially Recognize the Assyrian genocide

Scholars Call on Israeli Knesset To Recognize Assyrian Genocide

New Linda George 2010 'Pearls Of The East, Hymns & Chants' added

'Baghdad Church Massacre' convicts to be executed finally

-  'Voice of Assyria' : new AUA Radio program from Sydney, Aus.

Assyriska 2012 season: discussions and news from the team's preps.

2 New Assyrian Albums added to the music section. Click for details

Developing: Chaldean Patriarch in a feud with Younadam Kanna

New 'Assyrian Voice Mobile/iPhone' version is now available

111 Year old Chaldean Assyrian Woman becomes US citizen

On the Passing of a great Assyriologist: Professor Wilfred Lambert

'Ancient Language Gets Extended Life In Iraq': Wall Street Journal

New list of Assyrian TV and Radio stations is now available

Assyrian Voice Mobile page is now updated and with new features

Who were the top 10 Assyrian people and events of 2011?

A new Assyrian SAT Channel is born and we are excited: ANB

Following the Kurdish attacks: are Assyrians safe anywhere?

Assyrian Danny Putrus comes third on 'Gulf Star' in Dubai

Sign the petetion to demand protection for Assyrians in Iraq

Kurds attack and burn Assyrian homes and shops in Zaho

Assyrian-Iraqi minister Sargon Lazar survives assassination attempt

WTMJ-TV's Assyrian Diane Pathieu heading back home to Chicago

Visit Assyrian Voice's new page on Google's new social network

Coming soon: the 'Nineveh Project', a new way to help Assyrians

New Assyrian channel launches: Assyrian National Broadcasting

The first anniversary of the 'Baghdad Church Massacre's is here

Swedish Major Party Votes to Support Assyrian Administrative Area

AINA: Turkish Newspaper Refuses to Use the Word 'Assyrian'

- Annahar Newspaper :Christians of Iraq And “Nineveh Plain” Conspiracy

An Assyrian from Iraq Appointed as an Envoy to the United Nations

Fear that Assyrians in Syria could be next in Assassination list

Assyrian Girls Volleyball League Season 5 - Starts Oct 17 2011

Assyrian School in Australia Holds First Graduation Ceremony

Chaldo-Assyrian Student Union Opens 8th Conference in Arbil, Iraq

Police Discover hanged body of an Assyrian man in Kirkuk, Iraq

Legislative Language on Assyrians Passes Major Hurdle in the US

State Department Allocates $28 Million for Minorities in Iraq

Assyrians in Sweden to Launch Assyrian Web TV- "Assyria TV"

Three Assyrians abducted in Kirkuk, Iraq ; $600,000 ransom demanded

-  "Assyrians in Iraq" :  article in the 'Fair Observer' website

Faith, Sacrifice Lead to Church for Chaldean, Assyrian Catholics in US

Mel Gibson is considering a movie that involves 'Assyrians'

500 Assyrian Catholics abandon their Chaldean Catholic Church

Assyrian professor in Sydney, Australia awarded for outstanding work

-  Assyrian War Memorial blocked in Australia - sign the petition

An Assyrian woman stabbed to death by husband in Wellington, NZ

Assyrian-themed and inspired hotels in Istanbul and throughout Turkey

Saving Ancient Nineveh: what should be done to protect this city?

-  Assyrian Genocide Research Center Joins Columbia University Initiative

-  Plans to revive ancient Assyrian library in Iraq approach fruition

-  Iraq to revive and rebuild the library of Assyrian king Ashurbanipal

-  California's Capital "Sacremento" Recognizes Assyrian Martyrs Day

‘Gay Synagogue’ Finds a Home, Full of Ancient Assyrians in NY

August 7th: Assyrian Martyrs' Day: lest we forget, nor or ever...

One of three missing Assyrians at Yosemite National Park has been found

Assyrian legend singer Albert Rouel passes away in Arizona, USA

Iraqi church bombing in northern city of Kerkuk injures 23 people

Four new photo albums are out, including wedding album. Click to view

Interview with Assyrian anchor and reporter Diane Pathieu from NBC

-  Norwegian terror suspect talked about Assyrians in his manifesto

Three Assyrian youth presumed dead from Yosemite park falls

Leena Khamis: a new name in the book of Assyrian football legends

19th annual Assyrian Food Festival to be held in San Jose, CA

-  An Assyrian is playing for Australia in the FIFA Women World Cup

-  Emagazine Article:"Commercializing and Incentivising the Assyrian Society"

Assyrian Academics from around the world hold a conference on the Seyfo

Legendary Assyrian singer Shamiram Urshan Passes Away

New Assyrian Voice section now open: "Assyrian Voice Books"

Emagazine article:  "Should Assyrians in Syria side against the gov.?"

'Assyrian Day' to be held in Sydney, Australia on July 3, 2011

Assyrian Voice Emagazine: "One Goddess With Many Names"

Assyrian Voice introduces new free virtual Assyrian keyboard

Sargon Lazar visits Iran and the Assyrian Community in Tehran

Janan Sawa injured in a car accident; recovering in a Detroit hospital

Completion of the Assyrian Dictionary is a Huge Step for Humanity

After 90 years, University of Chicago completes Assyrian Dictionary

-  Syrian Opposition Meeting in Istanbul had an Assyrian Representative

- Assyrian Chat has now been opened for a record 100,000 straight hours

- AAS Gains Consultative Status in Committee on Non-Governmental Orgs.

Dozens of Assyrians arrested by Syrian security forces in Qamishly

After 3 Days of Kidnapping, an Assyrian in Iraq is found murdered

New from Assyrian Voice: Virtual Assyrian Online Keyboard

Nancy Pelosi and Anna Eshoo meet with Younadam Kanna in Baghdad

Fire damages Assyrian club of Urhai in Ceres, California

Assyrian Candidate Hopes to Represent All of Southeast Turkey

Assyrian Medical Society Completes Cardiac Mission in Jordan

The Music of the Bible Revealed: Babylonian and Assyrian Poetry

Calls for Recognition of Armenian, Hellenic, Assyrian Genocides

-  Turks Destroying Greek, Assyrian and Armenian Artifacts

-  New 2011 Assyrian poetry album from Hormiz Yousif. Click for details

Pictures and Videos from the Assyrian new year parade in Nohadra, Iraq

Pictures and Videos from the Assyrian new year parade in Toronto

Emagazine Article: 'Nineb Lamasso: an Assyrian like no other'

-  Assyrian taxi driver stabbed in Wellington, NZ; wants more protection

Fox 2 News Detroit interviews Assyrian film director, Andre Anton

DJ Adam: Assyrian-Polish DJ spinning it in Dubai and London

Assyrian Documentary Film Maker Dies Unexpectedly in Los Angeles

Symposium Compared Plight of Assyrians to Plight of Indians of Arizona

Mourning and reflecting on the passing of a great Assyrian giant

Assyrian archaeologist Donny George passes away in Toronto, Canada

-  British Museum buys Assyrian treasures cleaned by Agatha Christie

Assyriska will soon start its 2011 season and fans are already excited!

-  ACSSU hosting two lectures with Assyrian archaeologist Donny George

Two new Kids photo albums have been released. Click to start viewing

Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union of Canada opens news website

Online Assyrian-English dictionary completes phase one

After Egypt, even Assyrians have come out in Iraq to protest

-  Early Assyrian Convention 2011 discussions: where will it be held?

Rare photo of Assyrians dancing in the streets of Baghdad in 1972

Assyrian mayor of Turlock, CA saves a historical Assyrian church

HUJADA TV - Assyrian Webb-TV, coming soon, all over the world

AV Emagazine article: "Lessons from the Egyptian Uprising for Assyrians"

Now on our Chat: Listen to Music and Chat with Assyrians at same time

AV Emagazine article: "The Empire Celebrates its Assyrian Emperor"

New Assyrian Voice Photo Albums Coming out. Send yours here

New Janan Sawa 2011 album is out. Click for samples and purchase

Asia Cup 2011 and the missing Assyrian factor in the tournament

-  Assyrians in Iraq caught between the terrorists and the government

Who visited Assyrian Voice in 2010? Top 10 countries? Click for all stats

Congress to Press Obama on Religious Persecution in Iraq and others

'Assyrians without Boarders': Announcing Scholarships for Sprint 2011

-  Assyrian Organizations Lobby for Persecuted Iraqi Christians

Assyrian cultural center in Baghdad raided by the Iraqi police

Assyrian Voice Interviews is back: first interview online since Marc 2009

Great News for Webmasters: you can now add our chat to your site

Assyrians need a Clooney-like celebrity to promote their plight

Article: Assyrians in Baghdad under the threat of extinction

War music was originally introduced by the ancient Assyrians in 800 b.c

What are your favorite Assyrian websites? come in and vote now!

Research: Assyria after the fall of the empire from 612 BC to 1900 AD

-  The Assyrians: Russian Citizens Who Even ‘Speak the Language of Christ’

2 Dead, 14 injured in attacks on Christian homes in Baghdad, Iraq

Assyrian: Sargon Lazar chosen to head Iraq's ministry of Environment

Y.Kanna doesn't think the enviromnet ministry is enough for Assyrians

-  Iraq's Ambassador to the Philipenes is an Assyrian: meet Wadee Bati!

Preparations under-way for the 2011 Assyrian NewYear Celebrations in Iraq

Patriarch Ignace Joseph III Younan is in Baghdad, visits massacre site

-  If Assyrians get their own province or area in Iraq, what should it be called?

Talk about Assyrian Christian province in North Iraq intensifies

Assyrian movie "Black March" part of the Skokie Film Festival

Assyrian Group Briefs EU Parliament Delegation On the situation in Iraq

Pictures from the London, ON rally against the Baghdad church massacre

First of its kind: representative from different Assyrian parties meet

Zowaa's emergency meeting in Baghdad regarding the church massacre

Reports, Videos and Pictures of worldwide Black March protests

Assyrian Singer George Home passes away to heart attack in Sydney

Even in Tehran, Iran, our Assyrian people came out to protest!

Possibly Oldest living Assyrian person has died. Click to find the age!

Pictures and videos from the Toronto protest against church massacre

Local north Toronto city newspaper writes an article about the massacre

"Assyrian Voice's condemnation of the "Baghdad Church Massacre"

Baghdad Church massacre: 58 Christians killed by terrorists

Christian and Former Saddam Hussien aide, Tariq Aziz, set to hang

Assyrian singer Stella Rezgo releases her 2010 music album

Taking Assyrian language to a new level: "Assyrian Language Center"

Nuri Kino, Assyrian Journalist, Awarded EU Parliament Journalism Prize

-  First Assyrian makes it to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa (pictures)

Announcing the "Aramaic DNA Project: Proving Assyrians Origins

Assyrian legend Sargon Gabriel celebrates his 40th year as a singer

AV Emagazine Article:"Are Assyrians running away from responsibility?"

Assyrian Nancy Fiorentino running for Hamilton, ON city council

Mar Dinkha visits Iran, ordains new bishop. Click to see pictures

The Assyrian speech in the International Conference of Genocides

Assyrian Legend Painter and Artist Hannibal Alkhas dies at age 80

-  How did the Assyrian convention go this year? read the reviews...

Looted Assyrian treasures and artifacts return to Iraqi museum

ACSSU-Canada giving away a $1,000 scholarship for the new school year

-  Pictures from ACSSU Boat Cruise in Toronto. Click to View

Assyrian monument in Sydney vandalized. Read Assyrians' reaction

The shameful lack of an Assyrian community center in Toronto

New Assyrian music talent: Alek Jan, the new Sargon Gabriel!

Walter Aziz releases his new album for 2010: "Assyrian Hope"

Pictures from the official opening of the Assyrian church in Toronto

Assyrian Genocide Monument in Australia: it is more about the living!

Assyrian Genocide Monument Unveiled in Sydney,  Australia

August 7: lest we forget what our martyrs have done for our nation!

5 New Assyrian Voice Photo Albums have been released. Click to view

New discussion forum for the 2010 Assyrian Convention in Arizona

Evidence of a 4000 Year Old Assyrian Brain Surgery found in Turkey

Assyrian-Canadian Helena Guergis Cleared of any Wrongdoing

-  Assyrian Genocide Monument to Be Unveiled in Sydney, Australia

Assyrian Aid Society wins $20,000 charity giveaway from Chase on FB

Assyrian Church in Connecticut welcomes Patriarch Mar Dinkha

Assyrians Without Borders offers 2 Scholarships for Assyrians in Assyria

Another Media Award for Ashur Satellite TV from the Iraq News Network

-  ACSSU of Canada giving out two scholarships for 2010-2011 year

-  The Assyrian Jessica Wardeh, going for "Miss Lebanon - 2010"

-  July 1st: 6th Annual 'Buy Assyrian' Day. Support an Assyrian economy!

Assyriska player Eddie Mousa and brother murdered in Sweden

"Assyrians Back in Mardin, Turkey as investors" - Hurryiet newspaper

Assyrian Church in SE Turkey granted renovation permit

Should Assyrians have been part of the G20 protests in Toronto?

Help Assyrian Aid Society get 4000 votes on Facebook to win $100 000

Assyrian Chat now accessible from an iPhone App. Click to download now

-  Judge Sentences Killer in Murder Case That Divided Assyrian Community

Assyrian Man and daughter shot in Baghdad,; Father killed

New Assyrian Voice Photo Albums Coming out. Send yours here
Human Rights Report on Assyrians published - Click to read

New Sargon Gabriel 2010 album is out. First release since 2007

Pictures from the Assyrian Dance group in Richmond Hill, ON festival

-  Ancient Assyrian Church of the East changes Calendar. New Christmas!

-  Assyriska lose to arch-rival Syrisnska 2-3. 'Opp. fan ignorance continues'

Iraqi Asyrian Christian man killed in targeted shooting in Kirkuk, Iraq

Will Zinda Magazine make a come-back anytime soon?

Swedish-Assyrian journalist Nuri Kino wins Journalism Award

Roman Catholic priest, with Assyrian connection, shot dead in Turkey

Old Roman Empire maps from 42 A.D Showing "Assyria"

Walkathon: Walk for an Assyrian Cause, June 12, 2010. San Jose, CA

Motion in UK Parliament for Safe Heaven for Assyrians in Iraq

Assyrian Demonstration Held in Southern California, USA

Retrospective for Assyrian artists Hannibal Alkhas  planned in Tehran, Iran

-  Ancient Assyrian sites and artifacts a source of tourism for Iraq

-  Special Assyrian website for all Assyrian Twitter users and updates

BNE Ashur School: First Assyrian school in Arizona, USA

Assyrian Christian woman harassed at Istanbul airport for her faith

The World Cup is less than a month away, let us talk about it!

Have you signed the Assyrian Petetion to Obama? Do it now!
Is Salma Hayak Assyrian? Click here to find out from her site

-  Assyrian Students take part in "United we Rock" Concert; Pics.

ACSSU's statement regarding attacks against Assyrian students

Coordinated attacks target Assyrian Christian students in N.Iraq
First Assyrian Women Volleyball League wraps up in Chicago

-  New Assyrian iPhone game to teach the Assyrian language


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